Bertram Thanks His Supporters and Contributors…

Harry Bertram thanks his supporters and contributors during his campaign for Governor of West Virginia.

The Future“Thank you all who supported me during my run for Governor. Thank you to those who contributed funds during these hard economic times. Thank you to those who helped spread the word by passing out schedule cards, door hangers, and other resources. Many thanks also to those who attended parades in West Virginia with me and stood next to me as we gathered signatures to qualify.”

The two major parties dominated the election receiving 97 per cent of the vote. The remaining three candidates and two write-in candidates split the remaining 3 per cent. I received about 1 per cent of the vote behind Baber and Ingels.

An A3P member pointed out that

This was the first gubernatorial election that voters were fortunate to mark a ballot for a candidate standing under the American Third Position party. Jean-Marie Le Pen of France’s National Front in his first electoral run received under 1 per cent during the French presidential election. 28 years later Le Pen sent shock waves throughout the European political establishment finishing second in the presidential contest. Today, his daughter Marine Le Pen, is leading in an array of polls for the French presidency.

The struggle continues, but the future looks bright!

Myself and the American Third Position are looking forward to continue our fight as a party for white Americans and all Americans. Join A3P today for the win!

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  1. sonicwhip says:

    just been wondering, what is currently the highest number on the A3P coin?
    I'm member 116.

    • American3P says:

      Sonic, I joined two years ago. And finally got my membership pack! (We are finally getting the deliveries organized.)

      But my coin # is 500! Can you believe it? I joined because I am sincere and have faith in this political party concept and the A3P. So our project is to grow the party. Increase our meet-ups and public appearances at ethnic events.

  2. octoberfreedom says:

    The media and the political establishment would love nothing more than for the A3P, Bertram and whites to wither-up and go away. They're promoting candidates like Obama and Cain to prove to the country that whites have no will and would accept anything, but such things prove nothing, rather it proves that our system picks and chooses who it wants to run and win – and diversity is their concept with non-whites at the top, and whites falling to the bottom along with our civil rights.

    The news is good. The A3P marks a distinction between past white civil rights attempts that withered and died in the face of scrutiny, which is in with a steady and continued A3P party not willing to go silently into the night, leaving white-Americans at the mercy of the corrupt political elite who disapprove of our concerns and efforts to promote equality and civil rights for white citizens. Thank you A3P.

  3. octoberfreedom says:

    West Virginia is not a dictatorship, and neither is our once prosperous and free country. Today, a two-party system rules from sea to shining sea. This system seems to believe they own America and can do what they want with it (even destroy it, and remake it), they have dominated politics longer than the Communist party dominated the Soviet Union, and the Soviet Union was supposedly an unfree country.

  4. octoberfreedom says:

    I think it is very professional for Bertram to thank his supporters. The people of West Virginia who voted for Bertram can find comfort in the fact that their votes were not wasted, but rather it was recognized and respected by those who received their vote… and that the A3P and Bertram are looking forward to building their future in West Virginia with the help of the people of West Virginia who voted for them.

  5. sonicwhip says:

    I noticed the forums are gone, I dont know the reason but maybe this is for the better, instead of having people waste time whining about our current situation maybe they can do some real activism in real life.