A3P Now Most Visited Party Website in U.S.

According to Alexa, the premier website for web-traffic metrics, the American Third Position has the most trafficked party website in the U.S, followed closely by the GOP, whose site has been online for over a decade. In only 4 months, the A3P has grown from but a small handful of people into a national network of growingly-sophisticated political activists.

With certainty, had the establishment not cut off all routes to the democratic process for those with differing opinions – aka Americans – this superior performance would be reflected in the composition of the body of politicians who determine the course of the nation.

As the political establishment continues to attack the American way of life, the party will inevitably grow stronger. The website ranking will follow accordingly.

A3P: 18,409
GOP: 19,544
DEM: 24,356
LIB: 24,423
GRE: 125,027
CON: 167,893

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  1. Mark Kent says:

    This news is good to here. But I am not a member as yet, as we all have seen so many 3rd party's form and begin to draw attention from Americans only to have them fall apart due to "agent provocatuers" that destroy from within for the benefit of the two controlled/approved party's!

  2. spiralsun1 says:

    This is very good news. This party is the party of perfection. I joined immediately because they seemed to align with my interests 100% — NOT the lesser of two evils, but a real CHOICE! Thank God for the A3P!!!

  3. Victoria says:

    "Let us speak courteously, deal fairly, and keep ourselves armed and ready."