White Candidates Stampede

According to Eve Conant of the Daily Beast, “A startling number of white-power candidates are seeking public office. Eve Conant reports on their under-the-radar strategy and David Duke’s White House flirtation.”

A former grand wizard of the Ku Klux Klan, member of the Louisiana House of Representatives and Republican executive-committee chairman in his district until 2000, Duke has a significant following online. His videos go viral. This month, he’s launching a tour of 25 states to explore how much support he can garner for a potential presidential bid. He hasn’t considered running for serious office since the early ’90s, when he won nearly 40 percent of the vote in his bid for Louisiana governor. But like many “white civil rights advocates,” as he describes himself to The Daily Beast, 2012 is already shaping up to be a pivotal year.

Former (and current) Neo Nazis, Ku Klux Klan members, neo-Confederates, and other representatives of the many wings of the “white nationalist” movement are starting to file paperwork and print campaign literature for offices large and small, pointing to rising unemployment, four years with an African-American president, and rampant illegal immigration as part of a growing mound of evidence that white people need to take a stand.

Prior to Nationalist Socialist Jeff Hall’s death, he had campaigned for a low-level water board position in Riverside, California. The swastika-wearing plumber who patrolled the U.S. border paramilitary-style walked away with almost 30 percent of his community’s vote. “That’s a sizable amount of the vote for a person running openly as a Neo Nazi,” says Marilyn Mayo, co-director of the Anti-Defamation League’s Center on Extremism. While Hall’s political future—and life—has been cut short, Mayo points out that we should expect more white supremacist hopefuls next year.

And now a few words from Mark Potok of the polyphobic SPLC group:

What followed in 2010, say extremism watchers, was the biggest electoral push by white supremacists in years. “We’ve seen increasing numbers of white supremacists and others on the radical right running for electoral office for several years now and we likely had more in the last election than in any other in recent memory,” says Mark Potok of the Southern Poverty Law Center. “Although extremely few of these people are elected, especially if their views become known during the campaign, the fact that there are so many openly running for public office reflects the growth of white nationalism over the last 10 years.”

Potok’s group tracked 23 candidates in 2010 with radical right-wing views, nine of whom they described as white supremacists or white nationalists. (The others had extreme immigration and world-conspiracy views but did not specifically have links to white organizations.) One candidate, the neo-Confederate Loy Mauch, won a seat in the Arkansas House of Representatives, and another, James C. Russell, who has denounced interracial marriage, garnered 37 percent of the vote in his quest for the New York House of Representatives. Some candidates benefited from a new umbrella organization—the A3P, or American Third Position—which was launched in 2010 by a handful of wonkish-looking professors and corporate lawyers to, as they wrote in their mission statement, “represent the political interests of White Americans.” One of their political hopefuls, Atlee Yarrow, who has filed paperwork to run for Florida governor in 2014, says the Southern Poverty Law Center has listed A3P as a hate group “but it has open membership that mirrors the NAACP. They [NAACP] can have identity politics, but if white people do it, it’s considered racist?”

Disappointed with Ron and Rand Paul and other leaders who they feel are close, but not close enough, to their views—the A3P has fielded candidates like Harry Bertram, who ran for the West Virginia board of education last fall, pulling down 14 percent of the vote. He’s now angling for governor. “My platform is conservative like the Tea Party but more racialist inclined,” Bertram says. Another A3P candidate won 11 percent of the vote in a recent run for a seat in the New Hampshire House of Representatives. Those numbers are small, but hardly laughable, especially for a new group explicitly running on a white-interest ticket. “We’re just beginning,” says board member Jamie Kelso, who says the group’s platform includes a complete moratorium on immigration. “But we’re filling a void.”

Sounds like fear of white American candidates!

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  1. JamesinUSA says:

    The A3P represents a long overdue niche whereby European/Americans can fully express themselves as a people on par with other racial groups in this country. It;s 'nolonger exceptable to hold an entire people responsible for percieved social and political wrongs by past generations. The European/American of the 21st Century have their own interest in mind and have every right to demand 'justice' for those social and political wrongs that are now being commited against them. We are seeing the beginnings of a movement in this country that will bring about great changes in this country. As for Globalminority and their fear of government repraisals, all I can say that we must still move forward because we have no choice. And if in doing so brings out the worst in the 'powers that be', than GOOD! It will expose them for who and what they really are and will only have our people see the necessity of supporting the A3P even more.

  2. Ronny says:

    I long for the day when libtards are held accountable for what they've done to this once great country!

  3. Harry Bertram says:

    Any one can join the party if they can support our goals.

    This party is not a private club and is open to the public.

    • GlobalMinority says:

      I was hoping A3P is going to be more than just open to the public. And what are A3P specific goals? Pro-White, Pro-Christian (Not Judeo-Christian, big difference and this is one main reason why we got problems), upholding the vision of our Founding Forefathers and the Constitution, in addition to all of their documents? If this assessment is correct than A3P will NOT have any non-whites that want to join. Or can they? If this is the case and I hope it is I am hoping that A3P will be at least one of the official political parties that replaces the Republicans and/or Democrats. Both current parties need to go the way of the Wig Party – the dustbin of history!

      • American3P says:

        GM, the A3P represents the interests of White Americans and the White American vote. Just as Obama and other Black politicians fight for the interests of African-Americans.

        We have the Hispanic vote, the Black vote, the Asian vote, the Jewish vote, but no such entity as the White vote. When White Americans were 90% of the population we had no need to be cognizant of ethno-nationalism. But since we are becoming more of a minority there will be increasing hostility against us.

        Read our Mission Statement at https://american3p.org/mission-statement.

  4. GlobalMinority says:

    This is just the 4th of July: Tonight, around 11 p.m., a group of at least 60-70 African American youth marched down one of the side streets (W. Thrush) to the 4 lane main drag (Sheridan). They were yelling threats to white residents. Things such as we need to kill alll the white people around here.

    Where is the MSM on this one? Matter of fact where is the moral outrage from our people on this? WHERE? I place most of the blame squarely at the feet of cowardly White people!

  5. GlobalMinority says:

    So forgive me, if I am not hopeful that groups that are pro-white, like A3P will make enough progress to have a real impact. The government will find a way to outlaw this group and any others like it in the minds of the people first and then will be labeled a “homegrown white supremacist terrorist” group to justify the President with his newly dictatorial duties that states he can put a hit out on anyone he chooses! http://www.whitecivilrights.com/?p=5667

    • American3P says:

      What is the alternative? Sit on our collective asses?

      • GlobalMinority says:

        No I am not stating that what so ever. I am not hopeful that is all. I will support A3P by signing our people up, being an activist or what ever is necessary to get support for A3P. I happen to be an expert in Constitutional matters and degreed to boot. I currently work with certain decent Senators in Congress to write bills that benefit our people. On occasion you might get a glimpse of me giving a speech (usually pointing out their utter racism and hypocrisy in the process) on CSPAN in regards to the 2nd Amendment, the unconstitutionality of the Civil Rights Act of 1965, etc….. However, what good are laws if there is NO desire to enforce them? If this were the case we would NOT have 40 million illegal aliens in this country.

      • GlobalMinority says:

        However, in the long run I don't think pro-whites groups will have much of an impact because we are fast becoming the new hated minority in the lands of OUR founding forefathers. And that is the plan so we will have no political might to reserve the tide of tyranny and a full-blown dictatorship!

        It will come a time just like our Founding Forefathers did either 1) bow down to the chains of slavery 2) fight for freedom and liberty. I would rather die on the battlefield in the fight for the Constitution and in defense of what my ancestors bequeathed to me than die on my knees as a slave. And this is coming from a Loud Proud White Woman! That is what I am saying.

  6. GlobalMinority says:

    The government and media lackeys purposely display anything that smacks of Whiteness as hate of non-whites. This is for a reason, to outlaw in the minds of everyone that the White Race is worthy of death and extinction for their "racism". When the bottom falls out economically and it will on the ground level there will be a full blown race war that commences at the beset of non-whites, mainly black people. After all the media and government, including FAUX news is covering up the exploding "Flash Black Mobs" as teen violence, but never mentioning the victims are solely white. The media knows the score. However, when it truly hits the fan when the economy crumbles the government and their henchman are prepared to lock every White person up in FEMA camps that are fully staffed but are empty as of rate now.

  7. Rena says:

    I hope that we can make a stand against the chaos that is consuming our country. I also hope that white people in general will lose their fear of being branded as politically incorrect or racist. I would really like to join this movement when I can vote next year, but I have a question… Do individuals have to be completely white to join this party? I am 3/4 white and 1/4 Mexican (they came here legally), but I look Caucasian, have always self-identified as being white, and have been raised in an all-white family. Could someone like me join A3P?

    • JamesinUSA says:

      Rena, your're more than welcome to join the A3P, especially if you identify yourself as a European/American.
      The fact ,is that there are tens of thousands of White people with Spanish heritage as well as non-whites that I'm sure realizes that our nation as a whole will benefit by having the U.S. remain a 'White' nation.

  8. tma_sierrahills says:

    "… pointing to rising unemployment, four years with an African-American president, and rampant illegal immigration as part of a growing mound of evidence that white people need to take a stand."

    Daily Beast forgetfulness? No mention of things like "affirmative action" discriminating against Whites in everything from jobs to college entrance exams, discrimination now backed up by countless laws and constitutional interpretations. Add to that massive legal and illegal immigration combining to rapidly reduce and eventually erase the White demographic, to put it delicately.

    Of course if common-sense Whites want to finally legally organize to try to reverse their plight they are always said to be [insert spooky music] "white supremacists."

    "According to Eve Conant of the Daily Beast, 'A startling number of white-power candidates are seeking public office.'"

    Yes, be startled, be very startled.

  9. sonicwhip says:

    the time of revolution is nearing.
    meanwhile we must do do everything we can to support Harry Bertram.
    hopefully he does win but even if he doesn't his campaign would be a good opportunity to wake up thousands in WV.

  10. Atlee Yarrow says:

    The end of my statement echoed the correct words, but did not end with the inflection question mark I gave.