Pennsylvania A3P Chairman Steve Smith Attends District School Board Meeting

April 14 | According to the Wilkes-Barre Times Leader, A3p State Chairman Steve Smith of Pittston and Ryan Wojtowicz of Ashley “…raised concerns about the district’s seeking out minority applicants for teaching positions.”

The two men said they objected to Ron Felton of the NAACP speaking at last month’s meeting to push his “agenda” of hiring minority teachers.

In response to Felton providing the board with the resumes of what he said were three qualified candidates, Superintendent Jeff Namey said they would be at the top of the list when screening begins for the next school year.

“That’s completely anti-white,” said Wojtowicz of the priority treatment given to the minority applicants.

But Namey said that “if a minority applicant is not as qualified as any other applicant, they would not be considered.”

The majority of teachers in the district are white while the number of minority students continues to grow, Namey said. For that reason more role models are needed for the minority population, he added.

Smith was not sold on Namey’s explanation.

During October of 2010 Mr. Smith, along with other A3P activists, attended a meeting hosted by the Wilkes-Barre NAACP to express the injustice of the NAACP’s proposal to hire teachers in the Wilkes-Barre school district based on skin color instead of merit.

The board sat silent on the hiring of minority, however, it voted unanimously to send a letter to Gov. Tom Corbett expressing its opposition to his proposed cuts in basic education. The district is looking at a loss of between $7 million and $8 million in state funds under the governor’s budget.

One can only wonder why the board sat “silent” when the hypocrisy of the NAACP was exposed once again.

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  1. Big Tim says:

    Two brave men. Bravo.

  2. JamesinUSA says:

    Education in this country is too important to be left up to the social engineering and whims of the Left. I'm sure that some of these so-called 'role models' they're refering too probably act as infantile, and are as iresponsible as the Black students themselves.
    From a national point of view ,the only way to begin revamping our public educational system, is to get rid of the Federal Department of Education and give education back to the individual states so that it can be better dealt with from a local perspective.

  3. TeaMan says:

    School districts have been hiring minority teachers as "role models" for minority students for years.

    The minority students are just as incompetent with their "role models" as they are with White teachers. The only real difference is that minority students actually behave when they are taught by their own kind.

  4. American3P says:

    The School Board seems to be intimidated and allows themselves to be steamrolled by the NAACP's policy of 'race-based' hiring instead of the color blind 'merit based hiring'.