Minnesota Experiences “Benefits” of Somali Diversity

The traditionally liberal state of Minnesota has experienced its first full taste of Third World “diversity” with the arrest of a major child prostitution ring run by Somali “immigrants.”

Aghast liberals flocked to the TV stations and radio shows in an attempt to whitewash the involvement of thousands of African invaders which they had welcomed into their midst, but nothing could hide the reality of the situation.

One breathless liberal started off her explanation on a local TV news show by saying how fortunate the state was to have its “wonderful Somali community” but then was forced to admit it was precisely these wonderful people who are responsible for the shocking crime wave.

Reports stated that a series of arrests were carried out earlier this week in the St. Paul/Minneapolis and Nashville, Tennessee, areas in which federal and local authorities broke up the trafficking ring that provided underage prostitutes.

No less than 29 Somali men and women were arrested, all members of yet another batch of Third World gangs which have entered America along with the Africans.

The gangs even bear their ethnic origins in their names: the “Somali Outlaws” and the “Somali Mafia,” all based in Minneapolis.

Of the 29 indicted, 12 were arrested Monday morning in the Twin Cities, eight in Nashville, and six were already in jail in various locations. Three remain at-large and wanted.

The indictment details the trafficking and sexual assault of four girls — two under the age of 18 and two aged 13 and under at the time of their recruitment. The girls were allegedly taken between Minneapolis and Nashville, where they were sold for sex and forced to have sex with gang members. One of the victims was also taken to an apartment in Seattle and to Columbus with other girls.

Those charged in the indictment are identified as:

* Abdifitah Jama Adan, aka “Shorty” aka “Faleebo” aka “Kuzzo,” 28;

* Abdullahi Sade Afyare aka “Forehead,”19;

* Ahmad Abnulnasir Ahmad aka “Fabulous,”23;

* Yahya Jamal Ahmed, 23;

* Abdikarim Osman Ali, aka “Homer” aka “Big Abdi,” 22;

* Musse Ahmed Ali aka “Fat Boy,” 23;

* Hassan Ahmed Dahir aka “Mohamed Ali Hussein,” 21;

* Fadumo Mohamed Farah aka “Naana Naana” aka “Gangster Boo” aka “Barnie,” 25;

* Idris Ibrahim Fahra aka “Chi Town,” 22;

* Yasin Ahmed Farah, 19;

* Abdullahi Hashi aka “Kamal,” 24;

* Fatah Haji Hashi aka “Jerry” aka “Jr,” 23;

* Abdirahman Abdirazak Hersi aka “Biggie,” 20;

* Muhiyadin Hassan Hussein aka “CD,” 22;

* Dahir Nor Ibrahim aka “Dahir Lucky,” 38;

* Abdifatah Bashir Jama aka “Cash Money” aka “Ohio,” 23;

* Andrew Kayachith aka “AK,” 20;

* Abdigadir Ahmed Khalif aka “Awali,” 24;

* Bashir Yasin Mohamud aka “Br,” 26;

* Mustafa Ahmed Mohamed, 22;

* Fuad Faisal Nur aka “Hanjule,” 24;

* Abdifatah Sharif Omar aka “British” aka “Pinky,” 25;

* Liban Sharif Omar aka “Sunderra,” 21;

* Mohamed Sharif Omar aka “Moe D” aka “Mojo,” 26;

* Hamdi Ali Osman aka “Big Hamdi” aka “Boss Lady,” 22;

* Haji Osman Salad aka “Hollywood,” 20;

* Bibi Ahmed Said, 19;

* Ahmed Aweys Sheik aka “Rear Hammer” aka “Abdul,” 24; and

* Yassin Abdirahman Yusuf aka “Junior” aka “Black Cat Junior,” 21.

The indictment details several instances in which the young girls, all black, were taken from place to place and forced to engage in sex acts with multiple groups of other blacks.

Those eventually charged travelled easily between Nashville and St. Paul, and some may have been related, said Jerry Martin, the U.S. attorney for the Middle District of Tennessee. Both cities, as well as Columbus, have large Somali refugee populations.

How much more evidence do white Americans need to prove that Third World immigration merely brings with it Third World culture and practices?

Somalia is a prime example of a failed Third World state and has been without a central government since collapsing into complete anarchy in 1991.

Female genital mutilation is practiced on 98 percent of girls and child prostitution appears to be the norm in the backward country.

According to a United Nation report on Somalia, rape or other grave sexual violence against children takes place at high levels there.

These savage practices have been transferred to America along with the savages with which the liberal left have seen fit to poison Minnesota.

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  1. sll says:

    George W. Bush signed the executive order allwing them to come here.

  2. Greying Wanderer says:

    Creating more violent crime and then doing nothing about it is a form of stealth ethnic cleansing.

  3. SharonH says:

    As far as I know, this hasn't been reported on the nationwide media outlets, or if it has not much is being said. How typical.

    It is not the Somalis who are going to destroy our country. It is the liberal bleeding hearts who refuse to recognize the utter failure of diversity.

    Instead of Somalis, how about sponsoring some of the white people in South Africa who are suffering from the effects of the ending of Apartheid? What about the poor Boer farmers, who are definitely living under a regime of terror? Not a peep or offer of aid to those people. Bet they wouldn't set up a prostitution ring. They might become-GASP!-productive citizens.

    I am disgusted that these Somalis and others from 3rd World countries are being planted in our towns and cities against the will of the US citizens who live there. All of them need to be deported back from whence they came. We can't even fix our own problems here in the US without adding more to the mix.

    • Sojourner says:

      You are right on target Sharon. People should realize that a lot of churches are bringing these savages into our country and none of the churches officially speak out, they are complicit. Do you realize your donations and tithings are going to finance bringing down our country and endangering your family. The white chuch goers who partisipate in this culural suicide are souless, but that is for another day. We are living with wild animals as compared to whites and their true culture, not the perverted imposed culture we are economically forced to endure.

      • JamesinUSA says:

        Unfortunately,there are many churches throughout our country that are responsible for bringing these non-whites into our communities because they've been lead to believe it's the "Christian thing to do". If these good Christians would do some real soul-searching they'd find that much of their 'good works' is really self-serving and does nothing to improve the lives of their neighbors, and in fact ,buts them in a great deal of danger. Is there not enough needy right in the U.S. that they feel the need to go half way around the world to find some needy non-whites who if the truth be known, feel that all they're recieving from these do-gooders is owed to them? These Christian Missionaries should admit that much of the real reason behind these trips overseas, other than the fact that in many instances they're recieving a free vacation, is that they personally feel a sense of superiority over these poor people and get-off on pretending theyreJesus!

        Has it ever accurred to these Christians, that their asistance just like foriegn aid from many countries around the world, actually enables the corrupt Leaders of Arican nations to continue exploiting their own people while destroying any incentive for the people to change their own conditions in life.

  4. slobo says:

    I think IAW Sharia Law…this is all legal…and will be proved so in a Sharia Court of Law.