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From the gates of Vienna to the banks of the Delaware, from Thermopylae to Gettysburg, our people have stood steadfast in the face of impossible odds, in order that we remain forever free. Without hesitation, without fear of consequence, and without concern for personal safety, the champions of our people defied tyrants, repelled invaders, and maintained our way of life, no matter the cost.

These defenders of the West viewed themselves not merely as individuals but as the farthest extent in a bridge of people whose path stretches back the course of millennia, from before the blurred beginnings of civilization, and whose framework extends infinitely into the future. They fought out of recognition for those who had, in the past, fought for them, They gave their lives to secure freedom for our people and for future generations.

Our heroes didn’t always overcome the odds, however. The torch of freedom was sometimes dropped, and, throughout our people’s history, we have indeed suffered defeat, the humiliation of occupation, and the reign of tyrants. But the embers from which the flame of liberty would again grow remained alight by the burning desire of our people to live free, governed only by themselves and by the divine law of Providence. Even in defeat, our ancestors refused to give up. They refused to surrender their will. They resisted. They rebuilt, fought back, and overcame. Their love of liberty and of each other, time and time again, sparked anew the fire that must forever illuminate the West.

Today, they live on in us. They live on in our hearts, in the spirit in which we confront this struggle, and in our refusal to be ruled by tyrants, traitors, and occupants. So long as we never surrender our will, so long as we never stop resisting, and so long as we continue to fight no matter the cost, they live on, and the fire of mankind still burns.

By becoming a member, you join not just us but them. By accepting personal responsibility for the course by which our people approach the future, and by refusing to surrender the will to fight back against a political establishment whose aim is to destroy our nation, culture, and way of life, you join the ranks of a resistance movement that has existed since the earliest beginnings of our people. You stand with Leonidas in defense of race and nation. You ride with Vercingetorix against foreign occupation. You march with Washington against tyrants, in pursuit of freedom. You join a worldwide network of patriots bound together by blood, a common past, and a shared destiny. You stand not alone but alongside the heroes of our people.

Our ancestors regarded the opportunity to defend our people and our way of life as the highest honor. To give thanks to those who fulfill this sacred duty only dilutes the value and sanctity of their service.Those who preceded us in this fight for freedom understood that they were expected to do their duty, and they expect the same of us.

In keeping with their spirit, we will not offer thanks for your having joined a resistance to those who would see us destroyed . We will instead welcome you to the party, to a network of men and women who have resolved to fight back. We recognize your act of honoring this duty to our people by offering the solemn promise to put forward our strongest effort, to become ever more capable, and to never relent in our fight to win back our nation.

Together, we have the power to change the world, to save our country, and to keep lit the flame of liberty. We will.

Liberty. Sovereignty. Identity. This is the American Third Position.

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  1. Scott Lineburgh says:

    Make me a member.

  2. Chris says:

    How do I register and join?

  3. Jack McShane says:

    Now's our chance! Let's stand up for our families and our people!

  4. Lograda says:

    Let's end White Guilt! It must stop. We need to stand up for one another and what we believe in, even if it means we have to fight. We have been pushed around for too long in our own country. We let immigrants in because we are a tolerant society, and then they start hating us, using our own laws against us and call us "racist."
    No more!

  5. lograda says:

    Let's stand up for our people and our culture. It's no surprise that the best countries on earth are white; and now they are being overrun with immigrants, many of whom do not want to integrate into our society. Then they start using our own laws against us and call us "racist." Enough is enough. Stand up brothers and sisters for your people, even if you have to fight.
    No more!

  6. Mary Minshall says:

    Please tell me how to join!

  7. Rob says:

    You need a printable form that we can fill out and mail back with the donation. I can't use a credit card but I am willing to send cash.

  8. Robert Beasley, Jr. says:

    Just 2 days ago, I did a web search for an alternate party to support in opposition to the entrenched democrat/republican parties. Sarah Palin? Please! America simply needs to elect a new breed of Leadership, interested in: stopping illegal immigration, balancing the federal budget, getting our America’s people working again, elimination of the Welfare Lifestyle, providing a REAL education, and so many other things there isn’t room here to list them. Please: If you need an individual to assist with the furthering of these objectives in Colorado, simply E-mail. At your service!

  9. Victoria says:

    To become an member of the A3P Party using online payment, select the Shirt Type and Size you want, then click Add To Cart.

    If you prefer not to sign up online, send a money order for $40 to:

    American Third Position
    13772 Goldenwest St. #423
    Westminster, Ca 92683

    Along with the money order, include your name, your email address, your mailing address, and the Shirt Type and Size you want.

    Paid members receive access to a private area of the A3P web forum. Once you have paid for your membership, click the FORUM link (at the bottom of the A3P site, under Quick Links).

    Register to join the forum using the same email you used to pay for your membership, then send a Private Message to admin so you can be recognized as a full Member and get access to the members only forum.

  10. Curtis Bell says:

    Google Henry George for a unique plank to add to our platform.

  11. Ronald L. says:

    I'm all yours for membership.

  12. Randall J. says:

    How about if you want to sign up but do not need any incentives except our country and government back?

  13. armitius says:

    Finally, a political option that makes sense and will actually support western civilzation.

  14. Bob says:

    I'm not here to spread hate-mongering rhetoric, but it is factual that this party stands for a more moderate platform than that of fascism in Western Europe. While I terribly dislike the R and D gridlock, national socialism isn't our solution. It is understandable that some of you flock to this ideology right now during this great time of turmoil, but please make sure that you read your history and understand how a movement similar to this ended up.