Economy. Hard work. Common Sense.

Our country is being grossly mismanaged, to the detriment of everyone but the ruling elite. To us, it is abundantly clear. We have to deal with the reality of a failed economic policy, on a daily basis. We cannot escape the consequences of that failure.

However, even as our economy crumbles before us, the political establishment boldly extols the virtues of laissez-faire globalism. The GOP, bravely taking aim at reality, says that our system of absolute free-trade has afforded Americans the highest standard of living the world over. The Democrats, not to be outdone, and in amazing support of the GOP platform, tell us it is, in fact, our responsibility to deal with the disastrous consequences of laissez-faire globalism: we must foot the bill for a housing crisis created by the establishment’s desire to provide financing, through use of our money, to millions of unwanted immigrants who couldn’t otherwise have afforded to buy a home.

What is truly startling about their attachment to the notion of economic freedom is their simultaneous desire to restrict our people’s freedom in nearly every other matter. That there could be economic freedom without the freedom of the people who comprise an economy is a foolish notion. If we cannot exercise our will to restrict who we must compete with, even within our own borders, we are not free, and we do not have economic freedom. The A3P will change that.

Incentivize Good Business

Globalism is a practice wherein our people are exposed to labor that works for a few dollars a day. This practice has won the allegiance of the political establishment at the cost of their allegiance to the welfare of our people and our nation. The American Third Position rejects the notion that we should protect the rights of individuals at the expense of our communities and nation. But we also reject the thought that we ought to hinder competition in private enterprise. As true economic nationalists, we believe that there must be a delicate balance achieved between the two.

We find it morally objectionable to allow companies to sell overseas the manufacturing expertise and technology that, in many ways, belongs to our nation. That is, there is nothing that is made by just one person. Our ability at manufacturing and the technologies we enjoy today are a product of all of those who came before us. They are the culmination of countless communities past — countless thinkers, innovators, and the workers who supported them — who came together to develop the technology required for us to progress. Future manufacturing expertise and technology is reliant upon our ability to produce both the thinkers who will innovate and the workers who will support them. And the ability to do as much rests squarely in the hands of the community. We have an obligation to one another not to desecrate the very pact that brought people together to form civilization in the first place. We must protect our ideas, our technology, and our industry.

The American Third Position is committed to doing just that. We will incentivize, through a very generous policy of lenient taxes, doing business ethically and with the well-being of the community in mind. Businesspersons who rely on those within their community for inventory, services, and labor will have the necessary aid to compete with unethical businesspersons who profit at the expense of their countrymen. Being a principled businessperson will have its rewards, while the A3P is at the helm.

But providing incentives alone will not suffice. While making it more attractive to do good business, we must also make it less attractive for corporations to conduct unethical business. Accordingly, the A3P will discourage the destruction of our manufacturing base and encourage self-sufficiency by providing firm tax-disincentives to businesses who outsource labor or who set up manufacturing installations overseas, surrendering comparative advantage and driving down the wages of our people.

Protect and Encourage American Industry

While the political establishment has become enamored with the notion that GDP is a sound and meaningful way to measure the progress of an economy and the welfare of a nation, our quality of life continues to decline, year after year. As the ruling elite talks about the benefits of absolute free-trade, and as they traffic in millions of third-world peoples to serve as modern-day slaves, taxes continue to increase, real wages continue to decrease, and our national boundary and identity is blurred to a near-unrecognizable form. For most, it is impossible to start a family and own a home on one income, as was the norm only years ago. Yet the political establishment maintains that unfettered international trade and the dissolution of our sovereignty and our borders is a necessity.

The American Third Position will not allow this to continue. We know that the quality of life for our people continues to lessen and our standard of living is nowhere near what it was before these shameful practices were allowed.

To nurture start-up businesses, and to foster growth in existing businesses, the A3P will protect against unfair imports. These are imports which are a product of those businesses who have established manufacturing installations in foreign lands so as to gain an unfair advantage against companies at home. They are imports that wouldn’t have existed otherwise.

The American Third Position will also penalize, as much as possible, those businesses and businesspersons who exploit immigrant and disabled labor. Existing laws will be enforced, and new laws will be created to ensure that these sorts of sickening business maneuvers are immediately halted.

Decrease the tax burden on our people

Taxes are absolutely out of control. Both the Republicans and Democrats continually talk about helping families and working people, while they incentivize weakness, laziness, and as they bring in hordes of third-world peoples who drive down our wages and create a mighty burden on us. The establishment continually says one thing and does another. Their policies dissuade our people from being productive and harder-working. They ignore our families in favor of catering to the needs of so-called minorities, criminals, the lazy, and the undeserving.

The A3P will not simply talk endlessly about lowering taxes. We will cut all programs that provide an incentive for people to be anything other than hard-working and productive. In pairing well with our policy as toward immigration, we will end all benefits that inspire illegal aliens to stick around against our wishes. Simply put, we believe it is wrong to take monies from someone against his or her will in order to give to someone else, no matter the circumstance that someone else may face. We believe all people have a right to determine who will benefit from the fruits of their labor.

This notion — that people ought to choose who benefits from their efforts — becomes especially meaningful when we apply it to those workers who have to support a family on meager wages. The thought that they be taxed so that others might benefit from their efforts is alarming, and the A3P will not stand for it. We will raise the threshold on paying income taxes to an amount appropriate to maintain a decent standard of living. We will also decrease taxes for families, encouraging them to grow and prosper.

High tax rates also discourage people from saving money, which is simply not a sound policy. Our people ought to be encouraged to increase personal savings. Accordingly, theA3P will take aim at thresholds used to tax personal savings-accounts.

Protect Small Businesses

The idea that small businesses might prosper simply by making a few changes in tax policy is utterly ridiculous. Start-ups and mom ‘n’ pop’s face serious challenges after decades of unchallenged collusive activity and predatory pricing on behalf of corporations who are, in many respects, monopolistic in nature. Small businesses face much more serious challenges than the establishment lets on, and, in many cases, small business owners must partake in unethical business practices — paying people under the table, hiring illegal aliens, using cheap, shoddy material, or even outsourcing abroad — to simply compete, through no fault of their own.

To combat this, the A3P will challenge giant, monopolistic corporations who colluded, used predatory pricing, or conducted unethical business practices to destroy small businesses and make it nearly impossible for them to gain a foothold in almost any and every market. We will break apart organizations who have threatened to extinguish proper competition and drive out ethical businesspersons.

Develop a More Sound System

Other parties concern themselves greatly with social welfare. They recognize that many people need help to survive. They subsequently spend most of their time trying to find the perfect allocation of ever-increasing tax monies but always conclude that more money is needed and that further taxes are necessary. Never do they acknowledge that the reason so many need help to survive is because of the very nature of our economic system.

In our system, there exists more debt than money to pay it. In fact, the way most money is created is through purchases of U.S. Treasuries by the Federal Reserve or through commercial banking. That is, the Federal Reserve — a central bank made up of privately-owned member banks — loans money to our government at interest. Commercial banks also create money through lending to businesses and citizens. Both practices involve creating money out of thin air. As every dollar created must be paid back with more than a dollar, the debt owed can only be repaid, in temporary fashion, if the creditor is so kind as to issue another loan in the same manner as before, or if the economy can grow at an unnatural rate. If ever the creditor decides not to provide this loan, and if the economy cannot maintain an unnatural rate of growth, many people will be unable to pay their debt, leading to a sea of people who require social welfare programs in order to simply survive.

We are told that the purpose of the Federal Reserve, which was established in 1913, is to provide economic stability and help stave off inflation. However, fractional-reserve banking does the very opposite. It is responsible for the business cycle — the booms and busts — that are so very harmful to our people and their businesses. It is responsible for inflation, which is the decrease in the purchasing power of our dollars, and which is a sort of tax paid, through diluting our currency, to the Banksters for providing our people with a disastrous economic system. Finally, it is responsible for creating the need to grow exponentially our population and the resources required to fuel its growth, in an effort to repay a debt that can never be repaid.

To restore ownership of the American economy to its rightful owners – the people of the United States of America – we will abolish the Federal Reserve, incorporating it into the United States Treasury and making it an actual federal component. We will make illegal the practice of fractional-reserve banking. We will grant solely the government the right to create, issue, and regulate money, and money will be circulated through investments in infrastructure becoming of a federal government.