So Cal A3P Takes Info Booth to San Clemente

The establishment socio-political machine directs our attention according to its agenda. For this reason, Americans are frequently disallowed an opportunity to get behind a political program with which we wholeheartedly agree. Many of us have been forced to side with one party or the other, without truly believing that either’s cause is ours. We instead enter political allegiance out of desperation, rather than genuine agreement.

We are a free people. Our forefathers earned us that right. Principle amongst the inheritance afforded us by the founders of our country is the freedom to have our interests represented within the political process. The purpose of the American Third Position is to finally permit us an opportunity to represent ourselves. The goal of our party is to offer alternative representation for Americans who disagree with the policies and type of politics made available by the establishment. While this is liberating politically, in that we are able to tailor policy toward the benefit of our people, such an endeavor requires that we do everything ourselves – and not wait for others to hand us our future.

On Saturday, January 23rd, the Southern California A3P activist team once again took it upon themselves to reach out to their neighbors in an attempt to reawaken the idea that as Americans our government is what we make of it. It is a do it ourselves spirit which exemplifies our So Cal activist team, and it is their vision of a better America which motivates these men and women to set up camp in a highly trafficked area and speak our piece before “everyday” Americans.

The city of San Clemente is a beautiful little coastal town located near the southern-most end of Orange County. Whenever many Americans think of picture perfect Southern California, their imaginings resemble this remnant of what used to be. The beaches would (and probably have) easily fit into a surf movie from the 1950’s. It was at the pier of this small beach city that our activists set up their highly successful information booth.

Stacy Winters, representing the delicate gender, had this to say concerning A3P’s reception among those with whom she spoke:

“It was a very pleasant day. The weather was perfect, and everyone seemed to be in a good mood. A lot of people just took our pamphlet and carried on with their walks; but some people did take the time to talk to us, and these can be meaningful encounters. They’re high pressure situations, when we sometimes have only a few minutes to explain our platform, but it can be done. I spoke with people who genuinely care about our country. They agree that our policies will help America.”

Mitch Stevens, another A3P activist (and by all accounts quite a talker), mentioned a conversation he had with an older couple after handing them our policy pamphlet on protecting American industry:

“Some older folks tend to be skeptical about our message when first approached. I think the reason for this is our age – most of us are in our mid-twenties. However, if anyone is genuinely interested, we always win them over. One couple I spoke with essentially said, ‘Ok, Jack, what’s this all about.’ After a few statements of explanation on my part, I could tell that what I was saying affected these people. I could sense a communion between us based on patriotism.”

It might prove some while before our party receives the endorsement of a major television station. Therefore, it is up to us to spread our message. In person activism, as the above testimonials demonstrate, can be highly effective. Let us simply outwork our opponents. Let us meet our people everywhere and everyday. They will come to know us, and we will embolden them.

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  1. Axl says:

    I lived in San Clemente my whole life until 1 year ago. Too bad I couldn't have been there to join you.

  2. Mike says:

    Let us know if you folks ever make it to the San Fransicko Bay Area.

  3. Chris Yonts says:

    Our forefathers didn't "earn" us freedom. It's God-given, at least according to the Declaration of Independence:

    "[Human beings] are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty [freedom] and the pursuit of Happiness."

    • Hrothwynn says:

      They did earn us the ability to exercise that right.

      Quibbling aside, whether the Divine endowed with those rights or not, the fact is that history has shown us they are, in fact, "alienable" when the wrong people get into power. There are numerous examples of this in action around the world today.

      I've never been quite sure about the phrasing chosen for some passages of the Constitution; I'm a big fan of precision, and it seems to me the framers could have clarified their meaning somewhat in certain passages, to avoid factual errancy such as this passage, where the intended meaning is that although dictators may prevent the free exercise of these divine rights, they are morally wrong to do so. Likewise the part saying "all men are created equal" is clearly fallacious if taken to mean everyone is (or should be) the same in intelligence, added value etc., but perfectly sound when read as intended: that all people are born with the same rights and inherent human value.

  4. Guest says:

    A membership count on the front page would do wonders for the cause.

  5. Mike Woodbridge says:

    Glad to see a site and nascent movement of this quality. It is heartening to see young activists that aren't left wing statists.

    Americans have been shaken out of their complacency by the brazen actions of their corrupt and openly hostile 'ruling class'.

    You're timing is good. Best wishes for your success.

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