A “Modest But Promising Start” for Arizona A3P

Americans have known for some time that virtually no difference exists between the agendas of the two major parties. Both parties fleece America for all they can get. With this becoming obvious to millions of our people, a genuinely grass-roots political party advocating common sense policies should do uncommonly well. Nothing happens, however, without the simple stuff, and that means work.

It will be impossible for patriotic Americans to retake our liberties without learning to crawl before we can march. This includes organizing even on the most basic levels. The members of the American Third Position understand this reality, and that is why our highest priority is the establishment of local leaders and the generation of legitimate political activism in their areas.

Ralph Brandt is the A3P’s state leader for Arizona. Mr. Brandt’s home state has been victimized severely by the Federal Government’s unwillingness to protect our nation’s sovereignty. Having become an A3P member only a month after we announced our existence, Mr. Brandt, inspired by a love for his nation, was motivated to offer his assistance as a local coordinator and to fulfill the initial obligations of that position.

Mr. Brandt started his activism for the A3P by ordering and passing out large quantities of party literature. After noticing his sizeable orders, one of our national staff contacted him concerning his willingness to contribute further. Mr. Brandt stated a desire to help in any capacity and has gone from one accomplishment to another ever since.

In addition to reaching ordinary Americans through pamphlet distributions, Mr. Brandt has written local media announcing our existence. He’s opened a party bank account and filed with the IRS. Mr. Brandt also holds monthly meetings with local A3P members and has started the petition process for the A3P to gain ballot access in his state. Prior to the recent election, Mr. Brandt formulated A3P Arizona’s official positions for statewide ballot initiatives.

The work done by A3P Arizona is a “modest but promising start,” according to Mr. Brandt. “The recession,” he says, “is waking up our people to the necessity of reclaiming the reins of government.”

The A3P will soon have leaders like Ralph Brandt in all fifty states, and we already have several. When we are able to furnish local leadership throughout our country, this will enable our party to become locally active on a scale never before undertaken by any organization advocating on behalf of White Americans.

If you are interested in helping the A3P to become active in your area, please contact our national staff at the following email address:

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  1. Jackson says:

    Mr Brandt has quite the reputation on IRC channels as a racist. He is an angry old man who blames everyone for his personal failures. Don’t let him fool you.

  2. Guest says:

    " The beginning of all things are small." So said "Cicero" a Roman statesman.

  3. sonicwhip says:

    I hope by next election cycle this party will be able to run at least one candidate in every state.

  4. American3P says:

    Mr. Brandt's motivation is contagious.

  5. Native American says:

    This is really impressive. Y'know Tancredo nearly became Colorado's governor, this election period, on a third party ticket.

  6. Don says:

    Good work. Great oaks from little acorns grow.

  7. Art says:

    Re wealthy whites, imagine what a Gates or a Turner could do for us (if they had any sense). If we continue marketing A3P, we will eventually reach race conscious whites with resources and I believe support will snowball.

  8. Victoria says:

    Good work, Mr. Brandt!

  9. JamesinUSA says:

    By virtue of the very education that has allowed many of our most wealthiest white people to become so successful has also unfortunately brainwashed them with egalitarian ideas and liberal ideology that will eventually be their undoing. One of the main targets of any Socialist/Marxist government will always be the wealthy, and for all the contributions made to all of these Left-wing organizations and political parties will make little difference when it comes time to have all that the welathy have worked for eventually confiscated. It happened in Russia during the revolution, it is happening today in many parts of Africa against whites living there and it will happen here as well.

  10. JamesinUSA says:

    Even though many whites find themselves in a generally hostile environment of political correctness , usually in the work place, they must find ways of resisting the powers that be and support the A3P as the true inheritor of the ideals of our founding fathers and who represents that spirit that will have us realize once again National Independence and the full potential our people have to offer their nation. Many of our people are under the illusion that we live in a free country whose government respects our Civil Rights, our right of Free Speech and our Right of Assembly ,but those of us who have been well acquainted with the Nationalist Movement over the years, we know better!

    I appeal to all good patriots to give what they can but I particularly call on those wealthy whites out there to give what they must, that is,if they expect to stay wealthy.

    This talk of the Left and specifically by those such as Obama about the redistribution of wealth isn't just a passing trend, but represents the ongoing efforts of those who would gladly reduce every American citizen they percieve as being rich, which would no doubt include much of the Middle-Class.