USA Faces Demographic Crisis as European-Americans Slide into Minority Status

The demographic crisis which imperils Europe’s future also threatens the United States of America, a fact illustrated by this week’s news that European Americans will become a minority among newborn children in that nation next year.

The US Census Bureau’s (USCB) latest report announced that non-white births accounted for 48.6 percent of the children born in America between July 2008 and July 2009, gaining ground from 46.8 percent two years earlier.

This trajectory means that non-white births will pass European-American births within the next year.

In addition, the median age of the white population is older than that of non-whites. This means that a larger number of non-white immigrant women are of childbearing age, a situation aggravated by the fact that Third World populations tend to have much higher reproduction rates than Europeans.

Among the Hispanic population, there were roughly nine births for every one death, compared with a roughly one-to-one ratio for whites.

According to the census count, as of July 2009, whites constituted 65 percent of the American population. The rate of the white decline is astonishing: in 1960, they made up 85 percent of the population.

This figure is most certainly an underestimate as the US Census bureau counts all Middle Easterners (including people from North Africa and most of the Arab world) as “white.”

An August 2008 report from the USCB projected that by 2042, whites will be an absolute minority. This is a revision of earlier projections which projected this demographic change to take place in 2050.

By 2050, the USCB said, whites will have fallen to 46 percent of the population.

The Hispanic population will be more than 30 percent of the population by then, and the number of blacks will have risen to 15 percent. Asians are expected to rise to nine percent of the population by 2050.

Overall, the population of the United States is due to rise from 296 million in 2005 to 438 million, with 82 percent of the increase coming from Third World immigrants.

The total projected growth is equal to the combined populations of Great Britain, France and Spain. The 105 million extra people which will result from this immigration wave is equal to 13 additional New York Cities.

Hispanics accounted for 54.7 percent of the total population increase between July 2008 and July 2009, with 66 percent of that increase resulting from births in America.

As shocking as these figures are, they do not even include the impact of illegal immigration. According to the Center for Immigration Studies, an independent, non-partisan, non-profit research body widely regarded as an authority on the issue, in August 2007, the illegal population total stood at around 12.5 million. This means, in real terms, that there are probably more illegal aliens in America than there are blacks.

When this figure is added to the official totals, the demographic swing against European-origin America is even more marked. As all Third World immigrants have far higher birth rates than whites, then, when the legal and illegal immigration wave is factored in, it is likely that even the 2042 date for majority non-European America is optimistic.

The effects of this Third World immigration tsunami, which has reached into all parts of America, have been uniformly negative, quite apart from the long-term implications which will see that nation downgraded to Third World Status well before the end of the 21st Century.

(Taken from BNP News)

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  1. Surtr says:

    Simply horrendous….

  2. James Hallman says:

    This demographic projection is the very reason why it is so important that European/Americans today join a legitimate and viable organization such
    as A3p in order to become a political voting block to better defend ourselves
    against the apparent marxist/minority agenda of gaining power ,while subsequently
    reducing our nation to Third World status. If European /Americans think that
    minority crime and racism against them is bad today, they can just imagine
    what it will be like in the future when they are nolonger the majority. With all the
    grievances these people have against us, whether they're right or wrong, is irrelavant
    in the face of some future Holocaust that might very well befall our people. At the
    very least we can look to South Africa today and see the trementous injustices
    being carried out by the Black controlled government against the remaining white
    population in order to see what is sure to come if we fail to organize racial solidarity.

  3. Sandman says:

    This means that the focus should be on increasing the birthrate of European Americans. A baby boom is what is needed. All political and social demands will flow from that imperative not the other way around. A rising tide cannot be ignored.

  4. Berserker says:

    The population of the polar bear is projected to decline by 30% over the next 50 years. The effect of which will throw off the delicate balance of the ecology in the arctic where the polar bear lives. Google it and find countless pages. After all what is more noble then saving a unique type of bear that can survive in the harshest climate possible.
    There is another clear distinct animal that also survived in some of the harshest climate imaginable. Their population is also projected to decline by 25% in north america, just one of their natural environments in the next 50 years. So many other animals depend on this animal for EVERYTHING, that is how important this animal is to its environment. At one point this animal was on every continent in the world and brought an end to famine. It is probably the most important animal on the face of the world. There only a tiny tiny number of websites devoted to its preservation. 20/20 isn’t doing specials on saving THIS important animal, and tons of websites are devoted to its destruction. The media of the world praises its destruction with NO mention of HOW detrimental it is to the entire WORLD. This species is the WHITE RACE.

  5. Edgardus de la Vega says:

    It's either NOW or NEVER for the re-establishment (i.e. a new beginning) of our European-American culture. It begins with a new core of daily habits and thoughts toward its re-construction and preservation. One particular habit of perennial value for us will be: self-sustenance via acquired skill sets not dependent on corporate consumerism (i.e. multiculturalism at our expense).

  6. Tony (England) says:

    The very structure of the western civilization which elevated man into the realm of science and true culture is about to be out bred and subsumed by the undisciplined and parasitical types which will plunge the west into disorderly chaos. Be under no illusion, whitey will be a persecuted and blamed species for all that what is wrong in the world. A world, however, that no other race will be able to replace in terms of craft ingenuity and discipline. God help us all!