Whites to Blame for Black Failures in Education, Health, and Incarceration, Says Congressional Black Caucus Chair

In yet another shocking display of vicious anti-white racism, the chair of the Congressional Black Caucus has blamed whites for all black failures in education, health, and incarceration rates in an interview with a blacks-only magazine in Washington.

The Root magazine, which describes itself as a journal “that provides thought-provoking commentary on today’s news from a variety of black perspectives.”

In the interview, Rep. Lee said that the “media needs to report on health disparities — the reasons African Americans are disproportionately impacted by diabetes, hypertension and prostate cancer.

Why are these disparities so prevalent in the black and Latino communities?” she asked.

Furthermore, Rep Lee said that the unemployment rate for the black community is twice the national average and asked why the criminal justice system is “discriminatory against black men” because crack and cocaine offenses lock up more black males than from any other group.

Instead of answering these questions honestly (and admitting that they are issues which the black community generates all by themselves), Rep. Lee falls into the old liberal standby of blaming white people for everything.

When you look at how discrimination has played out in history, you’ll see that blacks are dealing with the vestiges of a lot of Jim Crow, segregation, slavery. We have to be honest, and the press has to put these current-day inequalities in a historical context,” she said.

In other words, because blacks were slaves 200 years ago, the modern black community commits more crime, is unemployed, does poorly at school and suffers from ill-health.

This is such blatant nonsense that it is amazing anyone takes it seriously at all.

The reality is that there were European slaves held captive as late as the nineteenth century by the North African Barbary Pirates, but white people do not blame their shortfalls on that.

In addition, the working conditions of the white working class in the nineteenth century (which included child labor) were hardly ideal, but the white community has yet to use that as an excuse for any problems they may have encountered today.

As for allegations that white “racism” is somehow to blame for higher black crime rates and ill-health: that is so far-fetched as to be hardly worth comment.

The American Third Position aims to expose these blatant lies and to free white people from this artificial and deceitful notion of “white guilt.”

White people owe nobody else anything: on the contrary, if a historical scorecard is to be made at all, it would come out heavily in favour of white people.

* The Root magazine’s website also hosts an interactive genealogical section “to trace one’s ancestry through AfricanDNA.com, a DNA testing site co-founded by Henry Louis Gates, Jr., who is also The Root’s Editor-in-Chief.”

In other words, this is a journal which advocates a genetic basis for race and openly boasts about it. Observers have pointed out that a journal devoted to “commentary on today’s news from a variety of white perspectives” and advocated a genetic basis to whiteness would be run out of town as “racist” and would certainly not play host to interviews with a leader of a taxpayer subsidized organization like the Congressional Black Caucus.

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  1. Anthony says:

    White Guilt! it has to be one of the most sinister inventions ever passed on to a people. It would be laughable if so many liberal whites didn't feel collectively responsible for the problems of others. Of course, this is to be expected in a country where no one is responsible for their actions or life–they're all victims. Everybody is owed something for nothing. Equal opportunity is not enough–they need a guarantee of sucess.

  2. Robert Jones says:

    "Why are these disparities so prevalent in the black and Latino communities?” she asked".

    Simply because, they are the black & Latino communities.

  3. Christopher says:

    The fallacy of Representative Lee's assertion is a deliberate attempt in appealing to the emotions of the magazine's black readership, and serves as a last minute effort in motivating black voters to the polls this November.

    In doing so, she believes that the straw man argument of "white racism" will shift the focus away from the Black Caucus and the Obama administration's failure to deal with the high unemployment, crime and poor academic performance of the black community.

    Within the black community children are repeatedly told right up to adulthood that all their problems, hardships, challenges, set backs, failures and disappointments are the result of "white" or "institutionalized" racism.

    This vicious circle within the black community is endemic. Rep. Lee's interview stands as proof.

  4. JamesinUSA says:

    It's because of this blame game used by minority leaders that enough will never be enough. It doesn't matter what progress these people may make or how many concessions we make in order to aid them, it will never ever be enough.

  5. SharonH says:

    As Christopher wrote:

    "Within the black community children are repeatedly told right up to adulthood that all their problems, hardships, challenges, set backs, failures and disappointments are the result of "white" or "institutionalized" racism."

    Unfortunately, this exact same absurd thinking is being taught to our white children as well. I am very disturbed at some of the statements my niece has made about what she is being taught in school. Thank goodness she has a father who explains the truth to her and is teaching her to be proud of her race.

  6. KGL says:

    Get ready for more of the same from other ethnic groups with an axe to grind. No other ethnic group has done as much to rectify past wrongs as whites have done. Institutionalized racism has been dead for forty five years. Carloads of Klansmen aren't rampaging through black neighborhoods, shooting black children. They are doing it to themselves. Take a good look at Africa, and we can see that these problems are endemic to blacks. This country sowed the seeds of its own destruction when we brought them here.