White Americans Continue to be Ethnically Cleansed from CA Schools

White Americans have continued to be ethnically cleansed from California schools and have dropped once again in numbers to 27 percent of the total, down from an outright majority only 20 years ago.

New figures released by California’s Department of Education show that only 27 percent of students in state schools were classified as white in the 20092010 school year.

There were 6.2 million students enrolled in k12 schools in California, of which only 1,674,000 were “white” according to the figures. Even this is likely to be an overestimate, as the state follows federal classifications and calls Middle Easterners white as well.

The scope of the Hispanic invasion and reproduction rate is best illustrated by their increase over the black population, a racial group famed for their ability to increase in numbers.

In 20092010, however, blacks “only” made up 9 percent of the state’s school population, while 6.9 percent were Asian.

This compares to the previous 20082009 school year, when 7 percent of school students were black.

In that year, 28 percent of students were white, while 8 percent were Asian. Hispanics compromised 49 percent, a figure which this year has jumped to 57.1 percent.

During the 1990s, more than 1.3 million people with less than a high school education entered the USA. Of those who arrived in this decade, 34.4 percent were school dropouts.

In 1998, nearly 40 percent of immigrants had less than a high school education double the share of natives, according to the 1990 census figures. The gap widens when grade school education is considered. Some 23 percent of immigrants have less than nine years of education, compared with just 4 percent of Americans.

Forbes magazine posed the question: “Why has immigration increased the poverty rate?” and then answered it by saying: “They (the immigrants) are unlikely to do well in the knowledge economy” (due to their lack of skills).

Latinos in California have the highest high school dropout rate (45 percent), lowest college graduation rate (8 percent) and, not surprisingly, the lowest median income.

The Latino education gap in California is not new. Previous studies show the same was true as far back as the 1940s.

It is thus clear that the problem of uneducated Third World immigrants is not a temporary issue that subsides with increased opportunity, but in fact gets worse with the passage of time.

The high school dropout rate is not something new to immigrants in the USA: it is common in the Third World origin countries of these immigrants. The high school dropout rate in most Latin American countries exceeds 50 percent.

Mexico, for example, has an illiteracy rate in excess of ten percent, and Guatemala has an illiteracy rate of over 40 percent.

Third World immigration into the USA has therefore delivered a mass of undereducated people, unable to work in a society that is highly dependent on technology — the complete opposite of what the pro-immigration lobby alleges.

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  1. Laura says:

    I have been effectively removed from my job as a school nurse in Phoenix. I had been there for 25 years. It used to be a nice place to work, but I got out because I was one of the only white, English speaking staff members left. It got to be a chore to go to work. I would get evil looks from the Mexicans and overheard the comments they made about me. I saw the neighborhood where I grew up destroyed. It looks like a third world country now. All of the signs are in Spanish. Most of them get welfare and bring the kids to school in their slippers…I just had to leave, it was pathetic

    • JamesinUSA says:

      Laura ,you represent millions of white workers who have been dispossessed and exploited simply because your're white and speak the language of our founding fathers.
      It's time we take a stand.

  2. lalala says:

    "27 percent of the total" The number is actually far less.. they count arabs and east indians as whites, and most whites do not consider them white..

  3. WhiteRock says:

    First, it is California so it will eventually spread to the other 49 states (57 states if you believe Obama) & yet we (The People) still have to pay taxes to support the public school system.

  4. Greying Wanderer says:

    "Well, all the opposition has to do is scream "racism" or "anti semetic " and the Whites will run for cover or go into a fetal position."

    Then that would be the critical thing to change.

  5. Hap says:

    Well, all the opposition has to do is scream "racism" or "anti semetic " and the Whites will run for cover or go into a fetal position.

  6. Mickey Dodds says:

    Of course shocking as this statistic is, it is misleading.
    The statistic covers California as a whole, if mostly white northern California is stripped out, and the percentages for southern California or even just LA were given, it would be even more shocking.

    • Sojourner says:

      I think you are probably right. I can't imagine any white parent sending their precious white child to a school where whites are in the minority, to get their bodies beaten and their brains washed, even in Calif.

      • AnotherWhiteGirl says:

        Yeah, seriously. I went to Fairfax County (VA) public schools, which is consistently listed in the top 5 best public schools in the country and you wouldn't believe the amount of sexual harassment, racism and violence I was the victim of as a blonde haired, blue-eyed white girl. And this was 10+ years ago before the illegal population exploded, I cannot imagine how horrible it would be to be a white kid in ANY school around here nowadays. Most white kids go to private schools, I know I certainly will not be sending my white daughter to ANY school around here, but luckily I get to subsidize public education, free lunches and all that fun stuff for these animals, at the same time I'll have to scrape together the big bucks to send her to private school! But I'm hoping to get the HELL OUT of this area by that time, which is screwed up in it's own way since my family has been here since the late 1600s, yet *I* have to flee *MY* home? Disgusting what this country is turning into….is there an A3P group in Northern VA?? If so, I'll go right out and join IMMEDIATELY.

  7. JamesinUSA says:

    What part of the Constitution that says ' We The People'. 'Progeny', and ' Ourselves', are we supposed to not think means US!..