Whites Blamed for 85% Nonwhite Juvenile Incarceration Rate in NY

A U.S. States Governor-appointed advisory group on juvenile justice has blamed whites for the fact that 66 percent of all incarcerated juveniles nationally are nonwhite, a figure which rises to 85 percent in the state of New York.

The Coalition for Juvenile Justice (CJJ), which claims it is a national nonprofit association, but which has nice offices and a large staff, says in a policy position paper on its website entitled “Unequal Treatment of Minority Youth in the Juvenile Justice System” that “youth of color receive harsher sanctions than their white counterparts at every stage of the juvenile court system, from the point of surveillance (including racial profiling) to disposition/trial, sentencing, and incarceration.”

In other words, according to this taxpayer-funded organization, the only reason why there are more nonwhite than white juveniles in prison is because of “white racism.”

This is, of course, pure nonsense but is typical of the anti-white bile and hatred which pervades the establishment, and holds that white people are to blame for all ills which affect any nonwhite community.

The CJJ paper goes on to inform its readers that “youth of color comprise more than two-thirds of the juveniles held in confinement, but less than one-third of the U.S. youth population.”

Despite this statistic probably being inaccurate (primarily because the U.S. Census counts all people from Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East as white) the CJJ adds that “Latino youth represent approximately 12 percent of the U.S. population, yet 15 percent of the youth population sentenced to adult prisons.”

The CJJ demands that police, officers of the court, and correctional providers “ensure unbiased and rehabilitative treatment of all youth who come into contact with the justice system,” plainly implying that this is not currently the case, obviously due to the evil white racists who seem to lurk everywhere, putting nonwhite people down all the time.

At a recent conference organized by the CJJ, with the grand title “Fundamental Fairness: Working to Eliminate Racial Disparities in Juvenile Justice,” guest speaker Gladys Carrion, New York commissioner of children and family services, announced that her state’s juvenile detention system, “where 85 percent of those incarcerated are minorities, is working to reduce racial disparity.”

Ms. Carrion cited several reforms her administration has pursued, including eliminating status offenders in the system, investing in alternatives to detention, working with counties to develop risk assessment instruments, supporting home-based interventions, and introducing legislation to limit youth placement in state facilities to those who commit serious, dangerous felonies.

In other words, the way New York has addressed the embarrassing statistic which shows the amount of crime nonwhite youth commit, is to simply rearrange detention systems so that the figures are disguised.

The American Third Positions rejects the notion that white people are always to blame and demands that nonwhite communities stand up and take responsibility for their own problems instead of continuously scapegoating white Americans.

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  1. ozzy says:

    If Whites are to be blamed for this, then what about Asians?

    They don't commit crimes. White can't our racist White society make Asians commit crimes?

  2. markus says:

    "…is working to reduce 'racial disparity'." This is communist doublespeak. It means, "doctor the figures more to cover the truth, while simeltaneously finding new ways to put more WHITE people in prison!" Marxism by any other name is still Marxism. It's purveyors are still the enemy of all we consider worthwhile, good, and useful in a civilization. The struggle continues…

  3. JamesinUSA says:

    At one time in our nations history it was the Irish who were thought to be one of the lowest vermin in our nation because of their history of criminal activity and boorish behavior, but they were able to overcome because they possessed the 'genetic' material necessary to take responsibility and have the ability to proof that they were the equal of other whites. Unfortunately, blacks do not possess this genetic material, and will never be the intellectual and moral equal of whites, blacks have never been able too, as a race, contribute to society in any substantial and positive way without a great deal of supervision and the maintinence of order by whites.
    This is a sad fact, but a fact neverltheless.

  4. Robert Jones says:

    If whites are so damned racist then how did the U.S.A. go from being a practically all white nation in my year of birth, 1959 to a nation now comprising 1/3 minorities.

  5. Robert says:

    I resent this libelous smear against Whites. This is anti-White bigotry of the ugliest kind. Black and brown lawbreakers are the ones SOLELY responsible for their disproportionate incarceration rates. To somehow excuse their innate modus operandi and place the blame on Whites is slanderous!