County College Outrages New Jersey Tax-Paying Citizens

A stunningly outragous decision was made by Morris County Community College Board of Trustees in February to allow illegal aliens to enroll in the college and attend classes which overturned the 2002 vote to bar them from attending.
This completely anti-American move by the College’s Board of Trustees now allows students whith no legal right to be in the United States of America to enroll for classes at the significantly lower ‘County Resident’ tuition rates which are subsudized by the County taxpayers.
“Over the last two years, we’ve become aware of an increasing number of students who were educated in the public schools, who got good grades and, because of our policy, could not be educated here,” said Edward Yaw, president of the County College of Morris. “They either had to attend other county colleges or pay significantly more to attend another school.” (Newark Star Ledger 2/18/2011)
The illegal immigrant students will be charged Morris’ in-county tuition rates — $115 a credit or about $3,450 a year, plus fees, for a full-time student. “They can’t get federal or state financial aid,” Yaw said. (Newark Star Ledger 2/18/2011)
What this translates into is that any person from anywhere with no legal right to be in the country and with no identifying documents can pay the same tuition for their education as a County resident, while another hard working legal citizen in the neighboring county cannot.
This is an arrogant slap in the face to the tax payers in the county that finance 20% of the colleges budget throught their property taxes, yet have no say in the admission policies.
Despite being supported by the usual collection of destructively liberal and money grubbing education hustlers, there has been widespread oppositon to the move not just by Morris County residents, but by legal tax paying citizens throught out the state. 
Morris County officials, including County Freeholder Thomas Mastrangelo, are questioning the decision and clearly stating that only citizens should receive the benefits of tax payer subsidies.
The stance of the American Third Postion on such matters is that no illegal alien anywhere should benefit from an education financed by the hard working American Tax Payers and that legal mechanism should be put into place the severely punish anyone that hires, shelters, or otherwise supports or endorses illegal aliens in this nation.
Morris County Commnity College, Bergen Community College, Rutgers University, and many other public education institutions all turn a blind eye to illegal aliens enrolling for classes at their institutions and even support federal legislation to allow it to happen.
“The County College of Morris is taking a step in the right direction,” said G. Jeremiah Ryan, president of Bergen Community College, which already admits undocumented students. “Bergen will continue to support the removal of barriers to educational opportunities for the students we serve.” (Newark Star Ledger 2/18/2011)
Additionally, the presidents and board of trustees of over half of the nineteen New Jersey comunity colleges petitioned the federal government in December urging them to pass the DREAM Act to allow an unrestricted flow of illegal aliens into the their institutions.
In addition to the obvious planned and coordinated displacement of the tradional demographic in our Nation, unabashed greed plays a role since a large portion of financing for this insanity falls upon the tax payer, who rarely if ever has a voice in such decisions and is ultimately the sole casualty.
The American Third Position is the voice of the real American citizen and through our outreach efforts, we will continue to educate the tradional people our Nation and empower them to stand up and challenge the establishment on their policies of greed and cultural genocide before it is too late.

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  1. crusader88 says:

    Stunning is right. This is audacity. Thanks for bringing this affront to my attention.