Congressional White Caucus Holds Annual Legislative Conference on Capitol Hill

For the second year in a row, the taxpayer-funded Congressional White Caucus (CWC) Foundation will host a “Hill Day Summit” to kick off their Annual Legislative Conference.

Entitled “Opportunities for all — Pathways out of Poverty Summit: A Discussion on Race, Politics & Policy” the seminar will be held during the ALC Hill Day from 9:00am3:30pm on Capitol Hill in Capitol Visitors Center.

This week, the U.S. Census Bureau will release new figures that are anticipated to show a dramatic increase in the poverty rate from 13.2 percent to nearly 15 percent during the past year, which means that up to 45 million Americans are living in poverty.

It is estimated that more than 40 percent of European Americans under six-years-old are living in poverty.

The summit will discuss race, politics and policy in our nation and address the disparities that disproportionally affect European-American communities.

Note to reader: Did we catch you again? We thought not.

Following on from our earlier report about the Historically Black Colleges and Universities receiving state funding as an example of how anti-white the establishment has become, we thought a look into the website of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) would serve as another insight into how nonwhites are actively encouraged to organize on racial grounds, compared to whites who are attacked and demonized for attempting to do exactly the same thing.

The story above was taken (almost) verbatim from a press release on the CBC website, with the exception that the word “black” and “African-American” was swapped out with white and European American.

The CBC is a registered “legislative service organization” which receives taxpayer funding for its activities.

Imagine if white congress members had to actually organize into a White Congressional Committee and demand taxpayer funding. The left, the nonwhites, and their allies would be in an uproar and the media would relentlessly attack such an organization as “racist.”

Yet nonwhites are free to organize in this manner and are not only not attacked, but actively encouraged and given positive publicity in the media.

Compare that coverage with, for example, the coverage given to any candidate who stands for the American Third Position. The barrage of media hate and lies poured out against the A3P compared to the same media’s fawning over the CBC reveals all that one needs to know about media and liberal “objectivity.”

To make matters even more interesting, whites are specifically barred from membership of the CBC. Imagine what the media would say if a White Congressional Caucus barred blacks from membership.

There is also a Congressional Hispanic Caucus, of course. This organization says it is dedicated to “voicing and advancing, through the legislative process, issues affecting Hispanics in the United States and Puerto Rico.”

The good news for European Americans is that, at last, an organization has stood up to represent them. The American Third Position is unashamed to boldly proclaim that it “exists to represent the political interests of White Americans.”

The time has come for all concerned European-Americans to join together to save this great nation of ours. It is now or never. Join up and do your part. The penalty for not participating in politics is to be governed by your inferiors.

* The original CBC article is littered with the most shocking errors, which is a sad indication of the literacy level of that caucus.

For example, this sentence shines out in the press statement which was used as a basis for our story:

This week, the U.S. Census Bureau will release new figures that are anticipated to show a [sic] The report is expected to show [sic] dramatic increase in the poverty rate from 13.2 percent to nearly 15 percent during the past year. that [sic] up to 45 million, or more than 1 in 7, Americans are living in poverty.”

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  1. Robert Jones says:

    Black Congressman J. C. Watts, Jr. was invited to join this criminal organization upon his election but he refused outright, declaring the members of the CBC to be "race-hustling poverty pimps".

  2. Charles Dickenson says:

    Thank goodness for the American Third Position!

    Finally we have a political party that stands for the interests of White Americans instead of pandering to nonwhites and cowering in fear of the term racist.

  3. Dingo says:

    Its shocking that so few of us have noticed how anti-White and toxic, the system has become.

  4. White Man says:

    It's time the white people did something besides talk about this. Take ACTION.

  5. Elaine says:

    White people have noticed how anti-white people and the media are.

  6. Rictoven says:

    It is long past time to act but certainly not TO late. Most action which could be immediately effective though, can not be voiced in public. Not legally anyway. Not because it is ilegal but because it is voiced by whites. Sad. We NEED to unite. NOW

  7. JamesinUSA says:

    No one makes a greater difference between the races in our society than our own government. This is just more of the entrenched double-standard that we whites are forced to contend with.