Tidal Wave of Mexicans Flee into Texas from Self-Created Crime Disaster

Nearly a quarter of a million Mexicans have fled the drug-crime disaster which has enveloped the border city of Ciudad Juarez, and at least 125,000 have rushed across the border to El Paso in a move which has added 16 percent to that city’s population.

The shocking statistic has been revealed in a new report issued by the Ciudad Juarez Citizens Security and Coexistence Observatory, which is a non-government body monitoring the situation in the Mexican town.

The report said that the drug-gang war which has become endemic across all of Mexico has claimed 8,300 lives in Ciudad Juarez over the last three years.

The murders have focused attention on the fact that the Central and South American drug gangs are using it as a major conduit into the United States.

The two main drug gangs fighting for control of the smuggling route have been identified as the Juarez and Sinaloa drug cartels.

According to reports, more than 20,000 houses have been abandoned in Ciudad Juarez as a result of the mass exodus, leaving whole swathes of the city deserted.

In addition, journalists covering the story have been attacked and murdered. As a result, El Paso’s “Las Americas Immigrant Advocacy Center” has predicted a “new wave of media members seeking asylum in the United States in the wake of the attack on the photographers.”

All of the media reports covering the drug war have ignored the obvious factor in the equation: namely that it is a result of the presence of large numbers of Third World-origin Central and South Americans in the U.S. who have organized themselves into the deadly drug-dealing gangs here.

For example, in Los Angeles, the two largest gangs are officially classified as “Hispanic,” namely the Florencia 13 and the 8th Street Gang.

Both are the result of illegal immigration, with a 1995 California Department of Justice study reporting that at least 60 percent of the 20,000 members of the 18th Street Gang are illegal immigrants.

Nationally, the Mara Salvatrucha 13 gang, which originated in El Salvador, has become perhaps the most serious criminal enterprise to ever threaten America.

The gang first appeared in this country in Los Angeles and then followed the same migratory pattern as Salvadoran immigrants, fanning out from its beachhead ethnic enclaves in California.

It is no coincidence that the drug gang wars which are typical in Mexico and Central and South America are now spreading out into the United States. It is the inevitable consequence of immigration, where immigrants bring their dominant culture with them to replace the already established civilization.

If the U.S. wants to avoid becoming like the Third World, it will have to take steps to prevent Third World populations moving here.

Nothing less than the complete halt and reversing of the current disastrous immigration policies will suffice. This is the message of the American Third Position, and we intend to take it to the voters.

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  1. Charles Dickenson says:

    It’s disgusting that our elected government sits by and allows these crinimals to prosper.

    It is even more disgusting that society in general allows it without much of a challenge to the establishment.

  2. JamesinUSA says:

    Our governments inaction concerning the issue of illegal immigrants is tantamount to treason in every respect. White people of this nation can count on neither one of the major political parties which is why they need to look to the A3P as a viable if not their only alternative.