Congressman Pete Stark: The Borders are Quite Secure

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  1. Dave Sheahan says:

    This is a sad commentary on those who represent us. I know for a fact that the borders have been porous for the last 50 years. It's slowly getting better, as far as security is concerned, but it is a little too late. All of the illegals are here in force, and this "constituency" that this sh!thead is pandering to, is now starting to call the shots as far as how we are governed. Numbers get money…period. Let's try to reverse this ugly trend people!

  2. Cate says:

    Peter Stark: A name to remember in November.

  3. Former MNC OPS says:

    Pete Stark represents a very solvent and in some cases ubber rich district..his concepts of security have more to do with keeping corporate profits high for dividend recievers…as long as the borders a secure for the trafficing, immigration of unskilled lower paid labor.. US company profits will be secure…

  4. Otto says:

    Pete Stark is stark mad or perhaps being paid off by the drug cartel who actually own cities.

  5. Justin says:

    I think the worst part about this video is that the majority of the audience looks to be over 50. Where the hell are all the young people? They're probably too busy watching MTV or whatever sports match happens to be on at the time. What will we do when the only ones that are concerned about the important stuff are gone?

  6. A Fellow Traveller says:

    It was just today, in a telephone conversation with my old man, that he expressed the sentiment that "we have no problem securing our border against Mexicans." I laughed. The old man didn't hear me and kept talking.

    What shocked me about it was, this was the same man who as recently as 5 years ago was talking about how it was the most recent immigrants–legal and illegal alike–who (quite sensibly) were the ones calling loudest for the border to be closed, before their sweet deal/meal ticket fails due to overpopulation. I can only conclude that the man is going senile. But then these days his main media source is 'Democracy Now', which might be more honestly described as Socialist Hypocrisy Now.

    –A Fellow Traveller

  7. James Hallman says:

    Without a doubt, there are those who through their own words and actions have clearly identified themselves as 'enemies of our people', and who will one day face justice befitting their obvious treason. This fact alone should motivate us all in bringing about the change and progress necessary to not only preserve and maintain our peoples power and control over our nation, but to also advance and realize a future that will one day benefit our progeny and do honor to our founding fathers and ancestors who sacrificed so much , in many cases their very lives, so that we be a free and prosperous people.

  8. Edgardus de la Vega says:

    Mr. Peter Stark should be arrested for sedition. It is quite tragic indeed to see this 'senior citizen' without ANY constitutional wisdom at all. His indifference toward our republic is a socio-cultural, and economic threat to our current, demographic condition. In all, he is the enemy.

  9. patthemick says:

    The first duty of a politician is to be re-elected. Obviously Congressman Stark is in a safe seat thus he can say just about anything he wants. If I were in his district I'd go house to house and argue that the gentleman is senile and show this video as I think it makes a pretty good case. If the left can hire rent a mobs why can't we? If the Left can vote more than once why don't we see how they do so and emulate them. We should use every dirty conniving trick our enemies do and apply guile to get away with it we are usually smarter than them so why should we give our enemy an even break? Fairness bah it's for children.

  10. steve goldstein says:

    i saw him on glen beck, what a joke,how is he in office and why, i herd hes been there since 72

  11. Jeanne says:

    I am a woman and I say vote every incumbant out who has violated his/her oath of office. Then try these bastards for treason and administer justice.

  12. Patrick says:

    You might as well talk to the wall as try to talk to this pro-illegal ignoramus. Incumbents like him need to be replaced by elected representatives that will listen to the people and require the executive branch to not only tighten the borders but do mass deportations of illegals.

  13. Bill T. Sherman says:

    The overwhelming majority of Americans support Arizona and oppose illegal immigration but this buffoon acts as if that means nothing. This arrogance and this refusal on the part of the establishment to even acknowledge the will of the American people is why we need the A3P. This is also the reason the A3P will win.

  14. California Schemin' says:

    And just exactly what planet is this clown living on?

  15. carl r jourdan says:

    Pete stark obvious a total jerk.

  16. Jesse says:

    It is a sign of corruption in high places, when a Nation refuses to protect its borders .

  17. Jesse says:

    It is a week Nation that can't secure its borders .

  18. Marcius says:

    His cravenly condescending responses only illustrate his willful disregard of his constitutional responsibilities. His acts can only be described as verging on treason.