Supporters Raise $700 for A3P in Single Day

The American Third Position leadership was pleasantly surprised, yesterday, to have witnessed party coffers grow by more than $700 in a single day. After having investigated the sudden surge in donations, it was quickly realized that is wasn’t coincidence that so many supporters donated within just a few hours of each other. In fact, this was a well-orchestrated fundraiser put on by supporters of the A3P, who acted independently, in order that they could help the newly-established party continue in its rapid expansion.

The fundraiser, called a “Money Bomb” by those who organized it, was advertised online, on the various blogs of those who support the Nationalist cause. And having only been advertised for what appears to be a week, the results were quite impressive.

“It’s great to hear about this kind of support. I think we are tapping into a growing rage at the dispossession of the founding people of America”, said Party Director, Kevin MacDonald, highlighting the fact that the fundraiser was organized externally by ordinary Americans wanting to do their part.

Party Chairman, Bill Johnson, viewed it as yet another sign that there exists a huge potential for an American Nationalist party. Commenting on the significance of the fundraiser, he said, “America and the West have traditionally led the world in promoting just and proper principles. Of late, we have discarded that mantle by following specious philosophies. The world weeps for lack of proper leadership. With the help of the contributors [of the] Money Bomb, A3P is moving America back in the right direction, and there is now real hope for our children’s future.”

The selflessness and generosity of those gave to something greater than themselves – the struggle for political representation – exemplifies what it means to be an American.

Party leaders have promised that their gratitude will be given in the form of relentless activism.

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  1. Great says:

    A3P needs to get out and into the small rural communities of Idaho, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Maine, Vermont, Kentucky, Mississippi, Texas, Utah, Montana, Illinois, Maryland, North Carolina, Florida, etc.

    The natural support resides in the rural and small whites towns. Going door to door like missionaries converting people with brochures in these communities and in bigger ones will really boost the A3P.

  2. lograda says:

    This is good, let's keep it going. White Christians, as many of us know, are a kind and usually fairly tolerant group of people; and that's why we've been pushed around for some time now. It's time to start pushing back. The US was the unquestionable leader of the world in the 40s and 50s. Who was running the country back then?
    Massive illegal immigration and "multiculturalism" have brought this country down to its current level. (By the way, those that preach "multiculturalism and tolerance" live in 99% White communities and have no idea what it's like…say in Atlanta or LA).
    I am hoping one day that the US will stand up to AIPAC and Israel. If we dig deep enough, and most don't want to, they are a source of some of the big problems we are facing.
    We must be ready, because the only ammunition our opponents have is to label us as 'racist.' This used to work, but we're tiring of it, and it's not working anymore.