Chairman’s Message: Lobbying for White Interests at the Highest Levels of American Leadership

These past few days have been busy ones, full of opportunities to lobby for white interests at the very highest levels of American leadership. I spoke at length (in person and on the telephone) with two presidential campaign managers, three subordinate campaign managers, one U.S. Congressman and eight U.S. Senators. In some of the conversations, we talked at length about the future of the white race, and in some of the conversations, I was only able to make a short statement.

The most interesting of my lobbying efforts occurred on January 5, 2011, at the Senate Oath of Office Receptions, held at the Capitol. Attendance at the receptions was generally sparse and the number of senators present, plentiful. As a result, it was uncommonly easy for me to access the senators directly. A summary of a portion of my lobbying efforts is written below:

Senator Richard Lugar (Indiana). I came up to Senator Richard Lugar as he was passing by me at a table. He was sporting a big, plastic smile, smug in his self importance. I shook his hand and said: “You know, Senator, I want to make a comment as someone from the peanut gallery. The white race is dying out. Will you take some action to promote the interests of white Americans?” Senator Lugar’s smile dropped immediately. His only comment was: “Good to see you” and he quickly passed me by.

Senator Al Franken (Minnesota). I caught Senator Franken pressing his chubby midsection up against a picked-over salad bar. It was at the final minutes of the reception and no one was around him. He was munching carrots when I approached. I said: “I wonder Senator, will Congress ever take action that is pro-white in scope? Will it ever form any associations or organizations that will look out for white interests?” Senator Franken’s demeanor was composed and relaxed. He appeared completely comfortable addressing this issue. He said: “No. Never. Look and the House and the Senate. It is virtually all white. There will never be a need for a white caucus like there is a need for a black caucus or an Hispanic caucus.” I said, “Well, what about when the whites become a small minority?” Sen. Franken’s comment: “That will never happen.”

Senator Chuck Grassley (Iowa). Senator Grassley seemed to be cut in the same mold as Richard Lugar–smug and cowardly. I came up to him, shook his hand, looked him in his eye and said: “Senator, the white race is dying out. What are you going to do about it?” He frowned and said: “Good to see you,” and walked on.

Senator Dan Coates (Indiana). Senator Coates was the first senator I spoke to about race (on this trip anyway–I lobbied Senator McCain in previous years). I spoke with Senator Coates awhile and I was impressed with his genuineness. After we parted, I thought, “why waste this opportunity? I should talk to him about our race,” so I re-approached him and said, “Senator, one thing I forgot to tell you, I am very concerned about the future for whites.” The Senator said, “What? I don’t understand.” I replied. “We need to do something to promote white interests. Whites are dying out. What will you do?” The senator replied: “Well, all my kids are having lots of children of their own.” I thanked him for what is really the most important comment any leader could make. All whites should have large, strong families. Good for Senator Coates.

Senator Mike Lee (Utah). Of all the senators I lobbied, Senator Lee’s reaction was the most disappointing. He had just finished an interview with a reporter. He was standing with his wife and two children when I approached. As you may know, this man comes to the Senate with the most expectations from both the tea party activists and anti-immigration activists alike. Publicly he has proposed some positive things. I said to the newly sworn-in Senator: “I just want to say that I am pleased that Mormons like you have large, white families. The white race is dying out and the Mormons are helping to stop that.” Both he and his wife turned red-faced and looked at me like I was a freak. He said: “Nice to meet you. Good day.” That was it.

Senator Orin Hatch (Utah). I made the same comment to Senator Hatch that I made to Senator Mike Lee. Senator Hatch looked dignified and stately. His response to me was: “Well, Mormons stand for many good things.” I tried to prolong the conversation but he would not go into detail at all.

Senator John Thune (South Dakota). Senator Thune was the most difficult senator for me to approach, not because he was surrounded by people, but because his presence is so large. He is very tall, imperiously slim, impeccably dressed and handsome. His wife at his side was beautiful and their two daughters were stunning Nordic angels. I chatted with his wife for a while, before I could get the courage to approach this man. I stated, “Sir, the white race is dying out. We must do something to save it.” His response was simple: “I hear you man. Thanks.” I hope he did hear me and was not just repeating a pat phrase.

I spoke at length with other statesmen that day, but this is all I am able to disclose. My final comment on my lobbying effort is this: I was not smooth or artful, but I was direct. I do believe that this is the first time any of these Senators have ever been approached by a pro-white advocate before. It can only have a positive effect on them. Many more of us must seek such opportunities and seize the day.

I urge everyone reading this to get involved to save our people.


William Johnson,
Chairman A3P

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  1. Rose says:

    I wrote a short note to Fox News to ask if there are any lobbyist for the European -Americans
    to protect our rights. Since there is a lobbyist for Africian American, and Hispanic & Asian
    people. If not why? I also once heard that discrimination does not apply to the European
    Americans, just to other ethnic people.

  2. myke says:


  3. Seth Shannon says:

    there's NO time to lose. Our website was dedicated to Fathers Rights, but; this issue is far more important. We must begin organizing and taking action quickly. It's my estimate; things must happen within the next 2 years.

  4. EinRand says:

    I disagree with the premise.

    I maybe wrong, but I believe that the total number of people of European decent has increased over time, yet as a percentage of total world population it has become dwarfed. The fact that there exists no all white nation or homeland for whites – only adds to my alarm, as anyone can attest to the fact that the percentage of non whites in any given geographic area is a direct correlate of a mal-functioning western civilization.

    The subject of the promotion of equal rights for those of European ancestry would be better raised for discussion if the topic of discrimination against white peoples were broached first. Most people with whom I've had conversations suffer from the misperception that those who are against the invasion of the U.S. by those that do not share western values do so because of skin color and not because crime rates (i.e. the number of white Americans killed each year), or reverse discrimination

    Most liberals I know seem to think it's all about skin color, as opposed to crime rates. Most are wont to fathom that most inter-racial crime is black on white. see 'the color of crime'. Whites have a right to life – we do not seek the subjugation of others, only our right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness – none of which is possible given our choice of two political parties bent on a multkulti experiment gone horribly wrong. The Dem. and Repub. party have become flip sides of the same evil coin.

    The American Third Party will never garner enough support as long as we do not have run off elections, i.e. first round people vote for their favorite candidate, then second round people vote for one of the two most popular. As it stands, few will vote third party because of their fear that Barry Sotero would benefit again. People are scarred whitless at the idea that this communist demagogue could be re-elected.

  5. P.C says:

    When will Bill Johnson visit the House of Reps?

  6. John says:

    Dario, you should open a branch in Conn yourself. I don't mean that in an antagonistic way, just something you should consider. It has to start somewhere.

  7. Zfect says:

    Very insightful story.Thanks for standing up for us, I can not thank you enough.

  8. Dario Gagliano says:

    Thank you so much for what you have done. I know it must take great courage, and I'm honored to know you're doing this for us.

    Please open a branch of this party here in Connecticut! We desperately need you guys here!

  9. ---Tom--- says:

    That's how you do it. Personally, I wouldn't have played the Mormon angle as the representative of a California based White political association. But, for a Mormon that might work, and I'm not a Mormon.

    Often all it takes is being seen, and a few polite, but, to the point words. The choice of the word "White" was excellent. Sometimes all it takes is one word.

  10. Michael says:

    I would like to thank you for your courage in approaching these people in such a manner. We need more suit and tie organizations standing for the interests of the white people. Too many are just there for shock value, and not for any actual improvement of our dire situation. Mormons are good for one thing when they are white, and that is having lots and lots of babies that know how to behave.

  11. john says:

    Interesting tactic to resort to. I'm sure that most of the politicians you encountered were taken aback by your comments. However, it is very possible they harbor the same viewpoints. Sometimes it takes a brusque approach to snap people out of the fantasy world they occupy. However, I don't think any major changes will come from that group of people. They are interested in maintaining the status-quo and promoting White interests does not coincide with that status-quo.

    Btw, wikipedia lists this organization as neo-fascist. I really don't think that is an accurate assessment of this party and should probably be changed.

  12. crusader88 says:

    What courage, Sir! I applaud you!

  13. Johnny Rock says:

    Wow! Very impressive! Thank you, sir! Thank you! We need more people like you!

  14. klaos says:

    First, thank you for your work, what you did was admirable. Our politicians must be trained to acknowledge white ethnic identity, and taught that voting in our interest can be rewarding come election time.

    Here's a bit of constructive criticism. Based on your language, I get the impression that you look on our elected representatives with a certain amount of respect and veneration. This is misplaced. They are traitors and thieves.

    As you mention, they've almost certainly never been lobbied in the explicit interest of white/european-american people. This is a wonderful precedent.

  15. Native American says:


    Just as Gandhi won freedom for India, America shall have its freedom.

  16. Sorin says:

    Those establishment elites bet on nothing major happening in the near future. So they are pretty much secure being the tools they are for their own interest. Which they are right unless we prove them wrong.
    And for that a stronger conversation will be needed. I think.
    Any politics that does not start with and has the main goal the protection of White tribes it is treason to us. White men should be empowered to be able to fight and protect the living space.
    For that we need real leaders. Men that are not afraid to die if need be.

  17. JamesinUSA says:

    People like Franken,would bring up the fact that whites make-up a majority of our congress. But what good is to have a majority when those in congress are essentially devoid of any racial consciousness whatsoever, and in fact, go to great lengths to be as race neutral as possible except when it comes to giving preferences and recognition to other racial groups. It would probably be better to try to appeal to the more conservative leadership since more of their constitutes are white.
    The message should be.. ' Stop taking your base for granted! '

  18. Native American says:

    Wow. Mr. Johnson, you have courage.

    It sounds like you were getting Pavlovian responses. Al Franken of course doesn't have to fear being labeled as a "racist", so he didn't produce a bark.

    Anyway, excellent work!

  19. Mike Mulkern says:

    As a father of 4, I would just like to thank you for standing up, and speaking out.
    Keep up the good work.

  20. Mark says:

    I doubt I would have the same reverence for what you did if you would have done it trying to be "smooth or artful." It gets really tiresome to watch the political puppet show where everything is geared toward giving public officials a way to excuse away their apathy. Quite frankly, they don't deserve smooth, they deserve verbal blunt force trauma.

    The very second you mention White People in political terms, a lot of these politicians immediately short circuit. Being as direct as you were, it gives those who actually give a damn about White people a quick and easy reference, without having to sift through the monotonous garbage that flows from the mouths of many of our so-called representatives.

    Do you care about White people? That's the only question I care about at this point. Once I know a person's answer to this very simple question is a resounding NO, I have no reason to hear anything else from them.

  21. JamesinUSA says:

    I like using 'white' for the sake of brevity.But in a formal setting, such as speaking to congressmen etc, I can see where using European-American might recieve a better
    response, as well as it being more fair.
    It's irritating to have a T.V. personality refer to blacks as African-American, and yet use
    use the term 'white' in describing our people in the same breath.
    But that being said, I feel Mr. Johnson is doing a wonderful job!

  22. davd says:

    I also perfer the term.. "European American" It gives a person a sense of culture, meaning and accomplishment.

  23. bob says:

    Perhaps you should use the term European-American or Euro-American. You could also talk about how the European-American Working class is woefully neglected.

    • AMERICAN says:

      ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!!!!!!!!!



      • Victoria says:

        I think bob was suggesting to use "European-American" instead of "white." Because Mr. Johnson specifically asked the Senators about issues facing whites.

        I prefer "White American" or "authentic American" or instead of "Euro-American." It's a contentious subject.

        Mr. Johnson was very savvy to gain access to the event, and very courageous to bring up the topic of white people.

  24. Bon of Babble says:

    Thanks you for standing up for us, you are a brave soul!

    1.) Do we need to start a defense fund for you?

    2.) Do you have a bullet-proof vest?

    Please take care. And again, thank you for standing up for us, for those of us who cannot speak out lest we lose our careers and pensions.