A3P Directors Address National Policy Institute Conference in D.C.

Richard Spencer, NPI Executive DirectorAmerican Third Position directors Tom Sunic, PhD., Matt Parrott and James Edwards each gave spirited presentations to a receptive audience of 100 at this full day event. It was held at the magnificent Ronald Reagan Center in the heart of the Capital District and hosted by The National Policy Institute (NPI), a non-profit nationalist think tank and online journal. We would like to thank the organizers for bringing together an excellent conference concerning issues of importance to white Americans.

We received an exceptional response at our informational-recruitment table staffed by Matt Parrot, the Midwest A3P Director, and A3P Director Alex Carmichael, the Northeast coordinator. We promoted the American Third Position by focusing on our platform, our activism to date and A3P Candidate Harry Bertram’s West Virginia gubernatorial campaign. Many attendees spoke with us about the American Third Position during the conference.

American Third Position at the National Policy Institute ConferenceDr. Tom Sunic’s presentation was titled “Prospects for a Nationalist Right in America”. He spent much of it effectively promoting A3P. Dr. Sunic identified us as an emerging party with excellent prospects in the U.S. Our leadership consists of some of the finest activists and intellectuals around. He emphasized the importance of delivering our message using appropriate language and style; “A3P is certainly on the right track.” We must always be careful with those we recruit, and weed out the unfit from our ranks – “clean our own house”.

Dr. Sunic is a prolific author, former Croatian diplomat, and frequent speaker throughout both Europe and America. One of his predominant themes, which he spoke about at this conference, is that the U.S. offers the best opportunity for a revival of white consciousness. There are 200,000,000 English-speaking people of varying European descent here, providing excellent prospects for “fleshing out explicitly whiteness” en masse. The American Third Position is the most promising political organization undertaking this Herculean task.

Matt Parrot discussed his experience as an activist at the local level in his home state of Indiana. He emphasized that we can in fact “be politically relevant while being explicitly white.” His Hoosier Nation organization spent two years regularly lobbying for an Arizona-styled illegal immigration enforcement bill. This year the Indiana State government passed similar legislation. Unsurprisingly, the Justice Department is now taking Indiana to federal court. Matt noted his success in working with non-racial groups to further our goals.

James Edwards and Jared TaylorJames Edwards spoke about the immigration crisis in America. He stressed that “you cannot have a first world nation with a Third World population.” This is the blood and soil nation, like those of our European cousins. Referring to the recent racial rioting in London, James emphasized that “in the absence of action, this is what’s coming to a U.S. city near you.” A3P is the best chance we have for fighting back and increasing awareness.

Several other prominent speakers discussed issues and developments applicable to the work of A3P. One stated that 200 immigration enforcement bills were passed by state governments in 2010. “Something is changing in the U.S.; our peoples’ will is beginning to be attended to.” The conference organizer spoke about the need to build alternative institutions to this end.

Another speaker was very concerned that whites are not standing up to mass Third World violence, as exemplified by the recent plethora of flash mobs. A3P recently began issuing press releases to government and media outlets to raise public awareness about this horrific trend. A3P is also addressing the concern about the lack of politicians speaking for our interest.

A3P is utilizing the “Danish model for success” as articulated by the publisher of the American Renaissance magazine. He spoke about the prospects of engaging in conventional political activity, as done by countless pro-White candidates in Europe. A3P recognizes that such campaigns are the most effective vehicle for attracting publicity and educating our people.

Sam Dickson, a prominent Atlanta attorney and veteran of our cause, shares our concern over the need for long range planning and programs. A3P is indeed always focused on the big picture, as exemplified by the Roman expression: “The health and welfare of our people is the highest law.” We encourage all those reading this report to join us in our endeavor.


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  1. Veteran Nationalist says:

    I want you guys to succeed, which is why I'm making these comments and suggestions.

    I'm on your side!

    It sounds odd, but people will not necessarily be attracted to your ideas or to what you say, but to YOU personally.

    They want to be around you. They want to be like you.

    That is, IF you project an image of power, confidence, competence, seriousness, and professionalism.

    Read what Alex Kurtagic says at Counter-Currents today:

    "…the message is the messenger; and the messenger is the message."

    Be positive…and dress like a Winner!!

    • American3P says:

      Thanks for your support VN! I know you support us. Just get the hat out of your mind! (What else can I say.)

      Matt is an awfully nice guy despite his choice of hats…

  2. Veteran Nationalist says:

    Some people simply have bad taste and poor style–and we should call them on it.

    Style is a matter of rules, or convention. Don't break the rules unless you have the basics down.

    A young guy like Matt in a gangster fedora or Archie Bunker-hat just looks ridiculous.

    Men don’t wear such hats these days, rightly or wrongly. Matt looks eccentric wearing his. People, especially Americans, are turned off by eccentrics.

    If you’re running a political campaign, marketing new ideas, or trying to change the culture, it is CRUCIAL to have proper style.

    Wearing such a hat is a poor choice and reflects poorly on both Matt and his comrades who allowed him to wear it in public.

    It detracts from whatever ideas Matt and his comrades are trying communicate.

    People end up focusing on the hat and not on what Matt is saying.

    Trust me on this one, the hat looks unflattering.

    • American3P says:

      I respect your comment. But I like the hat. Also, Matt Parrott is a Christian-preacher and may have a religious motive to wearing a head covering.

  3. Veteran Nationalist says:

    Please lose the stupid hat, Matt. It looks ridiculous.

    You need to look like a regular guy. People are turned off by those who look like eccentrics and nerds. Consider me your friendly nationalist style consultant.

    You guys have the substance, now it's time to focus on FORM.

    • American3P says:

      I like the hat myself. It is a matter of style. Never argue about matters of style or matters of taste. One cannot win!

      In a way I\’m glad he looks different. Everyone else looks the same.

    • Turn Out says:

      Nothing wrong with the hat. It is a very traditional style hat. The same one European Americans wore up and until the late 1950s. As long as people uphold themselves: people should be able to wear what they want.

      Me, I actually like the hat. It reminds me when I was in a rural area and an old farmer was selling fruit on the side of the road – he was wearing that same type of hat.

  4. Stepen says:

    I'm wondering how we can best get our message out and let people become aware that we exist. Perhaps we need to connect locally at meetings.

    • American3P says:

      You are right! It takes grass-roots activism! A table with banner and printed materials advocating our party, for example. In New York, we attend ethic events, such as Italian festivals or Polish festivals, even gun shows, to announce our message.

      Of course, internet activism also helps! I always post comments to local news articles and advocate our party that represents white American voters and issues of importance to us!

  5. sonicwhip says:

    Good thing this wasn’t shut down like American Renaissance Conference.

  6. Kiwi says:

    Are any of the talks available on mp3 yet? I'm looking around the website but haven't found anything yet.

  7. Crystal says:

    I am still viewing the video of the National Policy Institute's conference in DC. I am very happy that many of the speakers were positive and enthusiastic about our prospects for developing a White identity in our country. It has given me hope because so many times I feel that our race is falling deeper into an untenable situation.

  8. JamesinUSA says:

    I'm very happy to see our Directors promoting the A3P and sharing their wisdom and experience with the public and like minded people at this conference.

  9. sonicwhip says:

    I've been reading the NPI's articles for a long time now, im glad to see the A3P getting involved with them. is anyone in A3P attending this event? http://www.davidduke.com/general/european-america...