Black Panther: Kill White Babies

Not only did he intimidate voters outside a Philadelphia poll on Election Day 2008, Samir Shabazz shouted over a microphone at a street fair: “You gonna have to kill some of they babies,”  referring to “crackers” (White people).

See the video:  Before the Obama Justice Dept Dropped Charges Against Him, Black Panther Advocated Killing White Babies

On Tuesday, former Justice Department employee J. Christian Adams testified before the Commission on Civil Rights that the voter intimidation case against the New Black Panthers was dropped because the Justice Department did not want to pursue cases involving violation of the civil rights of Whites. 

New York Times: Racial Motive Alleged in a Justice Dept. Decision

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  1. Phu says:

    @ Ben – slow down brother — no one said this idiot screaming hate is RIGHT … he's just as misguided and hate filled as other promoters of hate. He doesn't speak for anyone but himself and his misguided followers. Slow down and think…

    The new Black Panthers are just as WRONG and IGNORANT as the Skinheads, Nation of Islam, KKK, Stormfront and the A3P — people who still believe that RACE is even something that matters anymore is what sickens me…it allows people to somehow believe that we're not all members of the same damn species. We're fighting amongst ourselves about things WE CAN UNITE AND STAND AGAINST.

    All people need to rise above this BS and understand that what's wrong with America is NOT the 'colored hordes' invading or her 'Black' President! or a Zionist conspiracy movement!!!

    The great republic has fallen and its from a SELF-INFLICTED wound. For far too long this country's ability to CRITICALLY THINK has been eroded by racist elitism and an encroaching THEOCRACY that has been somewhat engineered to divide and rip America apart. More people know about 'Jesus' than they do about the founding fathers or our political history. We've become a nation of the pseudo-educated, grossly overweight, self-absorbed, and the intellectually-retarded.

    Right now we're in a RELIGIOUS WAR in Afganistan and Iraq, spending billions to bring about 'DEMOCRACY' while America is being RAPED by an ever-encroaching POLICE state financed by a 'War on Drugs' and other failed social experiments financed by our own tax-dollars. Yet we are asleep in movements like the A3P.

    Think about that the next time you reach to play the 'no one fights for the white man' card while chewing on your ammonia-treated beef, GMO chicken, or watch another episode of 'American idol'.

    We took our eyes off our country LONG BEFORE this regime took power…and the political elite have been raping her ever since.


  2. Jim_NH says:

    This is what happens when we elect a neo-racist community organizer to the office of the presidency.

  3. Martin says:

    New Black Panther Party is a joke. They can't organize anything and they have no central rallying position. Though they are clearly a hate group they will only get in the news occasionally with their hate talk. Here is the My Space page for the Cleveland, Ohio chapter.
    8 comments in 2 1/2 years and a whopping 17 friends/supporters. The first being "Tom" . That's kinda of ironic isn't it?

    I just can't understand why people who hate this country so much stay here.

  4. ben says:

    It's okay for black people to scream racial remarks toward white people threatening their lives BUT if it's the other way around it's deemed as "wrong". This double standard makes me sick.

  5. NaziBasher says:

    I hate all White people and pray that your race dies.

  6. James Hallman says:

    What is really amazing ,is how this incident and display of 'HATE' has been pretty much ignored in the mainstream media except for Fox News and Conservative Radio Host. And what is even more amazing, is the deafening silence on the part of the Black community concerning this obvious expression of hatred for whites. Where's President Obama? There he was, front and center before the cameras when his black buddy Gates was arrested, and where he defended him and passed judgement on the police for simply doing their job, and this before he had even had the facts of the case and yet we now see this black thug trying to intimidate white voters at the polls ,and at another time and location, spouting rabid hatred against white people, and we don't see the President anywhere. Or even Al Sharpton or Jessie Jackson for that matter. Could it be that their silence is a tacit agreement, a moral support for these idiots?

  7. Benton Harbor says:

    South African Negros are chimping the same threats and the word is that when the Red Mandela (installed by the US/UK gangsters) a final phase of the race war against the seemingly dazed and bewildered Boers will finish the Whites off there. I think Whites in the US would be even easier to rub out, considering their "tail between the legs" attitude the group has towards their own interest.

    • NeoCon Hysteria says:

      i wouldn't be so sure… western culture 'turns the other cheek' until finally something needs to be done. Its our culture to live this way due to our fundamental belief systems both old pagan and Christian.

      However.. once the bear is awoken and Europeans have been pushed far enough. The wind of god comes crashing down upon those who dared take kindness for weakness.

  8. Bouttime says:

    To kill white baby is an idea not a plan, however a good plan. We several ideas none concret as of yet.

    • Victoria says:

      Samir Shabazz may be an agent provacateur, and this post may be from an agent provacateur, but not everyone who wishes this on Whites is an agent provacateur.

  9. says:

    Don't you know the white man is the enemy. There was a reason America was intended to be a white European country and that was; to protect the white race and our posterity from the colored hordes from around the world that inherently hate western culture and the race that created it.

    "It is no longer a question of defending America’s independence. It is a question of
    defending the remainder of Western Civilization from the colored hordes of Asia and
    Africa led by Jewish Communism toward the ultimate goal of Jewish World Domination.
    The Jew plays for high stakes; world domination or the extermination of their race." Eustace Mullins (October 1952 issue, p.4 of the “National Renaissance Bulletin)

    p.s. You can add the Mexicans to the list of colored hordes


      And I guess the Native Americans should have added "white-Europeans" to the list of "uncolored hordes" that inherently hate non-western culture and the races that create it.

    • sam says:

      i believe in the cause but your funny quoting out dated books from 1952, and the world domination thing . lets get to the facts, look up membership in the new communist and socialist parties count how many european whites r in the part and how many jews are in the parties, answer white europeans are the mjority members of these parties, ur reading too much david duke ,the reason there was a russian revolution was russia was falling apart, and the people were starving ,no conspiracy,if the country washappy there would be no revolution,

  10. The Thinker says:

    On one of the reports showing Black Panthers blocking polls, it was reported that one of the Black Panthers holds a democratic office of some sort , can some one confirm. I know several cases where Whites were removed from elected offices due to being linked to certain groups.

  11. kristin says:

    Samir Shabazz is an agent provocateur, I very strongly suspect.

  12. aryana says:

    Fair does not exist when it comes to anything dealing with whites.

  13. lonewatchman says:

    Even the GOP apologists Rush and Hannity are playing this audio. I really don't see how Whites can still deny an unspoken race war against Whites. We need to get A3P members into every office we can if we're going to stop this country from fracturing into the former USofA.

  14. RSPWDEP says:

    Don't tell me this is Obama's new "Civilian Security Force."

    OK, OK, kidding. But seriously, let's say some KKK Grand Wizard stood on a voting place with a night stick trying to keep black people out and then said crap like this about black people. Can you see the DOJ letting them off of charges because they "didn't want to offend his race?" There would be outrage and rightly so. So lock this loser up the same way you would some jerk in a hood who would do the same to black people. Fair is fair – That's equal rights we can all live with.

  15. Victoria says:

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