Elite Universities Discriminate Against Whites

Statistics have surfaced which prove Whites are seriously disadvantaged by the admissions process at top private colleges.

The study by two Princeton professors revealed not only that White students need higher grades and SAT scores than Blacks and Hispanics, a well-known fact; but also that participation in extracurricular activities such as R.O.T.C., 4-H, and Future Farmers of America reduced a student’s chance of being admitted by 60 or 65 percent.

Military veterans and aspiring military officers, like poor whites and future American farmers, are clearly not what most competitive private colleges have in mind when they speak of the need for “diversity.”
- How Diversity Punishes Asians, Poor Whites and Lots of Others

The findings also demonstrated that poor Whites are at an extraordinary disadvantage, with lower-class Blacks ten times more likely to be admitted to competitive colleges than lower-class Whites with similar qualifications.

This provides statistical confirmation for what alumni of highly selective universities already know. The most underrepresented groups on elite campuses often aren’t racial minorities; they’re working-class whites (and white Christians in particular) from conservative states and regions. Inevitably, the same underrepresentation persists in the elite professional ranks these campuses feed into: in law and philanthropy, finance and academia, the media and the arts.
- The Roots of White Anxiety

This discrimination against ethnic Americans and their traditional pursuits serves to marginalize the founding population of this country.

We must join together to stand up for our own best interests. No one will do it for us.

The American Third Position is a political organization dedicated to the interests vital to the preservation and continuity of White Americans.

In keeping with the spirit with which this nation was founded, and recognizing the freedom of all peoples and all communities, the American Third Position will protect the right of every community and every private school to select its student body.

For public schools, students should be accepted based on merit and racist policies, such as racial quotas in admissions and preferences in allocating public money to students based on racial criteria, ought to be made illegal.

The A3P’s platform on education is outlined in its policy pages here: https://american3p.org/?page_id=93.

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  1. JamesinUSA says:

    If we can get rid of Affirmative Action and Diversity programs in education ,one would soon see de facto segregation re-established in this country based on the fact that non-whites will not be able to compete with whites in academics, as well as the natural tendency of races to want to be amongst their own people.

  2. Elise says:

    I don't plan to go to one of those commie indoctrination camps the establishment elites call "colleges", but if I did, I would enroll as a native american, and when they say that I don't look like one, i'll shout discrimination for looking at my skin color! lol, wonder if it will work? I'm native american of European ancestry, as my French ancestors have lived in this land for 300 years. counts, right? lol

  3. NewYorkRob says:

    Diversity is cloaked anti-Majority. Majority rule not minority tyranny. Diversity is a game to disenfranchise the majority population, the White European population. Diversity is anti-White.

  4. Victoria says:

    Pat Buchanan wrote a column about this: http://www.unionleader.com/article.aspx?headline=...

  5. Ioan Dirina says:

    By expelling its member Mark Williams from its ranks,Tea Party capitulated to NAACP;this makes me wonder if such a party can prevent America from further going down the drain and become another post-apartheid South Africa!

  6. Hans Gruber says:

    It was wrong when the non-Whites were being discriminated against in places of business and universities, and it's wrong that it's now being done to Whites.

    Whatever happened to good, old-fashioned MERIT? What happened to being color blind? What happened to judging on the content of character and not on the color of skin?

    Favoring one race over another is RACIST! There's no other word to describe it. How is it not prejudiced and INSULTING to in effect tell non-Whites, women, homosexuals and the disabled that they are incapable of success on their own and need a hand up? It's piteous in nature to give so-called "disadvantaged" individuals benefits that they may not be deserving of.

    The deniance of candidates because they participated in certain extracurricular activities (namely, ones that Conservatives are more likely to be involved in) just demonstrates the discriminatory admittance practices of the universities even further. A student that was in ROTC is likely to be patriotic, and the universities apparently can't have any of that nonsense on campus.

    And what's the worst about this whole sordid mess is that it is mostly White people enforcing these discriminatory, racist practices.

  7. Michael Crew says:

    You say you are dedicated to the interests vital to the preservation and continuity of white americans. And two sentences later you say allocating public money to students based on racial criteria ought to be made illegal. Are you going to get off the fence or are you just cowards and afraid to act. You are just a bunch of cowards cowards cowards.

    • A3P News Team says:

      The A3P position is that it is in the best interest of White Americans for us to promote a policy of allocating public money to students on a race-neutral, merit based basis.

    • Christopher says:

      Petty name calling is immature, and does not help advance your position. Disagreement with policy is fine. The end of affirmative action programs based on race, and the codification into law of race-neutral employment and educational policies is an appropriate policy to help disadvantaged and lower-economic whites. Allocating public money on merit is not only practical but fair.

    • Hans Gruber says:

      Giving special goodies out to schools and individuals based on race, gender, sexual orientation or disability in effect tells the institution/person that they are somehow handicapped in life and need extra help in order to be successful. How does that help anyone? That only creates dependence on public monies and creates a sense of entitlement and inferiority. That helps no one, it only hurts.

  8. Victoria says:

    Even beyond the racial aspect, it's troubling that universities are actually shunning people with an interest in farming, i.e. they are much less likely to admit students who participate in 4-H or FFA. Agriculture is absolutely crucial.

    We are importing more food in recent years. What if those imports are cut off for any reason?

    There are 300,000,000+ inhabitants of this country right now, and if the food supply gets interrupted things will be very, very ugly.

    Ensuring the food supply stays stable should be the top priority; if educational institutions don't see it that way, it calls into question the value of the whole higher education system. I mean, what ARE they teaching those kids these days, anyway?