A3P State Chairman Volunteers to be White Community Liaison to U.S. Rep. Barletta

Steve Smith, A3P Pennsylvania State Chairman

Pennsylvania’s 11th Congressional district has recognized a liaison whose purpose is to advocate for the interests of minorities, but as of yet there is no special advisor to represent the interests of the district’s white citizens. Steve Smith, A3P state chairman of Pennsylvania, is ready to fill that void.

U.S. Representative Lou Barletta, who was sworn into office on January 5, 2011, has appointed Angel Jirau as an unpaid volunteer whose role is to make sure that the concerns of the minority community are heard by Rep. Barletta’s office.

Mr. Jirau also serves as a member of the Governor’s Advisory Commission on Latino Affairs. The 18-member board advises the governor on the needs and interests of the Latino residents of Pennsylvania.

There is currently no advisory board to keep the governor apprised of the needs and interests of Pennsylvania’s white community.

Mr. Smith’s offer to Rep. Barletta was published by the Wilkes-Barre Times Leader on January 24, as follows:

Writer: How will Barletta hear concerns of whites?

Recently, U.S. Rep. Lou Barletta appointed Angel Jirau as a liaison between Barletta and the district’s minority community. Who will be his liaison for the district’s white community?

I will readily volunteer if he is courageous enough to appoint me.

Currently, I serve as the state chairman for the American Third Position, which is an organization that exists to represent the political interests of white Americans. For information, go to https://american3p.org.

Steve Smith, Pittston

In an interview with L.A. Tarone which aired on WILK-FM Newsradio on December 28, 2010, Rep. Barletta said, “I personally believe if there’s any way that my office can reach out into a community to make sure that we’re hearing everything, I’m going to use every tool that I can. And any time that somebody wants to volunteer to make me more informed, to make sure that I’m hearing everyone, I’m going to do that.”

Judging from his comments, it sounds like Congressman Barletta ought to be receptive to Mr. Smith’s offer.

Mr. Smith, along with other A3P activists, attended a meeting hosted by the Wilkes-Barre NAACP on October 16, 2010, to express the injustice of the NAACP’s proposal to hire teachers in the Wilkes-Barre school district based on skin color instead of merit.

Mr. Jirau has served on the executive committee of the Wilkes-Barre NAACP.

The A3P believes that in the USA, the needs of American citizens and legal residents should take precedence over the needs of those who are here in violation of the law. Mr. Jirau expressed his disregard for this concept when he was sworn in as a member of the Governor’s Advisory Commission on Latino Affairs on December 4, 2009, saying, “we have to address their needs (Latinos) as vigorously as we do everyone else’s. We have to stop dealing with the issues of undocumented, unwanted.”

Rep. Barletta has acknowledged that he has disagreements with Mr. Jirau when it comes to immigration, but said that they can find common ground.

Rep. Lou Barletta gained national recognition in 2006 as mayor of Hazleton, Pennsylvania, when the city passed the Illegal Immigration Relief Act, which would penalize those who employ or rent to illegal aliens.

The ordinance has since been struck down by the courts. The City of Hazleton has asked the U.S. Supreme Court to hear the case.

The A3P praises Rep. Barletta’s tenacious efforts to reduce the harmful effects of illegal immigration in Hazleton. We encourage him to recognize Steve Smith as a liaison to the white community, and thereby demonstrate that all ethnic groups in the 11th district will have equal access to Congressional representation.

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  2. crusader says:

    Well, good for him. I have always liked Rep. Barletta, and can only pray he’ll be more responsive.

  3. nathan sanders says:

    In the nature of "everything fair regardless of race" card that gets thrown down over any insignificant squabble, its amazing that this still wont happen. I am a white 31 year old European American man who sees a lot of issues with race specific anything when one race is discounted simply because "They are the majority" and already have enough pull. It is harder for a white man to get a job when he competes against any other race, even if he is substantially more qualified due to "fair" hiring practices forced onto employers by racist organizations such as the NAACP. Good job and keep up the good fight!

  4. John Smith says:

    I think up to 60 million whites today feel very concerned and counting; despite their overtly disconnectedness. The government is trying to print themselves out of debt, the Chinese are trying to dump the dollar, other governments are fuming over an international currency backed by an economy with a high unemployment rate, and with a manufacturing base less than 11 percent. Illegals are still entering the country in staggering numbers. Obviously some whites don't want to work. The gulf stream is shrinking and the poles are shifting; which means colder winters and hire oil prices slowly siphoning and killing off the middle white America. Changes in attitudes and feelings of foreign threats within All white countries are beginning a polarization process. Let's hope that it speeds up.

  5. JamesinUSA says:

    The very idea that white people should have issues and concerns seems ridiculous to most minorities because of their insensitivity to anyone other than themselves, and I'm sure it's rather a novelty to even most white people today because they take much for granted at this time that we still constitute a majority in this country. But, in the near future, with changing demograhpics and the assured conflict that will come as a result of Multiculturalism, people of this nation will see an emerging white racial industry that will grow exponentially with the detrimental effectts of these things mentioned.
    The A3P must take full advantage of this fact ,and be prepared to be there with open arms to those whites who have been victimized and who are disillusion with the existing political system.
    It;s people like Steve Smith who can make all the difference.

  6. Michael Cook says:

    The A3P Leadership must immediately begin holding mass meetings across the country. We must realize that the A3P will never take power in this country unless our A3P leaders are willing to take our message directly to ordinary European Americans through public meetings, open rallies, street demonstrations, etc. Only until this happens, will the A3P begin to change public opinion about our Party and program We cannot rely on the internet or the anti-white Republican/ Democratic multicultural two party system to fight for our interests.A3P activists must impress upon whites that they come in contact with that the A3P is the only hope for European Americans and bring them over to our side driving them away from the mainstream parties. This must be our mission!

  7. John Smith says:

    I watched you handle your self during an interview on “WYou” news on TV a few years back. I was very impressed. I wish I was in your location. I'd love to help you foster and forge a folk militia. Good Luck Brother! The blacks are allowed to have the black panthers and NAACP. Why not the NAAWP to represent and protect ours? Don't get me wrong folks at A3P; I appreciate surely all the fine work you are doing. Keep it up.

  8. Michael Cook says:

    Best of success on becoming White Community liaison for U.S.Rep. Barletta
    Dear Steve:

    I wish you the best success on your endeavor to become the first 'White' liaison to advise a U.S. Representative on the interests of European Americans. Unfortunately, I have my doubts about this ever taking place mostly due to political pressure from Jewish/Negro and Latino special interest groups. You better believe they will apply ever resource that they have available to them including media exposure, harassment, personal smears, picketing, etc. The multicultural establishment will never allow a pro-white Activist to share in the political two party swindle. They have a powerful grip on this nation. Our only chance will come when these political scoundrels are removed from office and replaced by the A3P leadership. Mark my words….
    Contact me at:

  9. Robert says:

    Well why not! We need a liason to advocate for the interests of the majority population, the Euro-American, Caucasian population!


    We need the same position established in New Jersey and in New York. All over the east coast!