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Results from the latest elections have given many Americans the impression that a reversal of fortune is on the horizon. That these elections were dominated by “conservative” candidates means White Americans turned out in large numbers to vent their frustration against an establishment increasingly transparent about its desire to skin our country.

Although our demographic was able to show we can exhibit a powerful political influence, politicians ostensibly representing our interests remain afraid to openly represent us or to admit they work on our behalf. Even if some are genuine patriots, these people must believe the establishment to be so powerful that only a passive resistance is possible. They certainly must feel it is necessary to “play the game” by working within established parties because they fear our people do not stand a chance on our own.

Efforts within the Republican Party have advertised their departure from the status quo, but even these movements refuse to specify the nature of our misfortunes. None promote solutions for the problems we face. Working within the Republican Party necessitates a degree of compromise incompatible with the magnitude of our impending national disaster.

Members of the American Third Position believe there is little possibility of reforming either party from within. We have listened for decades to hollow promises made by Republicans and Democrats. Each party is firmly controlled by entrenched interests entirely opposed to the liberty of our people. In the end, both parties always stab us in the back.

A3P members understand the challenges facing independent political parties, but we also appreciate that our effort is meant to outlast individual candidates and election cycles. The A3P will eventually develop the capacity to run candidates all over the country, and these candidates will be backed by the resources of our continually growing national organization.

Americans require a true voice. We deserve a party without pretense. The American Third Position unabashedly advocates on our behalf. Help the A3P finally provide Americans a chance.

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  1. JamesinUSA says:

    You're absolutely right Lewis. Our party must be led by ideas that not only inspire but gives our people the knowledge to resist the undermining and psychological warfare being waged against them, as well as provide a fundamental belief system that they can put their trust and faith in.
    I have no doubt that the A3P will meet this challenge.

  2. lewis winston birm says:

    Both parties are a joke. A3P can be a party if we get a good theoretician to organize doctrines.

  3. Bigmo says:

    Lol, Abraham. Good point. But I do not believe the A3p can be a political party since its ethno-centric. But it can be an advocacy that supports candidates who support their positions. Its still the begining for them but I like thei attitude since its better than the old Nationalist who were non intellectual.

    • JamesinUSA says:

      And we're not supposed to think that the Democratic Party isn't ethno-centric!
      The Democratic Party may consist of various races including whites ,but there
      is very little doubt that it's every bit as race-based as the A3P if for no other reason
      than that it's ANTI-WHITE!

      Most of your Central and South American political Parties are very ethno-centric
      and we're seeing a growing trend world wide of emerging nationalist movements
      that, if not explicitly racialist in character ,are certainly racially motivated .

      White people around the world are sick of what's happening to them and are starting
      to resist. So don't count the A3P out so fast!

  4. Abraham says:

    I'm an African American but I like your message. Can I join this party?

  5. Gordon says:

    No people is morally and spiritually healthy unless it is imbued with a strong sense of
    its own identity. Essential to that sense of identity are an awareness and an understanding of
    all the qualities which the members of the people share in common.
    It is doubly imperative that every man and woman who claims the privilege of
    membership in a community based on the bonds of common race and common culture knows
    and takes pride in his racial and cultural history, for in this history are all the elements which
    give his community its unique character and differentiate its members from all those who are
    not members.
    When such knowledge and pride are lacking, a community is subject to a host of ills
    and cannot long endure. Solidarity and a sense of responsibility to the community give place
    to special-interest factionalism and alienation. A lack of a sense of identity blurs the
    distinction between compatriot and stranger, between friend and foe, and leaves the
    community prey to the greed or malice of aliens as well as of its own pathological members,
    who will grow mightily in numbers as loss of identity proceeds.