Enthusiastic Reception of A3P Activists at Scranton Tea Party

A team of American Third Position activists, led by Pennsylvania Party Chairman Steve Smith, presented the A3P perspective on the issues that concerned a crowd of Scranton Tea Party conservatives: taxation, government spending, and proper representation.

The activists attended a Tea Party on October 10 at the Lackawanna Court House in downtown Scranton, PA.

The policies and platform of the A3P were effectively delivered to the event attendees through personal conversation and the distribution of party literature.

“We explained that the A3P was formed to represent white Americans, who have been denied representation for decades,” said Mr. Smith.

“The A3P will cut programs that encourage unproductiveness, and paired with our policy toward immigration, will end  the benefits that encourage illegal aliens to stick around against our wishes. We will also put a cap on government spending.”

“The A3P believes in a policy of protectionism rather than globalization and will nurture start-up businesses, foster growth in existing businesses, and protect against unfair imports.

“The Tea Parties are fertile ground for our activists,” he continued. “Tea Party supporters and the A3P share much common ground with regard to our political agendas.”

“Through our face to face conversations and literature distributions, our activists brought our message to the Tea Party supporters.”

“We provided them with a true alternative to the typical dead-end conservatism with which so many of these concerned and partially awakened Americans are involved.”

“So many patriots find themselves supporting any group or organization which challenges the evil nature of the current corrupt establishment, even if they do not touch on the true issues,” stated Mr. Smith.

“Based on the very enthusiastic reception of the Tea Partiers to our message, the A3P provides the answers they need.”

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  1. Simpson says:

    Nice work guys. You're doing what the Tea Party should be doing, which is reaching out to the Tea Party members on the issue of illegal immigration.

  2. JamesinUSA says:

    A recent poll revealed that a majority of American voters would like to see a viable third party come into being. American attitudes are changing faster than even I thought possible which means that A3P has a chance to make a historical mark in our nations future.

  3. American3P says:

    Great work, guys and gals. You all do the A3P proud.

  4. Eds says:

    Scranton and similar towns have been decimated by leftist and free (fraudulent to American workers) trade globalist economic policies. Lets get american companies putting American workers back to work, not Mexicans in Mexico and Chinese in China!

  5. Robert Jones says:

    Way to go Steve and the PA crew.