Third World Flood Causes First World Collapse

Yet one more indicator that the United States economy is spiraling downward was the announcement this week in St. Petersburg, Russia that both China and Russia will no longer rely on the US Dollar and that they will instead begin to utilize their own currencies for bilateral trade.

Both nations had been accustomed to using the currencies from third-party nations, especially the US Dollar, for bilateral trade, but came to the agreement that the new arrangement involving the use of their respective domestic currencies was in the best interest of both of their economies, as the move would allow the to avoid the risks associated with the U.S. Dollar.

The crumbling confidence of these two emerging international economic powerhouses in the US Dollar will only lead to an even greater economic crisis in the United States as the Dollar’s value continues to plummet in the world economy.

The unbridled invasion of the United States by Third World illegal aliens has severely strained the nation’s infrastructure due to the overwhelming burden placed on the government to provide these criminal invaders social services and handouts at the taxpayers’ expense.

The nation’s economic quagmire is further exasperated by the current administration’s suicidal policy of allowing, if not openly encouraging, the Third World Flood to enter the country while just as earnestly allowing our manufacturing base be outsourced to other nations, thereby leaving the people neither the opportunity nor the means to sustain the nation.

Despite the economic hardships the Obama Administration is imposing upon Americans with its illegal immigration policies, our federal government is funneling out hundreds of billions of dollars in foreign aid in one form or another to just about every nation on the globe, including China, Russia, and many of the Third World nations that are the nations of origin of the illegals.

Our government and current leaders appear to be earnestly engaging in every possible activity to bring about our total economic collapse, therefore it is no wonder that other economic forces in the world have decided to move away from US Dollar as the currency of choice in international trade.

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  1. JamesinUSA says:

    American citizens better prepare themselves for some real economic hardships. Our people have had to endure sacrifices before in our nations history, but these sacrifices were made with the idea that they might be worth while, that times would get better, that it would serve future generations, but the sacrifices that we will be asked to make under the present political establishment will serve only to enable this governments agenda of destroying our nation and people. The situation we now find ourselves will not be easy to solve no matter who's in charge, but at least under a nationalist party and government we could take pride in knowing that our sacrificesit will lead to a better life, that one day we would be able to look back and tell others with pride that we did our duty to our country and people so that future generations might be free and prosperous, but this won't be the case under the existing political establishment, which is why we need a new party and a new order. Join the A3P today!

  2. lewis winston birm says:

    Get us out of the WTO and adopt a wage equalization tariff to protect our industries. This will raise the price of imported goods to what they would be if produced at US wage levels.