“Harry Bertram has a way of standing out…”

From The Charleston Daily Mail:

A Miami Dolphins football fan, Harry once snagged a ticket online to a Dolphins-Tennessee Titans game. But the ticket put him on the Titans side. His neighbor was puzzled.

“The guy kept asking me. “What are you doing here?’ I said, ‘Well, that’s where my ticket was.’ But he didn’t hassle me, he was pretty nice.”

For the most part, Bertram’s views are traditional conservative — smaller government, lower taxes.

He has run for office as a Republican and attended tea party rallies, where he was warmly received.

He is an ordinary guy who runs trains and likes the Dolphins.

Except there’s one difference he’s happy to point out.

“I’m not out of the ordinary, though I have a special knack in there for pointing out I think white people are being discriminated against. I think that should be addressed.”

The discrimination takes such forms as affirmative action. “Do away with that. It should be based on performance and ability, not somebody’s race.”

Harry Bertram for GovernorHe often uses the phrase “America first,” and his radio ad explains it this way: “Our jobs are being exported overseas, while multiculturalism and immigration are destroying America’s heritage. It’s time for a new direction. Vote Harry Bertram for governor because we must secure a future for White America and our children.”

Bertram is the first West Virginia candidate for the fledgling American Third Position party — the A3P.

“The A3P came into existence and they approached me, wanting me to be the West Virginia chairman. Being I had political experience and was pretty much aligned with these guys, I said OK.”

Bertram’s political experience includes unsuccessful runs for the House of Delegates in 2006 and 2008, and the Monongalia County Board of Education twice in 2010, when the original winner stepped down, setting up a special election.

The A3P ratified its constitution in November 2009. Its chairman is an international corporate lawyer with a law degree from Columbia University. Three of its five directors have doctorate degrees. It describes itself as “both a political party and activist organization dedicated to the interests vital to the preservation and continuity of ethnic European communities within the United States of America.”

A3P’s mission is “to fill a tremendous need in the United States today by providing the leadership and elected representatives necessary to return our nation to its rightful owners — by liberating it from the ‘banksters and gangsters’ who are ruthlessly plundering our American blood and treasure.”

Bertram explains: “A white nationalist is somebody who loves their race and is willing to do something preserve it. It means putting America first. Stay out of foreign entanglements. … It’s gotten to the point where it’s bankrupting our country.”

America’s debt and deficit spending is so severe, he said, entitlements such as welfare and Social Security are in peril. “If you cut just about everything in the budget, you still won’t be able to balance the budget.”

A3P’s 12-point platform mixes environmentalism, conservative economics, and America-first foreign and domestic policy with tough stances on crime and a drive to reignite the space program.

Bertram gathered 3,760 signatures — well above the required 1,765 — in all 55 counties, according to reports. He hired help and recruited friends to gather signatures.

He said he knows it takes a special kind of person to do the job — you can’t be shy. “I’ll ask anybody. I don’t care if it’s the biggest liberals in town.”

One of his friends demonstrated democracy in action, approaching people known to lean left. They told the friend, “I know who Harry Bertram is. There’s no way in hell I’m voting for Harry Bertram.” But they signed the paper to get him on the ballot.

Born in West Virginia, Bertram, 51, served four years in the Army and a chunk of his life across the border in Ohio. “I could look right across the river, there was West Virginia.” He re-crossed the river in 1990, a relationship — long since ended — and a job bringing him to Maidsville.

Bertram has been a railroad engineer and conductor for 13 years, and works for CSX. He lives in Maidsville with his wife of five years. “I try to keep my family out of the light in political stuff.”

Bertram was the only one of the five gubernatorial candidates to refuse a meeting with The Dominion Post Editorial Board. The reason, he said, was that he didn’t appreciate the manner of questioning his nationalist views, and how they differ from supremacist views.

Bertram defines a supremacist as someone devoted to dominating others. The A3P advocates the right of free association without compulsion.

The talk orbits around to the A3P again. Asked if America should stay out of all foreign affairs, he focuses on places such as Iraq and Afghanistan — what he considers no-win situations. In Afghanistan, the British came and went, the Russians came and went, and America will soon leave.

“We don’t want to go out and police the world. War’s a big business. There’s a new boogeyman every month. … Nationalists tend to want to stay focused on their country; internationalists want to go around the world and get in all these conflicts,” Bertram said. “There’s so many problems that need to be fixed in this country.”


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  1. Harry Bertram says:

    We are picking up new people in West Virginia.

    There are a couple that might want to run for local offices.

    We will have to have a meeting and see who wants to do what.

  2. Harry Bertram says:

    In Monongalia County, which is where I live, my name is at the bottom of the ballot.

    This should be different in every county to make name placement on the ballot fair.

  3. Voter Turn Out says:

    Here is where you might want to go to find out election results come election day. Seems that Bertram is last on the list. I wonder if he will be at the bottom of names when people vote?


    • American3P says:

      Thanks for the link! Anyone can now follow the results as they are posted.

    • sonicwhip says:

      It figures they would put Harry’s name at the bottom of the list.

      I think these last few days the campaigning should be increased! Maybe you won't be allowed to campaign outside of the voting locations but you should find a strategic position where a majority of people would be walking in to vote.

  4. sonicwhip says:

    Right now most white Americans in WV are still stuck in the early 2000s mindset where they still believe everything is going great in America and whites have it the best! This is why they choose to remain in the ‘republicrat’ ping-pong game. The A3P has to hit an area were white people are losing everything they have and are facing the worst type of non-white violence and discrimination. Those white Americans are the ones more immune to the SPLC/ADL propaganda and are fed up with the current system and would be more willing to vote for a new party and are desperate for change.

    Once these white Americans are awakened to the fact that the two parties are working for each other and against us than it will be a sure win for the A3P!

  5. Turn Out says:


    Bertram will need to gain at least 5%. I believe 5% for a third party is a sign that your party is establishing themselves, because more often than not, those who may agree with your party would vote for one or the other of the 2 parties,(Dems or Reps), before they'd vote for a third party. So, getting 5% means that a significant % of people were willing to vote knowing that their vote may not matter much. I believe that the A3P should and could do a lot better than 5%, and that all depends on voter turn-out and how the A3P gets it's voters to the booth. The A3P needs to get their activists in WV in time for the election, to hand out material not only now and up to the day before election, but also right up until the election itself. Activists need to be at the voting booths handing out literature to voters before they vote.

    • American3P says:

      I doubt if electioneering laws will permit activists within 50 feet of voting booths!

      Also, it only takes 10% of the population to change the views of the remaining 90%. Don\’t expect things to reverse for white Americans. Sooner or later white Americans will realize the power of ethno-politics and voting as a group!

      • Turn Out says:

        Early voting begins todays, and with weeks away, now is a good time for the A3P team and Harry Bertram to encourage his supporters to go and vote. I would like to see the A3P do well.

        The thing about coming in third or fourth and winning a substantial percentage of votes is that you make the dominant parties take notice and put pressure, you also help organize an aware and active political community for white interest. So, even if A3P candidates never breakthrough (it takes time to learn and build), which I think they eventually will, they become a political force and lobby those who do have power.

        • American3P says:

          Harry Bertram has been making TV appearances and conducting interviews throughout West Virginia as we speak. Also, I don't expect things to improve for white American voters. Eventually most white Americans will appreciate the value and necessity of ethno-politics and the importance of voting as a unit, a MAJORITY unit.

          • Turn Out says:

            Harry Bertram. I am interested in knowing more.

            What is the the plans for the State party, especially for local senate and house races?

            I'm not talking about getting people elected to Washington, but getting people elected to State government. I know Governorship is considered a local or State office, but is actually more important because it represents the face of the State to the world, just like a Senator represents the face of the State / district to the rest of America?

            If you find that there exist a good number of support for the party out of this election, what will the A3P do to continue growing the party in the State? Not just for Governor, but for more local post? Will more West Virginians besides Bertram be willing to run?

          • Voter Turn Out says:


            I am actually asking Harry Betram this question since he is the local State A3P party leader. Will A3P become part of the State's political discourse or is this a one time attempt? Will it just disappear after this attempt?

            I hope not, because I have seen such attempts before by nationalist, and I think that those people and parties (Populist party, and old American Independent Party) have hurt nationalism more than extremism ever did, because people came to expect that “nationalist” politics aren’t serious and that they will just go away and have no chance at being elected after a one-time bid for office.The A3P must establish itself and not just be a one time contender, meaning people can vote for the A3P-list and associate with the party year after year.

            Don't get annoyed with me asking questions are telling my advice.

          • American3P says:

            The intention of A3P is to get as many candidates running for office every election and in every state! This requires State party growth and new members. We have a member, Ralph Brandt, running for office in Arizona. Persistence pays.

            Also, you should contact Harry at

  6. Turn Out says:

    It is going to be a tough election for the A3P. Early voting starts next week.

    It seems that the Dem and Reps have squeezed the system again into favoring their continued domination. Politics is always a hassle, but is truly a sham when all other political parties and candidates outside the 2-party system are ignored and kept from public view. Main stream media’s focus on the 2-party option makes it seems like voting Democrat or Republican is our only option.

    Democrats are leading 46% to 40%. That means there is as little as 14% support for the other 5 (or so) candidates (including Bertram). The Mountain party is an established West Virginia party and will likely do well. Polls are usually misleading, but again it will be tough.