The NAACP Plays the Race Card in War against Tea Party Movement

The NAACP, one of the oldest overtly black racial organizations working to advance the interests of its core racial group, has at last played the race card against the Tea Party movement in an attempt to shore up the Obama presidency.

A much-publicized “research report” issued by the avowedly black–supremacist organization entitled “Tea Party Nationalism” (which was actually written by extremists Devin Burghart and Leonard Zeskind from the well-known far left “Institute for Research & Education on Human Rights”) claims that the Tea Party movement has links to all sorts of extremists including anti-immigration groups, “birthers” and “other extremists.”

Although the Tea Party movement, which has no official leader and is a disparate group of individuals, has repeatedly denounced racism, this has had no effect on the NAACP and its far leftist allies.

The real issue to which the NAACP objects is the idea that white Americans might just organize themselves politically, in the same way that blacks and Hispanics have done for decades. Now that would be racism, the NAACP thought process goes.

The NAACP report puts it this way: “The Tea Party movement has unleashed a still inchoate political movement who are in their numerical majority, angry middle class white people who believe their country, their nation, has been taken from them. And they want it back. The oft-repeated Tea Party call to ‘Take it Back, Take Your Country Back’ is an explicitly nationalist refrain. It is sometimes coupled with the assertion that there are ‘real Americans,’ as opposed to others who they believe are driving the country into a socialist ditch.”

Perhaps not surprisingly, the NAACP is of late spending more time being employed as a political tool for the Obama presidency, rather than actually being concerned with the welfare of the black community.

This has not gone unnoticed, with a recent article in the Wall Street Journal pointing out that the “NAACP’s Unhealthy Tea Party obsession” continued while black-on-black crime remains at epidemic levels and black children continue to suffer in bad schools.

Doesn’t the organization have better things to worry about?” asks the WSJ, which then goes on to point out a number of issues upon which the NAACP would better spent its time concentrating:

- Black unemployment rates are way above everyone else’s, and that black children have turned their schools into the nation’s worst where they underperform and often don’t graduate.

- Black boys in eighth grade read at about the same level as white girls in fourth grade, the WSJ article said.

- The achievement gap persists through high school, where the average black student is graduating with an eighth-grade education — if the student graduates at all. The situation has remained essentially unchanged for three decades.

- President Obama and Education Secretary Arne Duncan have noted that just 2,000 of the nation’s 20,000 high schools produce half of all dropouts, and nearly 50 percent of black kids attend one of these dropout factories.

- In the current issue of National Affairs, David Kirp writes that ‘among 16- to 24-year-old black men not enrolled in school, fewer than half have jobs; about a third are in prison or jail, or on probation or parole.’

- Blacks commit 52 percent of all murders and make up 49 percent of all murder victims — 90 percent of them are killed by other blacks.

- More than 70 percent of black children are born to single women. Compared with those born to married couples, out-of-wedlock children are more likely to live in poverty, perform poorly in school, commit crimes, and abuse drugs.

In addition, a fact which the WSJ did not mention, AIDS has taken a massive toll amongst blacks in America.

According to official figures, over 230,000 blacks in the U.S. have died of AIDS, nearly 40 percent of the total number of deaths.

Of the more than 1 million people living with HIV in the United States of America today, around half are black.

The estimated lifetime risk of becoming infected with HIV is 1 in 16 for black males, and 1 in 30 for black females, a far higher risk than for white males (1 in 104) and white females (1 in 588).

In Washington DC, which has the nation’s highest district HIV prevalence, 76 percent of those infected are black.

According to the National HIV/AIDS Strategy, blacks “comprise the greatest proportion of HIV/AIDS cases across many transmission categories, including among women, heterosexual men, injection drug users, and infants.”

And the NAACP is worried about the Tea Party? Rather than playing the race card at a movement which, unlike the NAACP, is not even overtly racially based, that organization would do far better to try and address the immense problems within its own community than trying to lecture white people on how they should behave.

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  1. JamesinUSA says:

    The NAACP's charges against whites does nothing but incite hatred against us and they know it! Too take responsiblity for their behavior and lot in life would be to promise change, change that they know isn't going to happen for the simply fact, that they as a race ,are simply not the equal of other races ,and rather than acknowledge this fact and stop blaming white people for all of these disparities between us, they would rather continue to stir-up hate and fear that they know represents their organizations Bread and Butter.

  2. Robert Jones says:

    Without the false cry of racism African-Americans lack all justification for the privileges and benefits they now enjoy at the expense of society in general.

    Now what on Earth will they do when the sky actually does start falling down about them?

  3. octoberfreedom says:

    The NAACP has never been about addressing and focusing on issues that really could benefit black people. The NAACP has largely spent most of it's time since the 50s in attacking white people and promoting discrimination against white people.

    The NAACP is wrongly called a civil rights organizations. It's been nearly 55 years since they've defended anything that could be considered a civil rights issue, and ever since, it has entrenched itself with the media, political, and economic establishment. In it's aggression and logic, it has tried with great success to disenfranchise us and take the civil rights of whites, away.

    The escalating battle between the largely leaderless, yet, still organized Tea party movement, and the NAACP and similar race groups is a battle over civil rights.

    Even if many Tea partiers don't want to address it or hope to just avoid a coming confrontation with the liberal/Obama/progressive and Neo-Con establishment that represents 50 years of white disenfranchisement and the seemingly growing influence and dominance of groups like the NAACP, La Raza, Acorn. No matter what, the Tea party will find themselves fighting those same forces, because this is a battle of civil rights, a battle over whether average white-Americans like many in the Tea Party will finally have the same civil rights as other races when it comes to voting, representation, equal rights, and redress of issues they care about, but have long been ignored.

    This is a battle between whether freedom of speech wins out over authoritarian political correctness. A battle over whether whites can form and openly associate with other whites who advocate on behalf of what they believe in without media and organizations like the NAACP slandering people and their views. This is a longer and really un-avoidable battle.

    The Tea party and it's multiple unaffiliated groups can avoid it, but in the long run some movement will have to fight this battle, because white America's freedoms and our civil rights can no longer be held hostage to the political, economical, media, and selfish-racist interest of groups like the NAACP. Such hatred and disenfranchisement eventually will have to come to an end. Will that end and conclusion be the end of our race, if not slavery? Or will it be an end to the hatred, the hysteria, and disenfranchisement against the founding people of this Country?