Time to Get Rid of the United Nations Parasite

A new report by the United Nations “Human Rights Council,” compiled by many of the biggest human rights abusers in the world today, and which condemns America, has provided final proof that the time has come to get rid of this useless and parasitic monstrosity.

The UN, which relies on America for 22 percent of its budget of billions of dollars, now represents a pale shadow of its former self and has degenerated into an anti-white, anti-Western circus.

The United Nations Human Rights Council represents 47 of its member states, and boasts China, Cuba, Libya, and Saudi Arabia as members.

None of these states are democracies and all violently suppress even the slightest dissent of any sort, while in Saudi Arabia, human rights are so low on the agenda that women are even banned from driving.

Nonetheless, this gaggle of Third World miscreants and savages have seen fit in a new report to “question the United States about its human rights failings.”

The report claimed that America “discriminates against Muslims.” In fact, the treacherous vermin infesting Washington DC are doing all they can to promote the Muslim invasion of our country, as evidenced by the disgraceful plot to import thousands of Somalis into Minnesota, previously one of our whitest states.

The report also claimed that American police are “barbaric.” This is rich coming from a county like Saudi Arabia, whose police regularly publicly behead people for “crimes” such as extramarital affairs.

The report also said that America has been holding “political prisoners behind bars for years.” Ironically, this is true, as the outrageous policies pursued by the George W. Bush presidency have been continued by Obama — but even so, this is an incredible comment to come from China, a nation which literally drives tanks over its dissidents and keeps them locked up for decades.

The Muslim nation of Indonesia said in the report that America “must better promote religious tolerance” — that from a nation where police actively cover up and refuse to investigate murders and hate crimes against Christians.

Mexico complained that “racial profiling had become a common practice in some U.S. states” — this from a nation which actively builds walls to keep its southernmost neighbors out and which punishes illegal immigrants as felons.

The American Third Position is sick and tired of these miscreants using our money to lie and hypocritically attack America. Let them be gone and use their own tax money to spew their hatred elsewhere. They are not welcome in our country.

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  1. Cindy Ahlgrim says:

    I so totally agree but as I have been searching on this subject see it is a very complicated issue. According to this link Rep Ron Paul has presented legislation every year since 1997 to get rid of the UN.

    I was sadly surprised to see only 48 signatures on the online petition. Also, Mike Huckabee has been speaking out about it for a few years. In this video at http://blog.foreignpolicy.com/posts/2009/09/28/hu... he suggests we just chip off that part of New York and let it float out the harbor.

    Apparently, there are many people who feel that it brings diplomats and some revenue to New York, but I can’t see how that outweighs the dangers of the majority of the members being anti-American in most of their speeches and policies. Thank you for this article, I think more needs to be said , and done about this !!

  2. Ryaguy says:

    The terrorists should have bombed the UN building in NewYork instead of the WTC. They will only create violence in the US because of there idiot policies andthe 90 million lawabiding gunowners and alot of the US military will kick their asses out.

  3. BRUCE BENTLEY says:

    We tried to find a place to help the world , it didn't work for years or ever , get rid of it now

  4. JamesinUSA says:

    These non-white countries have become very adept at using the UN and other organizations of the New World Order to try to manipulate the U.S. into giving them an even greater advantage, by using noble words such as CIVIL RIGHTS ,TOLERANCE, FAIRNESS, all the while ignoring any sense of fairness or tolerance toward our RIGHTS! Well, that's about too change.

  5. markus says:

    Down with the UN, they have been agents of the enemy from the start. The US should withdraw from the UN ASAP and never give ANYTHING to it EVER again.