Rep. Rangel Wants More Whites To Die In War

Representative Rangel

The American Third Position condemns Rep. Charles Rangel for his introduction of H.R.5741, a universal conscription bill whose intent is the deaths of more Whites in the armed forces.

This hateful legislation is introduced despite the fact that a disproportionate number of Whites already die in service.

Rangel’s death wish for Whites has been pervasive, as he previously introduced universal conscription bills in 2003 and 2007.

In an interview with Salon magazine in 2003 regarding his bill, Rangel expressed his views that “the poor, black and brown shouldn’t be the only Americans fighting and dying in Iraq,” and “Fairness dictates that the sons and daughters of the white middle and upper classes share the burden of war.”

Today’s armed forces rely heavily on minorities, the working class and the poor, he says, who turn to the military because few other opportunities are available to them. Roughly 40 percent of the U.S. military is minority, compared to a quarter of the overall population. African-Americans are particularly likely to join: They make up 26 percent of the military, but only 12 percent of Americans.

As is often the case, Rangel is purposefully ignorant of the facts. As can be seen in the statistics furnished by USA Today: Deaths in Iraq: A look at the American lives lost, it is Whites who have been disproportionately burdened by loss of their loved ones in the war machine.

Stipulating, that if Whites make up just 60% of the U.S. military, Whites account for 73.7% (3,254) of the reported 4,416 deaths.

Blacks, who make up 26% of the military ranks, only account for 9.6% (441) of reported deaths.

Take a few minutes and go through this interactive graph where one can select from a range of categories and obtain the correct statistics.

A congressman calling for re-establishing the draft because he has a debased intuitive feeling that a specific race is not dying in sufficient numbers in Iraq? Quite appalling.

The A3P will keep our nation out of foreign disputes that have no bearing on the welfare of our people, as outlined in its policy pages here:

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  1. JanineK says:

    Fine, let's bring back the draft, only apply it to no one but the sons and daughters of our politicians, the ones so eager to send everyone else's children overseas. Or, if they have grandchildren the right age, send them. If they're too young to have children that age, then they can be drafted instead. Maybe then they won't be so eager to send us overseas and the troops that have been deployed half their enlistment can finally get a break.

  2. Bippy Bellito says:

    I proudly served in the U.S. Army as a draftee during the VietNam War. Most of us were typical of the cross section of society at the time. I served with educated blacks, hispanics, whites; lesser educated blacks, hispanics, and whites. It didn't take long for all of us to realize that our survival was dependent on each other regardless of where we came from. Many good men of all races died doing what was our responsibility to do. I believe the draft was beneficial to most who served, but Cong. Rangle's reasoning and logic is seriously flawed. He is another in a long line of sad old men who now serve in Congress whose time has long past. Charlie, take the hint! It's time to go!

  3. octoberfreedom says:

    It's completely right of the A3P to condemn Mr Rangel, who is especially bigoted. Funny, how a US politician with some importance can be black and get elected being a total black racist, yet, the A3P is condemned by the liberals in the media when they seek to represent whites.

    The A3P should also point out that, in fact, whites are over represented in the military when it comes to optimal fighting age (18 to 30). What racist like Rangel fail to realize is that whites may be 64% of the population, but a large part of that are people who're older than 35, 40, and 50. The military is made up mostly of young men and woman, and because of that fact, whites in that age bracket of between 18 to 30 are really a minority (or near) in America, yet still majority in the military, still the majority of those dieing in Iraq (74%) as the A3P has pointed out, even though minority populations are younger.

    If Rangel is so mad, maybe than he should ask for an end to Affirmative action in the military (yes, it does exist in the military). Maybe, he should ask why for over 40 years non-whites of lower class and position in military ranks have been promoted to generals and other high ranks because of Affirmative action. Major Hasan, the shooter in the Fort Hood massacre was an example of modern military Affirmative action, he was shuffled to Major even while he didn't qualify or pass normal military drills.

    Unlike in the rest of society Affirmative action, in the military, though, isn't a one way streak where non-whites always benefit from their privilege of racist laws that protect and promote them above whites. Affirmative action in the military also means extensive recruiting of non-whites, which may not be to the liking of race hustlers like Rangel who'd have no problem if the military was actually any other service or buisness extensively recruiting non-whites over whites.

    The military no longer targets whites (rural, Southern, poor and middle class whites) as forcefully (even white families who're military families), because they want non-whites to fill the ranks. Non-whites and their communities and their schools, (etc) happen to be at the center of military recruiters activity, so of course a lot of these people (blacks) who're being targeted are increasingly joining.

    So, I guess Affirmative action in the military is one example of how racist AA and Quotas can backfire on the non-whites.

  4. HatintheCat says:

    If you have forced service for wars that benefit Israel, are you still living in the land of the free?

  5. NeoCon Hysteria says:

    He was fired from the House Ways and Means Committee for being a tax fraud.

    Rangel is 80yrs old and expected to die very soon. He traded words with the Obama camp and is expected to loose his reelection bid. He said Obama "is the same as dick cheney"

    The groups that make up the fractured Dem party really have nothing in common with eachother then their hate for white people. After they agree on that, they start fighting with eachother.

  6. Bill T. Sherman says:

    This is thoroughly disgusting. Go A3P!