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Help Elect Harry Bertram Governor!

Bertram2011 Campaign Volunteers needed to help out with petition for additional signatures to get on the ballot! Contact Harry Bertram HERE or give him a call (telephone number listed on his web site.)

This is a landmark candidacy for the A3P!  Help elect the nationalist A3P candidate, Harry Bertram, Governor of West Virginia, where he’ll represent the unique political interests of white Americans and to maintain the liberty, sovereignty, identity, culture, and way of life of the American people.

With a number of successful campaigns under his belt, and with his experience as campaign manager for other nationalist candidates, Harry Bertram has a real chance at winning.

Let’s band together and send Harry Bertram the resources he’ll need to win the contest. Together we can win.

Visit Harry Bertram’s web site !

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  1. Harry Bertram says:

    Independents and independent parties are the fastest growing segment of new registrants for the voter rolls.

    This shows that people are fed up with the so-called two party system.

  2. Harry Bertram says:

    Hard times bring Conservative times, America First Times , Nationalist Times.

    People from both parties will be listing and it is up to us to give the answers to Americas problems.

  3. Ronny says:

    I think the A3P will have a harder time pulling in Democrat voters, but I think it can be done if you stress anti-globalism and the loss of jobs to foreigners, illegals, and foreign countries. Also the disaster of nafta and free trade and foreign wars. The A3P can win by forming a coalition of disaffected union democrats, patriotic constitutionalist Republicans, and most importantly by reaching disaffected independents. The best way to reach independents is to stress reform issues like supporting term limits that 90% of Americans agree on. In that way, the A3P becomes as much a reform party that appeals to the masses as it is a pro-white party.

  4. Harry Bertram says:

    Radio ads are in the works.

  5. Jake says:

    Give'em hell, Harry!

  6. [...] would like to donate, help, or organize such things in your area. Please visit the A3P website. Harry Bertram 2011 | American Third Position __________________ Free press, Freedom of association, Freedom of thought, Freedom of speech, [...]

  7. Harry Bertram says:

    We are on the ballot .

    Now it is time to spread the word and get some votes.

  8. Lavard says:

    It feels like monongalia county is making you run around in circles. By the way vist A new third position party in Denmark.

  9. Harry Bertram says:

    No new info today maybe Tuesday.

  10. ZFect says:

    Hoping for the best!!I

  11. Harry Bertram says:

    We are now with in 40 signatures of getting on the ballot.

    Monongalia county has a lot of signatures that where marked invailed.

    So the Secretary Of States Office is reviewing the signatures to see why so many where bad.

    I feel we will come up with the 40 to make the ballot.

  12. Rita says:

    Can't wait!

  13. Harry Bertram says:

    The election office tells me that by Friday they should know something.

  14. Harry Bertram says:

    I checked in with the Secretary of States office Friday June 3.

    They are still checking the signatures and we now have 1680 good signatures .

    We are about 85 signatures away from making the ballot. We should know more by Monday or Tuesday.

    This is always the slow time of the year for political action and right now we are in the ‘wait and see’ mode.

    • Visiting says:

      The problem for any third party movement or politician (even for those who join the two-party system, but hold unique views) is not their ideals, but the lack of objectivity in the structures of American democracy. There is a lack of objectivity in the government and media, this lack of objectivity towards different views and ideas ripples down to voting Americans. Anyone who is different from the Dem vs Repub mainstream is immediately ostracized to the margins of the Democratic process. This is not just for white-activist, but for all third-parties. A break-through for the A3P is a break-through for Democracy, because for far-too long America has developed a closed-off political-system. The A3P represents a difference that is recognizable, and that is what the A3P should focus on. People need to be able to recognize their economic, social, cultural, enviornmental positions to really become open-minded to the A3P itself.

      • Visiting says:

        Thank You for being so brave for all of us. It is traditionally hard for white-Americans to make the leap you've made. We live in a society that is neither free nor fair for people that are politically and socially active for the civil rights on behalf of European-Americans.

        It really doesn't matter how well or how poor you do, what matters is that you were willing to do what few others are.

        The problems isn't the A3P, the problem is that not a lot of other groups are willing to represents our interest out of fear. Yes, there is fear, people are indeed afraid to really voice their concerns. A lot of people pretend they want nothing to do with your ideas and hide behind a media, government-constructed belief that the politically-correct moral high-ground is closer to the SPLC, Dems, Repubs than to the A3P. Many of these people are afraid now, but when folks (white activist) really start to kick the wall-in you'll see a turning-point. I hope that this turning-point is with Bertram. I hope white West Virgnians can put aside the DEM-REPUB for real issues.

  15. visiting says:

    I have to say that this campaign doesn't sound like it's picking-up enough traction. I am wondering what the A3P is doing, where Bertram is, and how active will this campaign will be?

    I read something about Hungary, one politcian from the Jobbik party in the course of a year made hundreds appearances in front the public, held political rallies, etc. I feel that the A3P hasn't been as active as it should (or at least not as publically active).

    Bertram has to be active in this campaign, but there is no way he can do it all by himself. He needs the support of the A3P. At this time in history the A3P has to be pro-active in leading the way, and if it's just going to fall back into inactivity, it will become as irrelevant as all the other white organizations who couldn't struggle to grow. Most organizations seem to want to grow into something large from their beginnings, without ever workings, but organizations can only grow with work, and lots of work. Running an organization is like running a businesses.

    • American3P says:

      Harry Bertram has been active collecting the required signatures to appear on the ballot for this special election. He hired several campaign workers. All signatures have been submitted. Approval is pending to appear on the ballot. We plan on increasing activism pending judgement from the Secretary. We should have more information the first week of June.

      • Visiting says:

        Thank You. I was just somewhat confused with the process of the campaign, because it appeared just from reading a few things that he was having trouble getting on the ballot. Obviously it's hard to determine everything so soon, but I hope he gets on the ballot and represents A3P as their first breakthrough candidate. He has to convince the people of West Virginia, though, but first to convince them he has to be known. People have to know of him to know of his ideas, and people have to not be biased at first glance and look at his politics as they would any Republican or Democrat.

  16. harry bertram says:

    Well Today is the last day. I took in 717 more signatures should know in two weeks if we are on the ballot or not.

  17. Harry Bertram says:

    Well it is hard to say how many more signatures we need.

    Buy the time they are all checked the dead line will have passed.

    Right now if all signatures are good we need 117.

    We will shoot for a couple hundred more and hope that does the trick.
    If not they keep the fileing fee and we lose out.

    It is a gamble and I am going to have to roll the dice!

  18. michigancreativity says:

    Excellent! Keep up the good work. Best of luck.

  19. JohnnyRock says:

    How many more signatures do you need?

    Keep up the great work! Wish i lived there so i could be of help.

  20. Harry Bertram says:

    I just collected another 560 signatures so this will go in the mail and be sent overnight.

    We are getting close and the dead line is the 20th. of May.

  21. Harry Bertram says:

    Update: I just mailed (overnight mail) 400 more signatures .

    By the end of this week end, I hope to have another 300 to 400 signatures to submit.

    Needless to say this thing is going to come down to the wire.

    Cross your fingers, say a prayer, and hope for the best.

    Working hard as always,

    Harry Bertram!

  22. Get in touch with me about helping out with petition for signatures to get on the ballot!

  23. White rights! says:

    I'm here in West Virginia, so will pledge both time as well as donation!

  24. Harry Bertram says:

    Well I just found out we need more not enough good signatures.

    Back to work here we go!!!!!

    • James_in_SoCal says:

      Thats garbage! You were over the 30% margin for bad/error signatures. You should have qualified. Unfortunately they only do a 'sampling' of the total signatures, never comfirming all of them. Wouldn't be the first time a 'sampling' failed to achieve the required percentage.

  25. Harry Bertram says:

    Signatures needed where 1765. We collected 2589 and should know today if we need more or if we are good to go.

    My web site is and it is also for the state A3P.

    You can get in contact with me through the web site.

  26. foxsnoozedotcom says:

    How many candidates are on the ballot?

    What are the requirements for ballot access in WVa?

  27. Mountaineer DJ says:

    Good job with all the sigs. I didn't know you were running. Is there a state A3P website/organization? LMK. You have my vote.

  28. all american says:

    When is the election?

    • American3P says:

      The 2011 West Virginia gubernatorial election is a special election, set to occur on October 4, 2011, to fill the office of the West Virginia Governor. The office became vacant upon the resignation of Governor Joe Manchin, who was elected to fill the seat of the late Robert Byrd in the United States Senate in 2010. State Senate President Earl Ray Tomblin, first in the line of succession, ascended to the governor's position in 2010. On January 18, 2011, the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals ruled that a special election for the office of Governor must be held so a new Governor can be in place by November 15, 2011, exactly one year after Tomblin took the oath of office.

  29. Harry Bertram says:

    Thanks guys we did a lot of work in petitioning to get on the ballot .

    Once we get the word from the state that we are on we will begin phase two of the campaign.

    A big thank you to all who are helping us in our fight to place America First!

  30. JamesinUSA says:

    I'll pledge $50 dollars Harry. I'll put it in the mail tomorrow.

  31. James_in_SoCal says:

    $5 to the cause!

  32. Christopher says:

    After reading the conservationist environmental policies and the economic nationalist policies at I donated $100 to his campaign. Good luck Harry, and I was encouraged to hear in a recent speech that William Johnson is considering a future electoral run.

  33. Brandon says:

    I donated $10 to show my support.

  34. American3P says:

    I put in $40.