First Organizational Meeting of the West Virginia Chapter of the American Third Position a Success

 The West Virginia Chapter of the American Third Position held their first organizational meeting outside Wheeling, WV on February 12, 2011.

The meeting attended by about a dozen A3P members and activists from West Virginia and neighboring southwestern Pennsylvania was declared a success by WV Party State Chairman Harry Bertram.

In addition to being the A3P Chairman for the state of West Virginia, Harry Bertram ran in the non-partisan Board of Education electoral race in Monogalia County, West Virginia in 2010 with the support of the American Third Position.

“As a result of the publicity and success with our presence in the election process last Fall, we have managed to bring in an good number new people into the organization that want to be active and get involved”, stated Mr. Bertram.

“The message that we delivered in our massive literature distributions and radio advertisements was well received.  Additionally, we engage in a great deal of face to face networking with the people of West Virginia”, continued Mr. Bertram, “and this has generated an overwhelming number of  public interest in the region for what the American Third Position stands for and what it seeks to accomplish.”

“Our first meeting was primarily organizational and introductory”, said Harry, “We want to set up a basic structure for our group and lay out some goals to work toward.  Obviously it was an excellent opportunity to meet other members face to face and build a relationship with them.”

Harry concluded by saying, “This meeting was a positive milestone in the development of the American Third Position in the region.  The fact that we have grown significantly in the last several months is a demonstration of the reality that the people want an organization the represents the political interests of White people in America.”

The West Virginia Chapter of the American Third Position under the leadership of Harry Bertram has set out to make its presence known through intensive activism and networking and they encourage members elsewhere to do the same so that we can bring the A3P message to all of America.

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  1. mac says:

    we need a chapter here in St. Cloud and Kissimmee Fl. And in Orlando Fl. I know alot of people are wanting to join.

  2. Harry Bertram says:

    Tennesse has easy ballot access laws.

    Once you get a few trusted people together then pick one who is willing to place their name on the ballot.

    If nothing else it is good practice and has recruitment value.

  3. Brandon Darby says:

    Very good and now we need to get an A3P chapter going in Tennessee preferably around Nashville,TN.

    • Paddy Corcoran says:

      I am planning on moving to that area (currently in Delaware). If you are involved in forming a Nashville chapter, please keep in touch with me. I personally feel a chapter of this party would fare better in a state like Tennessee rather than a blue state like Delaware.

  4. Harry Bertram says:

    We plan on more literature hand outs and up coming running people for public office.

    Stay tuned!