The Rise of the A3P

Erick Erickson of RedState, a leading conservative Republican blog, is losing faith in his “red team” wing of the bipartisan machine. In his recent post, The Rise of the Third Party, he takes aim at Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell…

I have long criticized the calls of many disaffected conservatives for a third party and I maintain that position. The closest I have come to calling for a third party is to encourage tea party activists to take over the GOP from within.

External third parties are not, in my mind, a solution to anything, but a great enabler of Democrats.

Notwithstanding my opinion, I believe the GOP, should it adopt Mitch McConnell’s Pontius Pilate Act, will be sowing the seeds of its own destruction.

For those with better things to do with their time than keep up with Washington politics, Erickson’s reference to the Pontius Pilate Act is a reference to McConnell’s “clever” attempt to punt responsibility for raising the debt ceiling by passing a resolution that empowers Obama to raise it unilaterally. In theory, this absolves the GOP of both the fallout of betraying the tea party’s budget hawks and the fallout from a reduced credit rating and increased borrowing costs that come with defaulting on our creditors. Insiders like McConnell are proving to their tea party hardliners what we at the A3P could have told them for free: They’ll don your tri-corn hats, flap around your Gadsden flags, and carry on about balanced budgets if that’s what it costs to get your vote. But don’t ask for theirs.

If you have to ask how much their vote costs, you can’t afford it.

In short, a vote for McConnell’s Pontius Pilate Act will cause a serious third party problem for the GOP. And we’re already seeing signs of it.

The  game theory underlying America’s “winner-takes-all” process does indeed gravitate towards two large and largely similar parties–and we need reform. But as American history has already shown, major parties can and do self-destruct from time to time. More importantly right now, the threat of a third party rift is the only thing that will force the GOP’s leadership to listen to their base. Sure, there’s a risk of tipping the election in favor of a Democrat. In theory, that’s bad. In reality, what’s the difference? Two years of tolerating a Democrat is a small price to pay for real structural change in the GOP. Is Obama really that much worse than Bush on the issues that matter? Isn’t the GOP healthier without McCain in the White House pushing for even more wars and pushing even harder than Obama’s pushing for amnesty?

The Rise of the A3POf course, I don’t think the GOP can be fixed. I think it will burn and I’ll be cackling maniacally and fanning the flames when it does. White Americans deserve authentic representation and only we in the A3P can offer that. White Americans deserve a balanced budget without giving up their basic services and only we can offer that. Tea Party patriots should be commended for standing by their guns when it comes to balancing the budget, but they still see this as a fiscal and economic problem. This is a people problem, a problem of wealth transfer from “us” to “them”.

Fiscal conservatives like Erick Erickson like to carry on about math, about buckling down and making the tough decisions necessary to balance the budget. The math they don’t have the stomach for is the demographic math. There is a large and rapidly growing “them”: non-Whites, alienated minorities, hostile immigrants, and cosmopolitan elites. They don’t care about the constitution. They don’t care about the country’s future. It’s not their country. It’s not their homeland, heritage, or honor on the line. They are successfully transferring trillions of dollars worth of wealth from “us” to “them” and they’re not going to stop themselves. They’re not going to stop themselves from immigrating here by the tens of millions or reproducing at much higher rates than we are.

We and we alone are the only party capable of balancing the budget because we’re the only party that understands the problem. We’re capable of promising a hat trick of balancing the budget and investing more in our nation’s outdated infrastructure, health care, and Social Security entitlements. We can make and keep this promise to our constituents because we’re not making promises we can’t keep. We’re not promising to close the education gap. We’re not promising in-state tuition to Mexican citizens. We’re not promising a Section 8 voucher to Black single moms who wish to live in the suburbs for free.  We’re not promising to bring about a golden age of world peace through global military hegemony.

If you believe the two major parties when they promise these things, keep voting for more Democrats and Republicans. If you believe they have what it takes to keep your Social Security and Medicare solvent, keep voting for more Democrats and Republicans. Obama can carry on about his high-speed rail, but there will be no high speed rail. America’s falling behind by every major metric. China’s able to afford bullet trains because they’re not making the same mistakes we’re making. The Chinese are investing in their future. Meanwhile, we’re borrowing against our future to invest it in the future of Detroit gangbangers, foreign invaders, Afghan warlords, and Israeli military toys.

Sure, tea party candidates like Michele Bachmann are promising to make the big cuts necessary to balance the budget, but ignore Erick’s cheerleading for a moment and look what’s coming out of the other side of her mouth…

I am convinced in my heart and in my mind that if the United States fails to stand with Israel, that is the end of the United States . . . [W]e have to show that we are inextricably entwined, that as a nation we have been blessed because of our relationship with Israel, and if we reject Israel, then there is a curse that comes into play. And my husband and I are both Christians, and we believe very strongly the verse from Genesis [Genesis 12:3], we believe very strongly that nations also receive blessings as they bless Israel. It is a strong and beautiful principle.

Erick Erickson stands with Michele Bachmann and he stands for a future where we’re marginalized and resented minorities in the homeland our forefathers risked their lives to offer to us as a sacred inheritance. Washington politics is an argument between a faction which wants to tax us to death and a faction which wants to cut off the entitlements we’ve already paid and leave us for dead. Pick your poison.

…Or pick the A3P.

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  1. lograda says:

    Bachmann knows in order to be electable, she must praise Israel. How would A3P respond if they are targeted as anti-Israeli, or even worse, anti-Semite? How would you handle Israel if you were President of the United States? European Americans need representation as such, someone who has no fear of being labeled ‘racist.’ Have we here at A3P lost our fear?

    • American3P says:

      About insidious entanglements, Thomas Jefferson wrote, “Peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations, entangling alliances with none.”

      I like Thomas Jefferson.

  2. michigancreativity says:

    Fundamental Mormonism is authentic Christianity, in my humble opinion.

  3. tma_sierrahills says:

    In fairness to Michele Bachmann, a presidential candidate knowing a ‘curse’ will descend upon us if some future course of action is not unquestionably taken can be considered a fairly reasonable mainstream position, if you’re running for president of Haiti, and maybe speaking in front of a reunion of the Tonton Macoutes. Seriously, I respect the different interpretations of the Bible, but when someone seems to believe that even nuclear war would be commanded by scripture to defend another nation halfway around the world, I think of the twitchy-eyed president played by Martin Sheen in ‘The Dead Zone.’

    Ironically Bachmann is rated by NumbersUSA with the highest patriotically sane immigration grade, a ‘B-,’ among the various 2012 presidential candidates and potential candidates. Once again this shows the importance of A3P, which not only unapologetically defends people of European heritage, but actually promotes consistent common-sense policies.

    Otherwise Americans are cast adrift with a mishmash of candidates offering up a crazy-quilt of positions, like Bachmann or some of the other libertarian-leaning candidates who make a great show of wanting to get the government off our backs, but apparently see no problem with that same government planning to demographically put us down like Old Yeller.
    - – - –
    Border Enforcement + Immigration Moratorium = Job, Crime and Eco Sanity

  4. what's next? says:

    These people could kill us anytime they want to.

  5. HeritagenotHate says:

    So am i to understand that A3P and Erickson do not believe the USA should stand with Israel?! Also am i to understand that A3P does not embrace Christian values and A3P rejects Christianity as a foundational leg of the constitution of the USA and of A3P?

    • American3P says:

      Why don’t you ask Erickson? Why shouldn’t America stand for America first? Israel is not the 51st state in the United States. If you want to “stand with Israel” go over to Israel and stand with them. Who’s stopping you?

    • Matt Parrott says:

      When I speak, I speak as Matt Parrott. Only the Chairman has the capacity to speak for the A3P.

      Erickson does believe the USA should stand with Israel, supporting it militarily. You need to work on your reading comprehension.

      I embrace Christian values and I believe the Constitution was inspired in part by Christian ideals. While both the Chairman and I are Christians, the party doesn’t engage religious concerns. Whether or not Israel should procure its own defense is not a religious concern, unless you, like Bachmann, embrace the theologically specious and recently-invented Christian Zionism. “Christian” Zionists believe that Christians exist to be exploited by the very Pharisees who denied and continue to deny our savior.

    • Weep for the Church that the leaven of the Pharisees has prevailed in our age for there was a time Christians followed their Lord, Christ Jesus by whose name they are called.

      Behold authentic Christianity:

      (The Second Collect on Good Friday)

      O MERCIFUL God, who hast made all men, and hatest nothing that thou hast made, nor wouldest the death of a sinner, but rather that he should be converted and live; Have mercy upon all Jews, Turks, Infidels, and Hereticks, and take from them all ignorance, hardness of heart, and contempt of thy Word; and so fetch them home, blessed Lord, to thy flock, that they may be saved among the remnant of the true Israelites, and be made one fold under one shepherd, Jesus Christ our Lord, who liveth and reigneth with thee and the Holy Spirit, one God, world without end. Amen.

      – The Book of Common Prayer

    • JamesinUSA says:

      HeritagenotHATE is apparently ‘ignorant’ of the role that Jews and the state of Israel has played in our country’s domestic and foreign policies, that have so-far lead us to the point of ‘Armageddon.’ The A3P’s policy toward ‘religion’ should be to not allow our religious differences to adversely effect our political mission. But it’s difficult, if not virtually impossible, to ignore those (Jews) whose own ‘heritage’ has been one of trying to undermine just about everything we can appreciate about our country, including our nation’s predominant religion, Christianity!

  6. Christopher says:

    This is just a last minute bluff on the part of Erickson who thought his CNN contributor voice was being listened to by the GOP leadership. He knows that a last minute deal will be struck with Obama.

    A forthcoming article by Erickson will pontificate that though the GOP betrayed him last time, the next time will be different and he will bolt. However, for the time being he will support all and every GOP candidate for federal office.

    Besides, unlike the GOP and Democratic parties most third parties do not believe that America's foreign policy should be dictated by the Amen Corner. Erickson will be a GOP stalwart to the end.

  7. crusader88 says:

    1. “We’re not promising to close the education gap.”

    That’s the smartest and most hilarious thing I’ve heard all month.

    2. “The Chinese are investing in their future. Meanwhile, we’re borrowing against our future to invest it in the future of Detroit gangbangers, foreign invaders, Afghan warlords, and Israeli military toys.”


    3. “And my husband and I are both Christians, and we believe very strongly the verse from Genesis [Genesis 12:3], we believe very strongly that nations also receive blessings as they bless Israel.”

    That Erikson. His wife and he may be Christians but, generally speaking, I wonder if they have ever heard of the New Testament~which teaches that for believers there are neither Jew nor Gentile, circumcised nor uncircumcised.