Murderers Bragged They Robbed and Hurt a “White Boy;” Media Mum

this "White boy" will never find a cure for cancer

Two career criminals bragged to witnesses that they robbed and hurt a “White boy” (they in fact had killed him). 

Yet this terrible racial bias crime has yet to be reported by any national media outlets. 

Furthermore, one of the murderers had committed several violent crimes recently but was still free. 

On Sunday night, July 25, Stephen Pitcairn was walking down the street in Baltimore, where he did research at Johns Hopkins to find a cure for cancer. 

The young man was talking to his mother in Florida on his cell phone, when a male and a female accosted him and demanded his wallet. 

He handed over the wallet without a fight, yet the criminals fatally stabbed him. 

The murderers then went home and bragged to witnesses that they robbed and hurt a “White boy.” Mr. Pitcairn’s bloodied property was recovered from their house. 

As of this writing on the evening of Thursday, July 29, 2010, this racially-motivated murder has not yet been reported by the Associated Press, Fox News, or CNN. 

Searches of the victim’s name “Pitcairn” at those sites returns only articles about pirates, smugglers, and castaways in reference to the Pitcairn Islands in the South Seas. 

The tragic story has only been locally reported in Baltimore, where the murder occurred, and Florida, where Pitcairn was from. 

Why is this hate crime not garnering national attention? 

The answer is as obvious as it is unjust: because the victim is White. 

Were the roles of assailants and victim reversed, the media coverage would be nationwide! 

If two White suspects bragged about how they robbed and hurt a “Black boy,” the news would be reported in heavy rotation on every television network and web portal. 

The media elites downplay the severity and frequency of bias crimes against Whites, by selectively opting not to report on them. 

This media whiteout keeps Whites from being aware of racial hatred against them, which in turn prevents them from mobilizing to protect their own safety. 

Furthermore, the justice system panders to criminals. 

Judge John Howard had the opportunity to put one of the murderers behind bars for two domestic violence cases and one assault committed over the last several months. 

It is unconscionable the judge decided to be lenient and allow this dangerous criminal to roam loose on the streets, with fatal results. 

His female accomplice also had multiple prior convictions. 

A senseless crime of hatred such as the murder of Stephen Pitcairn is not one of those things that “just happens” and must be accepted to a certain degree in society. 

It is something that must be prevented, to maintain a society worth living in. 

The American Third Position condemns the system which allows repeat criminals to go free to murder a bright young man such as Stephen Pitcairn, who had so much to offer the world. 

If the justice system adhered to American Third Position principles, Stephen Pitcairn would still be alive. 

The A3P system calls for automatic sentences for repeat offenders, as outlined in their position statement on crime, which may be read here:

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  1. John says:

    I'm sick of this double-standard. Why must white people die in silence in the midst of hate crimes perpetrated against them?

  2. Peacenik says:

    This double-standard of trumpeting the comparatively few violent crimes committed by Whites, and maintaining relative silence about the vastly greater number of violent crimes against Whites exists everywhere in the U.S., such is the media climate. And the dehumanization of Whites by classifying the much vaster number of violent crimes against them by non-Whites as lesser harms is nothing short of tyranny.

  3. ActionMan says:

    There are two cultures represented here, and only one of them is the one I wish to live in. First we have a young white man who is focused on research, healing and creating something, then we have a black man focused on taking, degrading and destroying. This is a cross section of how the races works, and we have been told we should not look at this reality judgementally. Those asking us to turn a blind eye revel in our dispacement and death essentially, and it must stop. This man is dead, there is nothing more real or permanent, and it is time for us to turn this around not only for him but for the millions of other victims and for those people who will otherwise be future victims.

    • sumwit4u says:

      Actionman is right. I am not a kid (dammit), but have been around for awhile. In the past decade or two, we have been innundated with the message from all sides–”DO NOT DISCRIMINATE.”
      We’re ALL EQUAL. Don’t you discriminate when you pick up your burger for lunch? Sure you do, and all burgers ain’t equal. Neither are the scum killing the white guy. They’re maggots who killed a guy who just might have found a cure for cancer if he had lived. We have even been fed the bullshit that there is no absolute right or wrong. Everything’s relative. I contend that the 2 Blacks were immoral scum and that the white kid was probably a good guy. Don’t know for sure, didn’t know him. Never will have a chance to know him now….
      There is an absolute right and there is an absolute wrong. From my numerous past encounters with both, save your dignity and your soul–try always to be on the side of right. Wish I could e-mail this to B.O.

  4. Renegade2010 says:

    This kind of murder has to be broadcasted to the public and the A3P needs to grow along with it.

    Blog Radio Shows are not going to reach the masses, we need a way of securing a cable network, so fair news can be reported and people can absord these types of atrocities.

    The question is; How do we obtain and secure a cable station? How much funding would we need? And what Cable program would pickup a party that actually was fair and wanted to report, well the NEWS?

    Our next goal should be working on a media outlet that has a longer arm and can reach more Americans.

  5. JohnnyLuv says:

    Welcome to Obamaland. Racism is now promoted from the top down. Our borders are a mess and our tax dollars fund a federal government who refuses to do its job. We should impeach Obama to set an example for future presidents. Presidency is not a dictatorship. You are here to serve and protect the constituents who voted you into office, American Citizens.

  6. NATVAN says:

    This sort of thing is going on all across America ,and yet is ignored by the mainstream media for the simple reason that if white people knew to what extent they were being victimized in this country by minority crime, it would end the proverbial guilt-trip used against us to extort affirmative action and other policies that mainly benefits minorities

  7. Palvadore says:

    We would be better served by accepting that America as we knew it is gone forever. The country is already lost. One of the greatest mistakes whites could make is to wait too long before we confront the enemy and secure our future. We get weaker by the day and the longer we wait, the stronger they become. To continue to delay the start of the inevitable war ahead only serves to strengthen the opponent’s position. Now is the time to begin to redraw the map of the United States and now is the time to establish how we ensure our (white men) participation in the process of redistribution of land and resources. If we do not secure a third of the country as soon as possible, we will all be scattered like dust in the wind.

  8. Motorhead says:

    Just a few short decades ago this kind of crime would have been answered severely by an outraged group of white Americans. Pitcairn would have been immediately avenged, screw the courts.

  9. antimedia says:

    Take this one story and multiply it by a hundred thousand times and you have some idea of whats really going on out there!

  10. Horsce Blossom says:

    Believe it or not, Baltimore was once upon a time a more-or-less agreeable place to live. And I don’t mean all that long ago; you don’t have to read Mr. Mencken’s memoirs to conjure up this vanished era. I can dimly see it in the ‘50s of my childhood—a time at which the Diversity Infestation was not yet pandemic. The most serious crime problem in those days was soaping car windows on Halloween. But as Africans came to occupy once decent neighborhoods, the Black Plague quickly ravaged these areas, turning them into jungles where savagery reigned—and still prevails. Of course, as I recall, in those barbarous times vicious killers were actually sent to their reward via the gas chamber in Baltimore. But we were “too civilized“ for that. Nowadays we pretend we’re going to kill them via lethal injection, as if they were a cherished pet suffering a painful and fatal illness. So the powers upholding civilization become more lenient, and those dedicated to its destruction grow ever bolder and more predatory. Our mistake seems to have been adopting the wrong mean of execution; we should have gone from the gas chamber to disembowelment.

  11. Norbert says:

    Not only are these kind of atrocities going on in America, they are played out every day right across Europe only the media here don't report it either. Even if a report hits the 'local' news the description is just :"a male in his teens is stabbed" etc. no mention of ethnic origin but everybody knows who did the stabbing. Here in London recently a pair of immigrants beat an elderly man to death "just for the fun of it". Its time we all rose up and made the politicians realise that they are here to serve us and not pander to the minorities.

  12. angry guest says:

    I once read on Michael Savage's website the BS legalese that a federal hate crime, by definition, cannot occur to a white person, but by their definition, only to a minority. When one examines hate crime statistics of the FBI's compiling, you'll see deceptive numbers suggesting that hate crimes are only perpetrated by whites on minorities.Maybe our legal definitions need some changing immediately? Think of the years of education and hard work that this young guy put in to be a cancer researcher all wiped out in a second. Hope they pay hard -and the lenient judge too.

  13. A Fellow Traveller says:

    The latest illegal immigrant murderer:

  14. Paul Hausser says:

    Incredibly after come across this story reading this link post thru Western World Voices i came across it again in this past Sunday edition of the Florida Sun Sentinal.

    The article (hold your breath because this is to much) was about how a black man who was passing by saw Pitcairn lying on the ground dying and how he comforted and held his hand until he died.

    The article made no mention of the fact the two attackers were black at all.

    They spun the whole thing around and made the black fellow who stayed with him the hero.

    It was in the Sunday August 1 edition of the Florida Sun Sentinal.

  15. curtisbay01 says:

    There is a huge double standard. When a white person kills a minority, it is labled as a hate crime. When a minority kills a white, it is simply called a murder. Whether it is a hate crime or not, the mandatory jail time only applies to the hate crime. The murder can be negotiated with attorneys and judges and jail time can be reduced. We are now in opposite times from the 50's and 60's. Whites are now oppressed and beaten down while minorities are lifted up. Where is the equality that MLK died for? Wake up America. Divide and Conquer by the great socialist leader.

  16. Lurline says:

    Israel Cohen, “A Racial Program for the 20th Century (1912); entered into the Congressional Record in 1957, Pg. 8559

    Quote – MOST IMPORTANT TO OUR WHITE RACE by Israel Cohen

    We must realize that our party’s most powerful weapon is racial tension. By producing into the consciousness of the dark races that for centuries they have been oppressed by Whites, we can mould them to the program of the communist party. In America we will aim for a subtle victory. While inflaming the Negro minority against Whites, we will endeavor to install in the Whites a guilt complex for their exploitation of the Negroes. We will aid the Negroes to rise to prominence in every walk of life, in the professions and in the world of sports and entertainment. With this prestige, the Negro will be able to intermarry with the Whites and begin the process which will deliver America into our hands.”


    Harvard Professor Noel Ignatiev
    "The goal of abolishing the white race is on its face so desirable that some may find it hard to believe that it could incur any opposition other than from committed white supremacists."

  17. Sick world says:

    Do not worry…
    They might have their way right now, but it is only be a matter of time before there is a huge backlash. We all know what's happening, even the liberals know the truth (they obviously choose to ignore it). The truth is that whites are not evil, but oppressed and hated.
    My theory is that we are, as a population, superior and for such reason we must be treated like second class citizens to create some form of equality because it obviously doesn't manifest itself naturally.

  18. William says:

    The sad part is, he was most likely a liberal who votes to help out the poor oppressed minorities.

  19. john says:

    Same thing happens in the UK all the time.

  20. This isn't the first time something like that has happened.

    Check out:

    Or do a search for: Murders of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom

    The rare white-on-black attack is always 'front page' and featured coverage by most news media while the DAILY black-on-white attacks are “disappeared”: Either not reported on at all, reported only by local newspapers, but “whited out” of local TV and national newspaper coverage, or reported without informing viewers of the respective races of the attackers and victim.

    Help put a stop to this by contacting and/or boycotting your local and national TV stations, as well as contacting your local politicians and DEMAND that they take actions against the ongoing racism against whites in the media.

    Be sure to read this:

  21. Dr.Tony says:

    This is not an isolated incident. It happens somewhere in the USA everyday but you almost never hear about it.

    Look up who owns the media. This is what they want.

  22. JamesinUSA says:

    We must repeal all so-called Hate Laws in this country because there used for the express purpose of keeping white people in their place or in prison!