Chinese Go On Strike

Who could have guessed this was coming? Chinese laborers refuse to continue slaving long hours to make goods for Americans for a few cents and a bowl of rice. Time for us to start doing for ourselves again.

Companies brace for end of cheap made-in-China era

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  1. American3P says:

    Does this mean we can have real jobs and real wages again?

  2. James Hallman says:

    If we only we could export a few thousand Establishment-elites to China, it wouldn't be no time at all before Unions, Riots, and Racial meltdown would be the norm. Why hasn't our Defence Department thought of this?

  3. ActionMan says:

    Good for them. I am against slave labor of all types.

  4. B.Z.M. says:

    Don't fret, the work will now be outsourced to the Mexicans in America.

  5. lonewatchman says:

    I'm stunned, the working class is kicking communism in the teeth? Gee who'd have guessed.

  6. Johnathan says:

    James Hallman, the Chinese, being Han Nationalist as they are, wouldn't tolerate a bunch of Americans trying to tell them what to do.