Dutch Voters Boost the Power of Anti-Immigration Parties

Looks like the Dutch are finally waking up and starting to put people into power who will preserve their nation’s identity.


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  1. Marcel Bas says:

    Wilders visits the Israeli Embassy on a monthly basis, for years his security guards were Israelis. The Dutch Security and Intelligence Service (AIVD) has warned our government for Wilders' intimate bonds with Israel. A couple of months ago, Wilders' MP-to-be, Gidi Markuszower, the Service AIVD was accused of passing information to the Mossad, which would 'damage integrity of the Dutch state'. So the Service has warned WIlders for this, and now Markuszower has resigned. Of course Wilders was fully aware of this, and no-one seems to be interested in this. Our country is strongly pro-Israel because of the complex that we have about the Holocaust which took place with the help of Dutch authorities.

    But I am sure that the Dutch, who see themselves faced with mass immigration, have reasonable motives for voting Wilders' Freedom Party. Motives that have nothing to do with Israel. Too bad that Wilders makes the connection of mass migration and Israel's plight all too often.

  2. Marcel Bas says:

    Wilders wants to import Israel's problems to the Netherlands, in order to destabilise our country and make it a prey for stricter laws and more forced liberal egalitarianism.

    If the destabilisation of our nation is complete, he will remind us of Israel being the country where similar problems exist and where the solution will have to come from, hence create an unconditional support for that country. This support is currently dwindling, understandably.

  3. Severus says:

    Be careful praising that one. Wilders is Jewish and he has visited Israel 40 times.

  4. 1488 says:

    I'm more worried about England, that is pretty much a lost cause up till now, islams,blacks,asians,etc have pretty much taken over.

  5. Dutchvoter says:

    Geert Wilders might seem to be a protector of the Dutch national identity and in a certain degree this is true. Strangely enough he is also a supporter of Israeli politics in the Middle East, viewing this state as a necessary western outpost to keep Islam at bay. It is suggested that his party also receives funds from murky foreign sources, probably from Israel. In short one can conclude that it is doubtful if the man ‘s message is entirely truthful in the sense that his agenda is primarily in favor of Dutch interest. It has a smell about it that it will merely use the Dutch to serve someone else his purposes.
    Nevertheless the majority of people who voted for him believe it to be necessary that the loss of Dutch culture should be prevented soon before it is too late. So it is a sign of a wake up.

  6. Greying Wanderer says: