Next A3P Candidate Steps up to the Mark: Harry Bertram for Monongalia, WV, Board of Education

The next in what promises to be a long line of A3P-endorsed patriots to stand for public office has been announced: Harry Bertram has declared his candidacy for the Monongalia Board of Education in West Virginia.

Mr. Bertram’s campaign will be focused on preserving traditional values and keeping taxes as low as possible.

I want to make sure taxpayer money is spent appropriately,” Mr. Bertram said. “The $45 million Comprehensive Educational Facility Plan (CEFP) is more than the taxpayers can handle. I want to see renovations at current schools as opposed to building new ones.”

Mr. Bertram’s first priority is to stop the process to construct a new school along Mileground Road. “We also need to check the budget and have a say in the choice of textbooks used by students,” he said.

I will work with school board members and the school community in developing programs and strategies that will engage all students in the learning process.

I will strive to provide teachers and students with the necessary tools required for helping them to reach their full potential in becoming positive contributors in society and good citizens in their communities,” Mr. Bertram said.

He is already a well-known campaigner in his local area, and drew attention at a recent tea party rally at which he wowed the crowd.

The campaign to get Mr. Bertram elected is already in full swing, and last Saturday saw activists out distributing flyers at a college football game in Morgantown.

Anyone wishing to help with Mr. Bertram’s campaign can reach him at P.O. Box 88, Maidsville, WV 26541, or by phone at .

The A3P plans to run more and more candidates for all offices in due course, said party chairman William Johnson.

I am pleased and heartened by the campaign efforts and ensuing results in N.H.” Mr Johnson said, referring to the campaign there which drew 11 percent of the vote in a Republican primary.

It is through these incremental efforts by the dedicated faithful that we will eventually awaken our people and secure a future for our children in this country,” Mr. Johnson said.

The time is ripe for change.  We no longer need fear calumny from timid or misguided elements of society.  We will forge ahead.  In the next election cycle, these efforts will be duplicated by 20, then 100 and more.  We will then see success and it will be success at all levels.

I urge each of you who read this to plan to run for office. Stand for office and encourage your spouses, relatives, and friends to do the same.  Let’s redouble our efforts.  I look forward with great anticipation to see who will be the first one of our own to win an election,” he said.

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  1. sonicwhip says:

    hey guys if you see a button that says "donate" on the top of the A3P site umm yea….. click it!!!

  2. Joe says:

    It is so important to awaken our peoples' dormant sense of community and community action and organization. We really need to work on the ability to call and mobilize our communities to work more efficiently, quickly and effectively than organizations like the NAACP, LARAZA, JDL and other non white interest groups and organizations. We have the numbers. The Tea Part has proven that. We need to figure out a way to move them away from their TVs, and free them from their false sense of security. They need not fear government reprisals for speaking the truth, for being pro white and standing up for their ethno national interests.

  3. American3P says:

    Fantastic news. I can't wait to get started.

  4. robert jones says:

    The storm clouds are gathering and a distant rumble can be heard from across the nation.

    Brave individuals such as Mordough and Bertram represent only the point men of a vast and irrepressible WN army arising to secure the basic human rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, guaranteed to our people by the U.S. constitution.

  5. Ryan J. Murdough says:

    Go Harry!