A3P So Cal Goes Door to Door

Continuing its grassroots campaign to bring the A3P message to ordinary Americans, the Southern California A3P team again went door to door, reports organizer Brian Alexander.

“We ended up passing out well over 1000 fliers, and we had the opportunity to talk to quite a few of the folks who were out and about,” said Alexander, who has helped the team deliver tens of thousands of fliers to the Southern California community.

“Approaching people in and around their homes is a great way to introduce them to the American Third Position. The stress-free environment and relaxed approach of our team worked well, with quite a few people showing an interest in learning more about the party.”

With elections just around the bend and only the maintenance of the status quo to vote for, people were interested in what the activists had to say. Many wanted to vent their frustrations with a political establishment that continually ignores them even during the run-up to the election.

“We were sure to ask those with whom we made contact whether or not they had ever been visited by representatives of another party,” said Mitch Stevens, who participated in the campaign.

“None were. And so we were generally well-received upon asking them to consider learning more about the A3P.”

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  1. Dal says:

    "to the Southern California community." how about being more specific?

  2. Myke says:

    I'm spreading the word.

  3. Robert Jones says:

    SoCal is SoCool.

  4. Ramay says:

    I am a supporter, but in what neighborhood (if any), that reflects the neighborhoods most disenfranchised whites live in, did the "team" try to deliver the message? Did they visit via some some sort of sur name mailing list; or to some white, gated subdivision?

    By my own experience though, living in the dump that previously, White neighborhoods have become; mostly due to the ever growing governmental desire to over build onto previously segrigated (project) neighborhoods for profit and to mix, distort and redistribute racial influence for electoral reasons. I find it hard to believe these (although well intentioned) people enter the general, previously White dominated suburb (which is where most of us are stuck due to the oppresive housing market), and try to deliver the message. I know if they tried to deliver the "Whites rights" message door to door in my (recently destroyed White) neighborhood, they would be shut down (one way or another).