No Civilization Has Survived the Demographic Transformation to Which America Is Being Subjected, A3P State Leader Tells Council of Conservative Citizens

No civilization in history has survived the sort of demographic transformation to which America is being subjected, American Third Position New Jersey State Chairman Alex Carmichael told a recent Council of Conservative Citizens chapter meeting in Washington DC.

Speaking to several dozen people, Mr. Carmichael said that the cities of the northeastern U.S. which were “once at the forefront of American innovation and industry” have “since become a crude melting pot for Third World invaders.”

Fortunately, Mr. Carmichael said, European Americans have an “extraordinarily high concentration of the best of our people in this area. The Northeast corridor is rapidly becoming one of the most challenging parts of the country, much like our party’s flagship operation in Southern California,” Mr. Carmichael said.

We represent the pioneering spirit of our European forbears who collectively asserted our interests on this continent and are fast becoming the authoritative voice on European American matters in the same way that the NAACP speaks for blacks and La Raza for mestizos,” he continued.

The accomplishments of the A3P over the last several months gives us great confidence in the future of the party. Amongst other things, we have received enthusiastic support at Tea Parties around the mid-Atlantic, garnered multiple inquiries at ethnic festivals where we network and distribute A3P literature, and our tabling and door-to-door outreach successfully presents a human face to those who we wish to reach for our common cause.

We are involved in electoral activities, promoting candidates working on behalf of our people, especially Harry Bertram who is running for a County Board of Education seat in West Virginia,” Mr. Carmichael said.

After his speech, a spirited question and answer session followed which featured a number of other issues such as legal aid, the need for individual entrepreneurship, and the protection of the environment.

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  1. SharonH says:

    As someone with a degree in historical studies, I have known for quite some time that as soon as an empire or nation begins to transform its genetic makeup, it is the beginning of the end.

    People always ask "Why study history?". Well, one of the reasons is that it helps one to understand how certain dynamics work and what the end result is going to be. The problem is we seem to learn nothing from the past.

    As Mr. Carmichael has pointed out, our once glorious cities have become third-world hellholes. Our beloved Nation is rotting from within. Until more people become aware of this (or already feel this way but are too intimidated to speak out) the downward spiral will continue. At least A3P is trying to educate more people about this and let them know they are not alone in their observations regarding the real causes of this sad situation.

  2. We salute the efforts of A3P.

  3. Robert Jones says:

    " the authoritative voice on European American matters in the same way that the NAACP speaks for blacks and La Raza for mestizos,”

    Well stated Mr. Carmichael, sir. The A3P is very fortunate to have a man of your calibre serving as State Chairman.