Third World Immigration Is Literally Killing Us

Illegal — and legal — immigration from the Third World has brought a myriad of diseases into America and has reintroduced others which had previously been stamped out, an A3P review of available data has revealed.

A Center for Disease Control and Prevention report has shown that diseases being brought by Third World immigrants into America (which the CDC described as “illegal immigrants”) include smallpox, malaria, diphtheria, leprosy, and cholera.

The reason why Third World immigrants bring these diseases with them is because their originating countries have proven themselves incapable of First World medical standards.

As a result, these diseases which have all but been eradicated in First World nations, are rampant in the Third World and are now being transferred to America along with the immigrants.

The main originating nations of immigrants to America: China, Vietnam, and Mexico, all have notoriously poor health levels, with an adult infection rate from diseases at around 30 percent.

There is, of course, no reason to think that they would not bring these problems with them.

One striking example is the increase in typhoid fever occurrences which are the direct result of Third World immigrant food handlers in processing plants.

The incidence of tuberculosis in American now runs at 53 percent amongst what the CDC coyly calls “foreign-born people” and at least 26 percent are Mexican.

According to a report, “spikes in tuberculosis and typhoid cases in 2006 were in those areas where illegal immigration is the highest, such as in California (counting for more than half of new cases), New York, Texas, Florida and New Jersey.”

Malaria was eradicated from the U.S. in the 1940s and it was thought to be a disease of the past. However, recent outbreaks in southern California, New Jersey, New York City, and Houston have proven that belief wrong.

It is no coincidence that the badly affected areas are all Third World immigrant rich.

Dengue is a disease rampant in most Asian countries and previously unknown in America. However, large-scale immigration has led to outbreaks of this disease here as well.

Leprosy is another disease which has reappeared in America. According to a report, there had only been 900 cases of leprosy in America from 1962 to 2002. In the following three years there have been 9,000 cases.

Dr. William Levis, head of the New York Hansen’s Disease Clinic, wrote in the article “Leprosy in America: new cause for concern” that the disease was “creeping into the U.S. … This is a real phenomenon. It’s a public health threat. New York is endemic now, and nobody’s noticed.”

The report which discussed that article continued: “In the same article, Dr. Terry Williams, who runs a Houston-based clinic serving leprosy patients across southern Texas, said that the bulk of the cases treated by his clinic were immigrants. ‘A lot of our cases are imported,’ he said. ‘We see patients from everywhere—Africa, the Philippines, China, South America.’”

Then there is Chagas Disease, which is widespread in South and Central America. It was unknown in America just a few years ago, but has now claimed at least half a million victims so far, and is spreading.

Another report revealed that among east Asian immigrants in New York City, one in seven carries the Hepatitis B virus.

Researchers at New York University School of Medicine, found that 15 percent of east Asians in New York — as many as 100,000 people — are chronic hepatitis carriers, an infection rate 35 times higher than the general population.

The evidence is clear and cannot be challenged: apart from anything else, Third World immigration poses a clear health risk to America and we risk being overwhelmed and dragged down to Third World status unless the tidal wave is halted and turned back.

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  1. Conrad says:

    I have an idea.

    You should set up your articles with a print friendly option and include your letterhead so that articles can be printed and distributed.

  2. Robert Jones says:

    Life is a well of delight; but where the rabble also drink, there all fountains are poisoned.To everything cleanly am I well disposed; but I hate to see the grinning mouths and the thirst of the unclean.They cast their eye down into the fountain: and now glanceth up to me their odious smile out of the fountain.

    ~Thus Spake Zarathustra, Chapter 28, The Rabble

  3. JamesinUSA says:

    Not as dangerous but aggravating, is the infestation of bedbugs especially in New York city that has been attributed to immigrants.

  4. Michael Crew says:

    Another example of why we must defend not God and country but God and race. We must secure the existance of our people and a future for white children. Get off the fence, step up and truly know what we are fighting for. Look into your children's eyes and you will find the answer.
    Michael Crew

  5. Joe says:

    Uncontrolled immigration is a health threat. Reduce the health threat by controlling immigration. In fact stop immigration from third world countries that obviously come here for receiving economic benefits rather than contributing skills and technical knowledge, then the US can stop the health threat. And how many can attack this idea as being racist?