White Male Car Dealers Shut Down by TARP

The Obama administration forced the closure of 2,000 General Motors and Chrysler dealerships owned by White men, despite indications that the closures would not save GM money.

About 100,000 people lost their jobs as a result of the dealers being forced to close, during a recession with the official unemployment rate pushing 10%.

As the new report from SIGTARP states (PDF file), dealerships owned by minorities or women were specifically exempted from the shutdowns.

Thus, dealerships owned by White males were exclusively targeted. How ironic that the closings were the result of Obama’s mandate for “shared sacrifice!”

Many more dealers in rural areas were closed, while dealers in metro areas were allowed to remain open despite saturated markets.

This left consumers in rural areas without a nearby option to buy an American car, a move which will cause many buyers to resort to buying an import.

The despicable forced closures of these dealerships by the Obama administration has served to explicitly discriminate against White male business owners, make 100,000 workers lose their jobs, and coerce Americans to purchase imported cars… all in one fell swoop.

The American Third Position will protect American industry, as detailed in its economic platform here: https://american3p.org/?page_id=91

American Thinker: Race Played Role in Obama Car Dealer Closures

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  1. Adam says:

    Obama will sell out the USA to Islam as has happened in England by T Blair and now D Cameron. England has become a HELL HOLE, and France is in the final death trows.
    France? The Islamisation of Paris:
    A Warning to Us All!
    Check this out.. .http://www.bnp.org.uk/news/islamisation-paris-warning-us-all

  2. Bob says:

    yup, one of those Buick dealers was only 3 blocks away from me – a long time dealership, grown very conservativly over time

    Not far away, a toyota dealership, that had once been oldsmobile, still stands. Buick is now a strong brand competing with Toyota/Lexus, but you can’t buy a buick in our town any more

  3. Elise says:

    it figures, but since the men are White, it doesn't "legally" count as discrimination. if a White man ownes a car dealership he wants to keep, he needs to put his wife's name on it. sad but true.

  4. 5150 says:

    politicians are motivated by money, look at clinton. he was paid millions by the chinese during his tenure and sold them electronics that were supposed to be classified. look at the bushes, they have oil interests and pushed the price of gas up. its not the illegals that ruin the economy, they serve to cloud the issue of what the real problem is. in california, the central valley was denied water on the pretext of some endangered fish. have you noticed where some our food is coming from? not just mexico, its coming from china! where are the majority of auto parts being manufactured? china! go to lowes or home depot, many of the items are chinese made! why? because politicians are being paid by lobbyists representing chinese interests…something to think about.

  5. Bryant says:

    No aid concerts or programs or endorsements for the Whites in Nashville who were drowned and dispossesed by the flooding.. "Universal Suffrage" = African Marxism.

  6. Robert 1940 says:

    The integral fiber of lifestyle of the Obama gang is one of socialism, communist tendency and the concerted effort to tear down what has been built in America over the history of our country. One has only to remember that Obama never built anything, he just attempts to tear it down.
    What he doesn't understand is what he despises and with the help of his "appointed" czar's, is getting this done with the help of the democratically controlled government.

  7. Bob says:

    Yet, we "just hate Obama because he's black". I hope people close the black car dealerships too.