So Cal A3P Goes Door-to-Door

The Southern California branch of the American Third Position prides itself on its willingness to do the hard work that is necessary to grow a political movement. This weekend was no exception for the group of young activists, as they took their message directly to the homes of their neighbors in Garden Grove, California.

Splitting into two 2-man teams, the group was able to cover about 100 homes, before retiring to a speaking engagement put on by a local Nationalist group. The activists reported that the day’s results were very encouraging.

Asked to comment on the door-to-door campaign, one activist reported the following:

“Most people just wanted to talk. They wanted to talk about how bad it’s gotten here, and they were really excited to have an opportunity to vent their frustration with respect to a political establishment that pretends that they simply do not exist. Certainly, they’ve never been paid a visit before by representatives of a political party, as the other parties do not care about what they’ve got say.

Door-to-door campaigning requires some courage, but the results are incredible. Right on the spot, we were able to sign up one gentleman as a full-fledged member of the party. And as nearly every home in our area has an internet connection, many interested people promised us that they would immediately check out our website, just as soon as our conversation ended.

It was a great feeling, and the day was an absolute success. I really encourage everyone out there to overcome any apprehension associated with door-to-door campaigning and get out there and do it. You’ll love it. ”

The Southern California A3P asks that members and supporters in the local area get involved and get active with their group.

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  1. Josh says:

    This is great. I ordered a bunch of tri-fold brochures and plan on passing them out as soon as they get here. Great job and let's keep this sort of activism up.