So Cal A3P Continues Outreach the past weekend, the Southern California A3P again displayed its determination in reaching out to those without political representation, in emboldening those too intimidated to speak out against the establishment, and in providing an example to the entire world what it means to believe in a cause.

Those who organized the event reported that they reached hundreds of people directly, providing them with fliers concerning immigration and globalization and speaking with them about issues that greatly impact their lives. They also indirectly reached the thousands of people who passed by their banner and saw ordinary Americans fighting back against an out-of-control government.

The activists involved pointed out the benefits of belonging to an organization that directs much of its attention to the construction and dissemination of promotional materials designed to aid activists in making the public aware of the presence of a true alternative. Because of the benefit of pooling resources, which affords the A3P the advantage of economies of scale in having materials printed, the activists where able to pass out literature for the better part of the day without putting much of a dent in their wallets.

The So Cal Activists were quite pleased with the way they were received, and they plan to continue their outreach efforts unabated. They also challenged A3P members nationwide to become active and join them in the battle for the hearts and minds of our people.

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  1. Brayner says:

    please to continue to wake up more white people