Bill Johnson Issues “Activist Challenge” for Month of February

Speaking from behind an A3P activist stall at a mall in Burbank, California, where he and the So Cal team met to distribute fliers, Chairman Bill Johnson offered his members and supporters a challenge.

“I want to see increased participation on the part of both our membership and supporters,” said Johnson, between handing out fliers to curious passersby.

“During the month of February, members and supporters who agree to conduct a public outreach effort of their own will be sent, at the party’s expense,  the materials required to do.”

Johnson, who is married with 5 children, and who runs a successful law practice out of his downtown office, makes it a point to lead from the front and join the local activist team as often as possible.

Members and supporters interested in meeting the Chairman’s challenge are encouraged to email our activist coordinator at .

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  1. EinRand says:

    I only became aware of this site after reading a report at VDARE site by Kevin MacDonald's titled the Daily Show Adventure, and subsequently joined.
    I wonder how many more would join if given exposure.
    One way individuals can help get the word out is by using 'Join the American Third Party' as a signature in their posts online. If your posts are well reasoned and non ad hominem, they will eventually garner the attention of other like-minded people.
    One caveat however; do not use web addresses as many moderators have taken to censoring anything containing dot-com due to spam.

  2. Norseman says:

    Bill Johnson, primus inter pares! A salute from the old world.

  3. Brandon Darby says:

    That's a very smart idea for sure JamesinUSA if you sneakably do it but good luck.

  4. JamesinUSA says:

    I'm going to make it a point to keep our cities public library stocked with A3P literature.
    This can be done by leaving them around the newspaper and magazine section and by inserting them in selected books that might be popular to those more perceptive to our why of thinking.

  5. Brandon Darby says:

    Very good work keep it up.