A3P State Chair Gets Last Word on Discrimination in PA

Steve Smith, A3P State Chair of Pennsylvania, has stolen the show at a recent taping of “Why Does NEPA [Northeast Pennsylvania] Hate?”

The show, a bizarre hodgepodge of questions and anecdotes about racism in Northeast Pennsylvania by a panel of NEPA ethnic-activists , quickly revealed itself as yet another forum for anti-white bigotry following a question from a woman in the audience who dared to ask why whites were not represented on the discussion panel.

The question was immediately dismissed by the panel but later addressed as Laurie Cannady, Associate Professor at Lock Haven University, explained that “we couldn’t represent every race….there are a lot of races missing…it’s an impossibility.”

“I teach at a predominantly white institution, and I constantly teach my students about white privilege,” added Cannady, who, lacking confidence in her previous explanation, attacked the idea that whites truly needed to be represented on the panel. “When did you find out you were white? I know when I found out I was black. I know when I had to teach my son that he was black.”

Her remarks were met with criticism by Steve Smith, who was in the audience. Smith introduced himself as, “the State Chairman for the American Third Position…an organization that advocates on behalf of white Americans.”

“White privilege?”, he asked. “That seems like a hateful term. Just because we’re white we’re privileged?” Smith continued, “The point I’m trying to make is that you say you teach white kids they’re privileged to be white. That’s instilling white guilt.”

Cannady mumbled, “I didn’t say that.”

Pennsylvania members and supporters can contact Steve Smith at

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  1. Bob Hudson says:

    White Privilege? We can't have Whites dominating their own governments and corporations in their own countries, because that would be "racist" and we must have affirmative action to fight it.

    Of course no one says Indians, Chinese, Japanese, Africans, etc should not dominate the governments and private sectors in their own countries.

    "Anti-racists" only combat this kind of privilege in White countries.

    Strange how the double standards only go in one direction.

  2. ocarts says:

    As a white American I have been victimized by racism 4 times in my life. Including being told not to walk on a particular street (right next to my parents house) because it’s a Latino only street. I've been passed up for promotions so the public school I work for could appear more "diverse" by promoting an ethnic individual. It's time for change.

    I'd like my kids to be proud of who they are and not feel they are second class citizens. When they go to school they see their classmates getting free breakfast, free lunches, free after school rides and after school programs. They ask me why they don't get the same. A lot of these same kids get free (tax funded) ESL courses so they will be bi-lingual and have better chances at getting jobs my kids won’t. How is this fair?

  3. JamesinUSA says:

    This concept of " Whiteness" that's being promoted by these so-called black intellectuals ( if ever there was an OXYMORON) and the privileges that it's supposed to afford our race is a 'RACIST' notion in and of itself.
    There are millions of whites, especially those of the middle and poor classes, who have achieved what they've gotten in life through their own efforts without any help of any Good Old Boy Network or Racial Affiliations.
    The comments of this woman on the panel, reveals the seething hatred that rest right under the surface of most of these black leaders.
    My hats off to Mr. Smith for a job well done.

  4. A3P Fan says:

    You are a true hero for our people Mr. Smith! Please keep up the great work – you are a true inspiration!

  5. tma_sierrahills says:

    "Laurie Cannady, Associate Professor at Lock Haven University, explained that 'we couldn’t represent every race….there are a lot of races missing…it’s an impossibility.'”

    Glad her web address was kindly tracked down and posted by someone here, because I thought maybe she meant to say that she was the Loch Ness Professor at New Haven University.

    Reminds me of the Chairman's wonderful encounter with the flummoxed U.S. Senators. This must be the worst nightmare for some of these people. Previously they could yammer on with their anti-white bigotry, or preside over our Capitol's crazed tea party of Orwellian political correctness and have the whole field to themselves, assured that if, on some rare occasion, they ran into an opponent it would likely be someone who seemed to have walked straight out of Hollywood Central Casting, ready-made for the Left's lampooning. Now they can never be sure when a calm, reasonable, common-sense, intelligent, articulate white citizen might simply step out from the crowd and directly challenge them and their batty indefensible ideas. And I'm lovin' it.

    • Bon of Babble says:

      Don't let your guard down, ever, around these people because the lefties are relentless and never give up (a page in their playbook we would be wise to emulate). They'll up their attacks and the media and DOJ are on their side, not ours. Law enforcement too most of the time.

      They'll change their tactics to suit their needs, up to and including including intimidation, threats of, if not actual physical violence and calls to your employer (ask Kevin Lamb).

      We would do well to study Alinsky's Rules for Radicals as well, the hard-left's rule book, which marxists live and swear by and has served them well. Here is one of the tactics they'll put to immediate use:

      8. Keep the pressure on, with different tactics and actions, and utilize all events of the period for your purpose.

      Lefties live by this credo.

  6. blaize27 says:

    Why does NEPA hate?

    Posted: February 5

    Updated: Today at 12:40 AM

    Local man is shot in home invasion

    By Jerry Lynott

    Business Writer

    BUTLER TWP. – One man was shot in what police said was a home invasion Friday night on East Foothills Drive.

    Otto McNab, 35, was taken to Geisinger Wyoming Valley Medical Center, Plains Township, for treatment of a gunshot wound to the upper chest and shoulder area, said Cpl. William J. Feissner. McNab’s injuries were not life threatening.

    McNab answered the door to his house around 5:40 p.m. and was confronted by one of the suspects, Feissner said. The suspect tried to rob McNab and the two struggled in the kitchen where one shot was fired, said Feissner.

    The shooter and another man might have driven away in a small green car, Feissner said. The house is located approximately one-half mile from the intersection with state Route 309.

    “We believe that the victim was at a local business where the suspects overheard him speaking with someone about a financial transaction,” and that may be why he was targeted, said Feissner. The officer would not comment on what was taken.

    The shooter is described as a black male, between 5 feet, 8 inches and 6 feet tall with a thin build. He was wearing a black sweatshirt, a red bandana and baseball cap with the emblem of the Oakland Raiders of the National Football League, said Feissner.

    The second suspect is also a black male around the same height, and wearing a black puffy, down jacket with a fur collar or hood, said Feissner.

    Anyone who might have seen anything suspicious in the area or anyone loitering is asked to contact Butler Township police at or through 911.

    Jerry Lynott, a Times Leader staff writer, can be contacted.

    And from a few weeks ago in Hazleton:

    Double homicide rocks city

    By AMANDA CHRISTMAN (Staff Writer)Published: January 17, 2011

    Video surveillance helped police capture one suspect in a “brutal” double homicide early Sunday, while second man remains at large.

    Angel G. Sanchez, 19, of 60½ N. Wyoming St., is currently in custody and was charged in relation to the killings, while Rodolfo A. Hiraldo-Perez, 24, whose last known address was 324 W. Second St. in the city, is still on the run while facing similar charges.

    Footage provided by a nearby business’s surveillance cameras detailed a violent, disturbing and “graphic” breakdown of what happened during the double homicide, which occurred around 1:46 a.m. on Sunday on Green Street, between Laurel and Wyoming streets, that claimed the lives of Vladimir Ruiz, 22, and Juda Hope, 23.

    “This was a brutal, brutal crime,” Luzerne County District Attorney Jackie Musto Carroll said at a press conference in Hazleton, about an hour before Sanchez was arraigned on various felony charges, including homicide.

    Musto Carroll said anyone with information on Hiraldo-Perez’s whereabouts is asked to call Hazleton police at. She also warned no one should approach Hiraldo-Perez, but instead call police.

  7. Briton says:

    A3P is a great organization. The activists involved with A3P dominate everyone in debates.

  8. Bon of Babble says:

    All Hail to you O Great One!

    Too bad you didn't get a chance to ask her to give specific examples of what constitutes White Privilege. What makes her an expert on White Privilege or the White Community for that matter?

    You could then ask her why, after 40+ years of LBJ's Great Society programs and trillions of dollars that were directly transferred from the White to the Black community, programs that were supposed to uplift blacks, why these programs have all failed. Why didn't they work?

    You could then ask her why, after 50+ years and trillions of educational dollars that were directly spent on blacks and black-specific programs to close the Achievement Gap the Achievement Gap today is as large as ever, if not higher?

    Remember also to think like your enemies do and use Alinsky's Rules for Radicals. This would be an apt rule : # 5. Ridicule is man's most potent weapon. It is almost impossible to counteract ridicule. Also it infuriates the opposition, which then reacts to your advantage.

    This has been used on Whites and Conservatives for years to great effect and it's high time to turn the tables.

    Although in this case, ridicule may elicit an assault if the audience is unfriendly and lefties won't hesitate to resort to violence as a tactics, which the media will justify and vilify you. Sigh. So predictable.

    Know that we silent ones support you with our donations.


  9. Sue says:

    My son had a black female English instructor in his first year of high school. Whatever she was "teaching" it wasn't English. I'm pretty sure white skin privilege means cough up the cash stupid and smile when you do it! Diversity is certainly not a strength.

  10. Jewish Hysteria says:

    This is her, http://www.lhup.edu/lcannady/
    Office: Raub 402
    Office Phone:

  11. Jewish Hysteria says:

    Wish i was there to give her a dose of so called "White Privilege" reality. These affirmative action looney tune academic racist black lefties have no grounding in current events. They all live 300yrs ago on the boat that brought them over here.

    I guess my "white privilege" stopped my father from killing himself when i was 10.

    I guess my "white privilege" got me a great warehouse job where i was fired for being white within the first week by a group of mexicans and a mexican boss. "watch me get this whiteboy fired" is what i overheard one of them say during my first day.

    I guess my "white privileged" bought me the car i lived in for 2years after losing my job, being stuck in day labor trying to make ends meet and save whatever i could to get on my feet.

    I guess my "white privilege" is explains my mother growing up in a state orphanage. Grew up, had a family and worked as a house cleaner for 30yrs busting her ass off living pay check to pay check supporting us all alone doing the best she knew how. She always had enough for some new shoes before school started. We can thank our "white privilege" for that.

    Thanks to my "white privilege" i've been overlooked for and even fired from jobs by black managers and interviewers when i was still struggling in the labor industry.

    Thanks to my "white privilege" i never got grants to go to college and get a "education".

    Thanks to my "white privilege" im a self made success who's had to hustle for every dollar i ever made. Own 3 companies… never taken out a single "loan".

    Thanks to my "white privilege" my sister was raped by a 16yr old mexican gang banger in highschool.

    Thanks to my "white privlege" i cant turn on the television for more then 5seconds without hearing about how im white.

    Thanks to my "white privilege" i get blamed for the ill's of humanity and slavery. Even though the American slave trade was run by a few British Banks and Corporations. Doesnt matter… "white people did it". Even if you're Russian, Italian, Finnish…. dont matter… "you did slavery". Doesnt matter that the Arabs have enslaved Africans for 2000yrs… upwards to 60million. 6 times more then the British Corps. No no… you're a "whiteboy"… "you did the slavery".

    Thanks to my so called "White privilege" i get instantly hated on thanks to a Jewish media who thrives on race baiting and twisting history around in the most childish ways.

    Thanks to my "white privledge" i cant talk about my culture and heritage with pride and interest without getting hated on and being called a "waaaaacist".

    Thanks to my "white privilege" i have to sit back and watch everything my people built and created for the last 10,000+years be over taken by the lowest forms of worldy backwardness and utter failure all for the sake of this imaginary bullshit term called "diversity". A term that isnt implemented ANY where else in the world, other then so called "White" nations.

    Hows the "diversity" in China? India? Japan? Nigeria? Pakistan? America and European nations are the most "diversified" in the world… yet these racist jews and racist blacks cry even louder for MORE "diversity". MORE MORE MORE! Why? because deep down, it had nothing to do with touchy feely "diversity".. it has everything to do with destroying Western Society and replacing it with themselves. Their hatred for Whites screams out between their conjured up academic bullshit jargon. No matter how much spin.. how much lawyer speak they attempt to spew… their hatred for so called "Whites" is blindingly apparent.

    Now i make 120k a year. Build all three companies from the ground up all by myself. Not a single person helped me. Not even family. No loan from the bank. No investors. Just hard work and saving.


  12. JohnG says:

    Laurie Cannady is an example of why we do not need black humanities professors. She is supposedly a professor of English, but instead of teaching her students the great works of literature written in English, the vast majority by whites, she teaches students about "white skin privilege".

    • BonofBabble says:

      Kudos to you O Great One!

      I’d like to see the “good” professor asked point blank to give examples of “White privilege!”

      She could then be asked why after 40+ years of LBJ’s “Great Society” programs and trillions of dollars of direct transfers (that continue to this day) from the White to the Black community, blacks have not been “uplifted” as LBJ’s programs promised.

      You could go on and ask why, after trillions of dollars poured into black schools and black-specific educational programs, blacks still score profoundly lower than White on every measure of academic success. hmmmmmm?

      All Praise to you M. Smith. Keep up the good work. We silent ones are here too afraid to speak out but we support you with our donations.


    • Bon of Babble says:


      I'm guessing she teaches black literature as American literature. I doubt she would touch any great works in the Western Canon — those are written by Dead White Privileged Males, don't you know.

      And BTW: The Western Canon is changing dramatically, great works are disappearing down the Memory Hold replaced with the likes of To Kill a Mockingbird, Bless me Ultima and other non-White lit.


  13. Bro. Wayne says:

    Anyways, just wanted to give you a thumbs up. Keep up the good work. If there is one thing in this world worth preserving, promoting and defending, it is White people obviously and hail to those who partake in the greatest idea this world has ever known.

  14. Native American says:

    Nice work. It's a shame Cannady didn't respond further to you.