James Edwards Joins A3P Board of Directors

The American Third Position is pleased to announce the addition of James Edwards to its Board of Directors. Mr. Edwards brings with him a great deal of real-world experience, having been acquainted with the political process during both his campaign for office and his drive to help build a pro-American political party. He is, perhaps, best known for his award-winning and highly-influential radio program, The Political Cesspool.

Mr. Edwards’ uncompromising positions on maintaining a nation marked by liberty, sovereignty, and a connection to its own past has won him the respect of his community, his peers, and even his political rivals. In his own community of Memphis, Tennessee, he is recognized by the city as “Honorary City Councilman”. Stemming from the positive effect of his radio program, he is further honored for “outstanding contributions to the community”. His lightning-quick wit and expert commentary on current affairs has won him a number of appearances on CNN.

His position within the Nationalist community in America offers the potential to greatly expand the breadth of the network of the party, and his hands-on experience lends itself to providing leadership in contesting seats and further organizing the party into a force to be reckoned with.

It is with great pleasure that we welcome him to the Board of the American Third Position.

–Statement from James Edwards–

I seldom have the time to take on new projects due to a hectic work schedule and a plate that routinely overflows.  I was, however, compelled to take a closer look when the leadership of the American Third Position contacted me about serving as a Board Member.

As some of my fans are sure to know, I got my start in the America First movement over a decade ago when I was working to build an alternative political party to the Republican and Democrat duopoly.  While that experiment didn’t exactly work out as we had hoped, the broken road did pave way for me to run for elected office myself and, ultimately, create a nationally syndicated radio program.

While I will certainly continue to perform my duties as a talk radio host, I couldn’t resist an opportunity to return to a first love, if you will, by joining a party that has the components necessary to make a legitimate impact at the ballot box.  The journey will be arduous and filled with peril, but what in life worth having doesn’t come only after having worked ceaselessly to obtain the desired result.

American Third Position is right on the issues and offers the dispossessed majority a legitimate voice that they can trust.  Its leadership is battle-tested and a perfect storm seems to be on the horizon that would allow just such a party to make an immediate impact.  I encourage you to join with me and let your voices be heard by fighting for something greater than yourselves.
The reclamation of America’s Destiny.  Nothing less will be satisfactory.  Do your part by joining the American Third Position today.

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  1. Cleve Pate says:

    James, I'm glad to see you involved in this endeavor. It's important the truth remains a solid unit rather than dispersed into tiny stones of partial realities. Blending in may be the norm, but that blend eventually results into a solid background of invisibility. The American United States as an original idea is either viewed as the Mother Land or a prostitute. We view it in the premier state and refuse association with those who see it otherwise. It cannot be viewed properly, or as intended, unless viewed through the rose colored glasses of Western Eurocentrism. Our adversaries are not capable of that academic excercise, and therefore by proxy we are the only answer for continuation of that elevated ideal. Remember, forward fight, not one step back!

  2. Chechar says:


    An American BNP… What a blessing! Didn’t Nick Griffin say that in race, as a subject, America is “the dormant giant”?

    All the best!


    P.S. See my today’s entry in my blog.

  3. Curtis says:

    James, I am stumbled across the party and am ecstatic to have found it. Our very own BNP. Thank you so much joining James. You will give this party the weight it needs to pick up steam.

  4. California Schemin' says:

    Wow! This party just gets better by the minute! Johnson, Mac Donald, and now Edwards on the board of directors! This is like a dream come true! Yahoo!

  5. Ryan says:

    This is wonderful news!

  6. Great says:

    James Edwards joining can really help the A3P he has a radio show that can help reach thousands of people especially here on the East Coast and the South.