A3P Metro NY Hits the Airwaves in Support of Harry Bertram for Governor

Several A3P members from the Metro NY chapter recently advertised Harry’s campaign on a prominent WV radio talk show. We called and e-mailed Hoppy Kercheval during the “Steam Release” segment of his radio talk show on WAJR AM 1440.

On The AirWe kept our message simple: “Vote Harry Bertram of the American Third Position, the party of White America, for Governor this coming October. Check out Harry’s populist positions on critical issues such as immigration, the economy and the environment….” The host also read our e-mail on the air which mentioned Harry’s commitment to curbing unemployment.

Earlier in the program, the host was discussing recent polling data for the governor’s race. Hoppy presented the current percentages for both the Democrat and Republican candidates, leaving 20% of the vote presently undecided. We anticipate a strong showing for Harry on October 4.

We encourage fellow A3P activists to follow our lead by calling into popular radio talk shows throughout West Virginia.

“Who speaks for us?” “The American Third Position believes that government policy in the United States discriminates against whites, and that whites need their own political party to fight this discrimination.”

Consider giving $5.00, $10.00, or more today to the American Third Position. Help support the American Third Position and our web site!

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  1. GlobalMinority says:

    Keep up the good work. Best of luck to Mr. Bertram.

  2. JamesinUSA says:

    That's great work NY!