Minority Population Growing in the United States

In America, the so-called minority population, which constitutes around 92% of the Earth’s population,  continues to increase, while the white population continues to decrease. This just further proves why we need to band together now and take back our country. Join the A3P!


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  1. Randall Aurast says:

    And California is only 42.3% white now.

  2. Jon D says:

    Yeah, ya know what Darwin said. Uniformity is strength, diversity is weakness.

  3. Guest says:

    There is genetic diversity capable of withstanding environmental shock, and then there is the replacement of a country's people. White Americans have the former, and are suffering the latter.

    • Frank says:

      “and are suffering the latter.”

      Tell that to the Native Americans. If you can find one.

      • octoberfreedom says:

        You can find more Native-Americans today (an estimated 3 to 5 million) than when Columbus arrived. (than less than 2 million in the US).

        Speaking of first getting here, we as a people have traveled this North American continent long before Columbus. We settled in areas sparsely populated or non-inhabited. Evidence exist not only of Scandinavian settlement here over 1,000 years ago, but possibly even before than, too.

        I know where to find the Native-Indian, you can find them on the over 300 reservation (some of which are larger than nations) or you can find them in Asia where they originally immigrated from. For the majority of Native American tribes whose low population nomadic hunting & gatherer lifestyle led them from one location to another, they never recognized their own territory. Not, only that, but they sold their land and in many cases were out dealt by Europeans.

        I think we as a people treated them fair, especially considering the circumstances and the time and era that all occurred. We weren't barbaric, we weren't the Turks who after colonizing parts of Greece and Armenian land cleansed them entirely (no reservations, not culture, no nothing).

        Who is going to give us our own reservations?

        When Europe becomes majority non-white who will preserve us? No one will. So, therefore we must preserve ourselves. We need organizations like the A3P to protect our interest or else we'll be walked all over (like is being done now in many cases). When the non-whites start overtaking us here in America and Europe they aren't going to be concerned about whether or not there's any Native Europeans left, their going to implement their own agenda..

  4. James Hallman says:

    Human evolution doesn't necessarilly mean that our species will continue to grow
    and advance on this planet, especially if demographic trends continue unabated.
    In fact, one could easily say, that the human race is now in an era of devolution
    whereby the most intelligent race is slowly being displaced by less intelligent and
    yet more numerous races by virtue of higher birthrates. The real problem for
    the human race begins at some future date, as a huge meterorite hurls towards
    our planet, or some new plague breaks out , and there's no one left with enough
    sense to do anything about it , thus the entire human races goes by why of the
    Dinosours. It doesn't take a Sherlock Holmes to figure out that 'RACE' matters
    when it comes to maintaining some semblance of civilization, and one has only
    to look towards Africa, Haiti, or Central and South America to to realize what should
    be an obvious truth, but one that's been surpressed by Political Correctness.

  5. Shawn K. Peterson says:

    Tribunals for genocide should be called upon for those who displace us in our own lands.