Ground Zero: Building a Mosque as St. Nicholas Lies in Ruins

The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey continues to hamper the reconstruction plans for the St. Nicholas Hellenic Orthodox Church destroyed on September 11, 2001.

The Port Authority last year withdrew support for a proposed $60 million dollar land swap and construction deal, citing among other deal breakers that the proposed 80-foot basilica was too tall.

As the media saga continues around the building of a mosque near the site of Ground Zero, which the proponents deceptively tried to pass off as a “cultural center,” the Port Authority is planning on using its eminent domain powers to take the land where the building that housed the church stood since 1832.

A New York Times article provides an overview of the negotiations: Church Destroyed at Ground Zero Is Still at Square One

The following is a statement from the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America: The Rebuilding of St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church

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  1. Adam says:

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    NOTE: Has anyone ever heard a new government official being identified as a devout Catholic, a devout Jew or a devout Protestant…? Just wondering.
    Devout Muslims being appointed to critical Homeland Security positions?Doesn't this make you feel safer already??
    That should make the US ' homeland much safer, huh!!
    Was it not "Devout Muslim men" that flew planes into U.S. buildings 8 years ago? Was it not a Devout Muslim who killed 13 at Fort Hood ?

  2. Adam says:

    It is important to understand that in some countries, with well under 100% Muslim populations, such as France, the minority Muslim populations live in ghettos, within which they are 100% Muslim, and within which they live by Sharia Law. The national police do not even enter these ghettos. There are no national courts, nor schools, nor non-Muslim religious facilities. In such situations, Muslims do not integrate into the community at large. The children attend madrasses. They learn only the Koran. To even associate with an infidel is a crime punishable with death. Therefore, in some areas of certain nations, Muslim Imams and extremists exercise more power than the national average would indicate.

    Today's 1.5 billion Muslims make up 22% of the world's population. But their birth rates dwarf the birth rates of Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, Jews, and all other believers. Muslims will exceed 50% of theworld's population by the end of this century.
    Well, boys and girls, today we are letting the fox guard the henhouse.The wolves will be herding the sheep!

  3. Adam says:

    Islam is not a religion, nor is it a cult. In its fullest form, it is a complete, total, 100% system of life.
    Islam has religious, legal, political, economic, social, and military components. The religious component is a beard for all of the other components.
    Islamization begins when there are sufficient Muslims in a country toagitate for their religious privileges.
    When politically correct, tolerant, and culturally diverse societies agree to Muslim demands for their religious privileges, some of theother components tend to creep in as well.

    Here's how it works: PART 1 Follows:

  4. Edgardus de la Vega says:

    Don't get me wrong: a mosque means Islam, which in turn can have negative, political influence over our white interests. Given the historical tenacity of this distinctive, Semitic faith, we must avoid the current English and French situation. However, clear mindedness is key: it's no secret that this religion, and its worshippers are an excuse for further Pax Americana throughout their lands at our expense.

    Nota bene: everyone knows it is not a 'clash of civilisations' as claimed by the media. It is an actual 'clash of banking systems' (i.e. usury versus non-usury). Hence, Islam's absence of usury happens to be 'in the way of things' so to speak.

    Our great Robert E. Lee once stated, 'Obedience to lawful authority is the foundation of manly character'. Well… guess what? Washington D.C. has long lost its manly character for having failed to uphold such authority established by the Founding Fathers. As a result, we have lost much of our blood from ongoing 'Banker Wars'. Hence, the ongoing loss of our genetic Sovereignty here at home.

    General Lee witnessed this aggression all too clearly. Deo Vindice.

  5. steve says:


  6. Bigmo says:

    What about the thousands of US troops in Afghanistan and Iraq? And some here are complaining about a mosque?

    Hypocrisy at its best.

    • Christopher says:

      Quite true. Sensitivity has never been entertained in the minds of Pamela Geller and her supporters when it comes to the Iraqi citizens who live under a foreign military occupation.

  7. Christopher says:

    Quite a few libertarians writers have been fooled into believing that the Cordoba House is just an Islamic styled YMCA. Mayor Bloomberg who supports construction has said this regarding the "non-mosque" Cordoba House,

    "If somebody wants to build a religious house of worship, they should do it and we shouldn’t be in the business of picking which religions can and which religions can’t."

    The camp counselors of the Cordoba House agree with Mayor Mike responding in a statement to the endorsement,

    "While we reiterate our point that the Cordoba House is not intended to be a house of worship, exclusive to Muslims, we echo his statement, and value his support."

    Not intended to be a house of worship? Exclusive to Muslims? These carefully crafted words will fall by the wayside if approval for construction is given. It is certain that Handel's Messiah will not be performed there during the month of December.

  8. NATVAN says:

    It just blows my mind that we should be even discussing the building of a mosque anywhere in the United States ,much less literally a few hundred feet fromwhere these people committed the worst act of terrorism in American history.

    • Lurline says:

      Number one: "these people" had nothing to do with 9/11. That act was a false flag operation carried out by none other than our own government (CIA) and the Israeli Mossad to get the citizens of the US to support Bush's attack on Iraq. And remember how well it worked. All of those misinformed citizens driving around with those American flags (made in China) flying from their vehicles until at least some of them learned better.

      Next: The United States was founded on "Religious Freedom". That doesn't mean just approved religions!

      Third: We taxpayers have been forced to contribute (via taxation by our Federal Government)
      to help pay the cost of a $olocaust Memorial. WHY?
      "These People" are paying their own way.