Tough Job Market – College Grads Enlist In Military

Jobs: Immigrants Gain, Americans Lose

| USA Today sources say that “the quality of military recruits has increased because of a tough civilian job market.”

In other words college graduates are joining the military for jobs. “The increased interest in the armed forces means recruiters can be choosier about whom they let into the military,” (USA Today, J. Michaels).

With the unemployment rate hovering near the 11 percent mark—and hiring freezes and layoffs still the norm—an increasing number of college grads are turning to the one employer who’s always hiring, even in tough economic times: Uncle Sam. The number of bachelor’s degree holders enlisting in a branch of the United States Armed Services is on the rise.

The Great Recession wiped out what amounts to every U.S. job created in the 21st century. But even if the recession had never happened, if the economy had simply treaded water, the United States would have entered 2010 with  15 million fewer jobs than economists say it should have. Somehow, rapid advancements in technology and the opening of new international markets paid dividends for American companies but not for American workers. An economy that long thrived on its dynamism, shedding jobs in outdated and less competitive industries and adding them in innovative new fields, fell stagnant in the swirls of the most globalized decade of commerce in human history (National Journal, Jan. 2011).

Over the past two years, the Army’s seen the biggest spike in diploma-holding enlistees. In 2010, almost 6,000 college graduates signed up for duty, 2,000 more than in 2008 when the economy still seemed healthy. The Navy saw 1,425 college graduates enlist, up from 1,000 in 2008 and the Air Force bumped its college graduate enlistment up to 900 from 2008′s total of 553.

Ironically, H1B Work Visa jobs are booming. Only when H1Bs are given to foreign news correspondents and media people will the MSM start reporting on this disgraceful program.

Top H1B Visa Sponsors in Business in 2010

Rank Visa Sponsor Visa Petitions
1 Ernst Young 944
2 KPMG 380
3 Goldman Sachs 372
4 Deloitte Touche 335
5 Business Intelligence Systems 299
6 Pricewaterhousecoopers 292
7 Xceltech 259
8 HSBC Bank 158
9 Deloitte Tax 150
10 Enterprise Business Solutions 147
11 JPMorgan Chase 104
12 The Boston Consulting Group 90
13 CitiGroup 87
14 Oracle Financial Services Software, Inc 84
15 Bank of America 80
16 Microsoft 76
17 Dell 69
18 Morgan Stanley 66
19 Infosys Consulting 64
20 Bdo Seidman 64
21 Satyam Computer Services 58
22 Mastech, Inc., A Mastech Holdings, Inc. Company 58
23 Deutsche Bank AG 56
24 Larsen Toubro Infotech 56
25 IBM 55
26 Nishimoto Trading 54
27 Apex Technology Systems 48
28 Cummins 45
29 UBS AG 44
30 Mphasis 42
31 Credit Suisse First Boston 38
32 Grant Thornton 38
33 American Airlines 37
34 IACE Travel 36
35 S.a.c. Capital Advisors, L.p 34
37 General Electric 33
38 Consultants Exchange 32
39 Oracle 31
40 Huron Consulting Services 31
41 Hewlett Packard 30
42 HCL Technologies America 29
43 Google 28
44 Symantec 27
45 Cigna Cglic 27
46 WPP Group 27
47 Hotta Liesenberg Saito 27
48 Eisner 26
49 Morgan Stanley Smith Barney Payco Llc 26
50 Monsanto 26

Impact of Illegal Immigration:  Jobs

The MSM reports ad nauseam that illegal aliens are only “doing work that Americans won’t.” This mantra is mercilessly bandied about by illegal immigration supporters and echoes throughout the halls of Congress and the White House whenever the topic comes up. What is never mentioned, however, is that the illegal aliens are artificially depressing compensation and that illegal aliens are the only ones who will do the work at such low wages. In actual fact, illegal immigration distorts the law of supply and demand in a capitalistic society. Additionally it is grossly hypocritical to want to raise the minimum wage on one hand while the other hand winks at illegal aliens working at far below prevailing wages.

In any case, illegal aliens are not just picking lettuce and digging ditches any more. It wasn’t that long ago that being a dry-waller, brick-layer, house framer, painter, roofer, carpet layer, plumber, or electrician was a decently compensated, middle class trade. Now it is increasingly becoming the work for illegal aliens at far less than the free market rate. While illegal alien workers are only a small portion of many of those job categories their willingness to work at dramatically lower rates artificially drags down the compensation for all workers.

Though he’d always considered military service, Patrick Logan firmly believed a bachelor’s degree was his ticket to middle-class success. A friend enlisted in the Army after high school, Logan said, “because he felt like he didn’t have anything else to do.” Logan was determined to create a better choice for himself.

Then the economy collapsed in 2008, just months after Logan got his degree in criminal justice from Westfield State College.

“I applied for probably a couple hundred jobs with only about two or three interviews,” said Logan, 23. “At first I thought I must be applying for the wrong jobs. But then I was applying for minimum-wage jobs and not even getting interviews. That kind of brought me back to the Army.”

Logan, who enlisted in November, is part of a growing trend of college-educated young men and women signing up for military service to jump-start their careers, serve their country – and avoid the unemployment line, even if there is a good chance they will end up in a war zone.

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  1. JamesInSoCal says:

    One can also assume that with current trends as they are concerning hiring practices, that the overwhelming majority of those college grads enlisting are White males.

    • A3P Editor says:

      You are most likely right! If I was dumb I would suspect that our best youths are being coerced to move out while cheap labor moves in! But I would be stupid to think that…

      • James_in_SoCal says:

        Indeed, my friend is top of his class (studying to be a Lawyer) and he can get a job in the industry, but he isn’t planning on joining the military, he is looking to open his own practice if he can’t get a job by the time he graduates.

    • mac says:

      That is what we need. Our white officers to help take back our country by any means necessary.

  2. JamesinUSA says:

    With the eventual elimination of Affirmative Action and Diversity programs and an overhaul of our welfare system, many people will need many of those jobs that illegal aliens are now holding. Namely blacks and freeloaders!

  3. Paul Hausser says:

    These means the bigger picture is they could be preparing us for WW3.

  4. belijvolk14 says:

    Good article. i'm planning on joining the army this summer based on many of the above listed reasons. and as far as the mantra about us not wanting to do the type of jobs held by immigrants, I can say that I have worked as a caregiver for the last year, giving enemas and inserting catheters, pretty much the least prestigious work in the world. So it is especially frustrating to hear idiots say that whites are too lazy to do unpleasant work for their money. We work hard for our money, and there's still no way out. and indeed if we can get enough intelligent whites in the armed forces perhaps there can be some sort of revolt! After all, that's how most world revolutions have taken place.

    • American3P says:

      The point is that we need smart White Americans right here! Not in an overseas war risking their lives and their limbs! The ‘new’ immigrants should go overseas to war and not take jobs here! We need you here. The battle is right here.

  5. A3P Fan says:

    The army is no place for whites, although if I were desperate for a living wage i'd have to give it some serious consideration, and I do not look down on any whites who go that route. But the army has become a liberal social experiment thanks to clinton and the illegal kenyan. Affirmative action will be the rule of thumb in the armed forces now. Gays, women, and blacks will get all the promotions so that the government can put a multicultural face on our armed forces. Expect the homos in high positions to force straight men into committing vile acts. And they will not be held accountable because they get special rights.

    I've heard many horror stories about the army. Blacks get away with murder and whites only have to make 1 small mistake to get serious discipline. And the army is no place at all for white women who will be coerced by affirmative action negroes to have sex with them. The army is truly a disgrace nowadays. No place for a white person to be.

  6. A3P Fan says:

    We need white activist college kids to infiltrate the media. That is where the real power is.

  7. James_in_SoCal says:

    The media is powerful no doubt, but I think Whites need to get in the legal business, if we had an army of Pro-White lawyers out there fighting for our rights we could make the establishment shudder and perhaps think twice before bring false charges against our folk!

    • mac says:

      Yes, you are right on target. And we need to become judges, and police officers, and F.B.I. agents, politicians and community activist all over our country. Get on the inside and then we can change the outside. And most importantly, stop being afraid of being called a racist. Because the non-whites are not.

  8. non-white says:

    European American voices! The forgotten and dispossessed majority! Go Harry Bertram!